Reviewer: RWHGHP_51892
Date: 11/25/08 13:09
Chapter: Where We Belong

Please write a sequel for Hogwarts Houses Divided. This is the very first story i read on here and I fell in nlove with it.

Reviewer: sergeantmajorette
Date: 11/25/08 13:04
Chapter: Where We Belong

I second the motion for a sequel! I *love* next-gen! If you can manage to work James Sirius into it, I'm a happy camper!

Reviewer: ThessalyRose
Date: 11/25/08 12:26
Chapter: Where We Belong

This is such a worthy sequel to the Potterverse. I see now why JKR doesn't want to write any; she'd have to compete with the likes of you. Thanks for the ride, it was a blast!

Reviewer: Sainyn Swiftfoot
Date: 11/25/08 8:06
Chapter: The Sorting

Inverarity, I know your brilliantness from your posts on the Beta Boards, and I wanted to see how this story was (Haley's banner caught my eye)

So I came here, and clicked on a random chapter, and saw that it was right after the sorting- and I wanted to see your sorting song, for many authors are unable to do the song right.

Therefore I searched for the song, and I read it, and it was simply amazing, though there were a few words that seemed... a little too complicated for the hat. But this story has definitely aroused my interest, and I would have read it now, if it were not for the fact that I have to study right now.

So be waiting for more reviews from me, as I read your story!


Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream
Date: 11/24/08 22:56
Chapter: Heroes

Amazing -- it's been quite a ride so far! :-)

Reviewer: beaternumber1
Date: 11/24/08 17:06
Chapter: Heroes

Not just wizarding britain is wondering, anybody who reads this story is too! Great job! I really cančt wait for the next chapter.

Reviewer: rosemerta
Date: 11/24/08 16:05
Chapter: Heroes

oooh awesome. i hope the sorting hat tells them that everyone was sorted correctly but that it lied so that people would speculate and realize that there was more to a person's character than the major traits used to sort them. i hope the sorting hat tells everyone that witht he increased cooperation and harmony, that houses will be discontinued! (i know that will break tradition and ill be sad too.. but maybe they will keep the house colors and mascots accordingly for the dorms but assign students randomly instead of by traits. the houses could maybe continue to exist just as housing but without the other functions that separated the students.

Reviewer: JustLikeHermione77
Date: 11/24/08 15:41
Chapter: Heroes

good chapter! thanks for getting them out so fast!! :-D

Reviewer: Poppy
Date: 11/24/08 14:47
Chapter: Heroes

Arrrgghh - That was a cliffie if there ever was one. I can't wait for the next update.

I am glad Alduin came up to the castle, but do wish the boys would have found a way to help him move on.

Reviewer: ahattab33
Date: 11/24/08 7:53
Chapter: Heroes

Another great chapter! It's not just wizarding Britain who is awaiting the sorting hat's decision...

Okay, that was cheesy. :) I almost cried for Teddy when Alduin told him about is parents. I thought that was sweet.

Reviewer: Toptoptop123
Date: 11/23/08 21:39
Chapter: Like a Wonderful Adventure

And a brilliant conclusion to a brilliant story.

...wait, there are two more chapters?! What could you possibly say in two more chapters?

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream
Date: 11/23/08 21:35
Chapter: Like a Wonderful Adventure

That last scene was (somewhat surprisingly, for this story) rather tender & bittersweet.

Ophilia is definitely an interesting character. I suspect she could get Harry's hair to turn prematurely grey. :-}

Well done.

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream
Date: 11/23/08 21:05
Chapter: Child of a Death Eater

Heredity is, indeed, not "everything."

So Slipfang is really dead? Hmm.... I suppose things are left sufficiently complicated that there's plenty to write about even without his continuing contribution. :-}

Reviewer: rosemerta
Date: 11/23/08 18:16
Chapter: Like a Wonderful Adventure

very very sweet ending! You had me scared with yr A/N, i thought it meant chloe was going to die! actually im surprised she didnt, because that sword is supposed to be imbibed with basilisk venom if youre following canon. a deep wound coupled with basilisk venom should have killed her, but im very glad you let her survive so teddy could say goodbye! :)

Reviewer: beaternumber1
Date: 11/23/08 16:13
Chapter: Like a Wonderful Adventure

awwww, i never really like Chloe at the beginning of the story but she has real ended up being an awesome character! Great Job!

Reviewer: JCCollier
Date: 11/23/08 15:10
Chapter: Like a Wonderful Adventure

Bravo! What a touching ending to the chapter and a thoughtful closing to such an excellent story. Is this our last scene or is there one more chapter to your wonderful tale of Teddy's first year?

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked the end of this chapter -- it's one of my favorite scenes as well. We're almost done, but there are actually two chapters left. (I couldn't quite tie up all the loose ends in one.)

Reviewer: multicolour_biro
Date: 11/19/08 17:23
Chapter: Child of a Death Eater

I love this chapter. I would write more but ive got to go to sleep . Poor teddy with all of the revelations hes made. Cant wait for some answers

Reviewer: Kantaka
Date: 11/18/08 9:36
Chapter: Child of a Death Eater

If I could post a polaroid of the instant I finished reading Child of a Death Eater... I'd bear a rather comical resemblance to a gold fish out of water.
Just speechless.
I can only compare your writing skills to Teddy's idiocy. In Ophilia's words, 'you reset the bar on that nearly every time' you post a chapter!!!

Reviewer: ahattab33
Date: 11/18/08 7:37
Chapter: Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

You know you write a good story when your readers are thinking about it long after they've read it...I've been thinking about this story and the most recent chapter since I read it, most particularly about the revelation about Alduin. I am therefore leaving a second review to continue my thoughts. I am very interested to see how Teddy reacts to this news. The unveiling of his last name fits the entire theme of this story: don't judge someone by their house or their name or their parents. He befriended Alduin simply because of who he was, and their friendship wouldn't have happened if he knew who his parents had been from the beginning. I think it is a great tie-in to the sorting hat's original song, and I hope if he doesn't realize this, someone points it out to him. I picture Violet doing this. :)

That made me thing about the original premise of the story, and the idea that old prejudices (I think I totally misspelled that word) still remained, and therefore some firsties were sorted into the wrong house on purpose. Will we find out who those were? Will they get to choose which house they want to belong in? Or has all of that become irrelevant?

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 11/17/08 21:02
Chapter: Child of a Death Eater

I had the impression at least in DH, that the right to use the Gryffindor sword had to be earned. Chloe earned it, but I doubt that Slipfang would have. In DH Snape could have given Harry the sword or at the very least made it not so difficult to get. I'm hoping that since Slipfang didn't earn the sword, then he couldn't properly use the sword against Chloe which would mean that Chloe would get her magic back. Is there hope or just wishful thinking on my part.

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