Reviews For Corrupt Sanctity
Reviewer: BEmom31
Date: 06/09/09 1:32
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Readjustment


Reviewer: bbalkg21
Date: 06/01/09 16:55
Chapter: Chapter 6 - The Talented Mr Henderson

Awesome. when will chapter 7 be ready?

Reviewer: RavAngel
Date: 05/18/09 14:37
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Readjustment

Hey it's star
I'm really loving this first chap, great writing. I cant wait to see what happens on their seventh year! seems like it will be better then the epilogue :p

Reviewer: Alabaster Princess
Date: 04/12/09 19:53
Chapter: Chapter 5 - Just Like Old Times

love it mikey, especially the self sufficient plants, lol

Reviewer: HxGlOvEr
Date: 01/18/09 8:12
Chapter: Chapter 6 - The Talented Mr Henderson

loved it

Reviewer: HxGlOvEr
Date: 01/18/09 3:06
Chapter: Chapter 2 - Birthdays

i love it you are a really good fanfiction writer yhis is the best HXG fanfiction ever

Reviewer: Rose Molly Weasley
Date: 12/22/08 19:02
Chapter: Chapter 6 - The Talented Mr Henderson

You know, you're really not being fair. I'm all involved in this story now. Don't let it die! What happens next? Please update!

Reviewer: juliemo
Date: 12/22/08 16:23
Chapter: Chapter 6 - The Talented Mr Henderson

great fic! are you going on with the writting?

Reviewer: natholius
Date: 11/03/08 16:30
Chapter: Chapter 6 - The Talented Mr Henderson

AAH! an animagus! One who plays guitar! this is a seriously cool story. Lots of similarities to Sirius, turing into a canine, fights good, likes muggle things like guitars, all cool.

Author's Response: You know what? I've never thought of him as another Sirius, but now you mention it, it seems I've subconciously written one in. I love your analogy, thank you!

Reviewer: imnotuniqueimmonique
Date: 09/13/08 23:51
Chapter: Chapter 6 - The Talented Mr Henderson

Just amazing, please get the next chapter up asap!

Reviewer: imnotuniqueimmonique
Date: 09/13/08 20:37
Chapter: Chapter 4 - Back to School

I think it may just be getting annoying noe that I keep talking about how much I truly love this story. It makes me get that feeling that I get when I read the books, and watch the movies, and listen to a good wizard wrock song.

Author's Response:

I truly admire this comment. Thank you very much.

I've had loads of problems getting this fic out for people to read, but I am trying to work around them.

Reviewer: imnotuniqueimmonique
Date: 09/13/08 19:55
Chapter: Chapter 3 - Life at Grimmauld Place

Once again, this story is extremely well written and I love the dialogue.

Reviewer: imnotuniqueimmonique
Date: 09/13/08 19:25
Chapter: Chapter 2 - Birthdays

This chapter was brilliant! The dialogue of the people on the street made me laugh hysyerically. Very creative. Over all I'm extremely entriugued by this plot line and can't wait to continue!!

Reviewer: ravenclawmoon2001
Date: 08/13/08 14:44
Chapter: Chapter 6 - The Talented Mr Henderson

I love wolves! And the cliff-hanger is very... ah, what's the word? Tempting? Prompting? (btw I don't think you over-did the guitar thing, it was a rather pleasant addition)

Reviewer: ravenclawmoon2001
Date: 08/13/08 14:30
Chapter: Chapter 5 - Just Like Old Times

right on about M.H., that game sucks, nothing like the real thing. Just throwing that out there!

Reviewer: heenaia
Date: 07/25/08 23:21
Chapter: Chapter 6 - The Talented Mr Henderson

very good,.I cant wait to read more, the storyline is very good, i read all chapter in one swipe and it never got boring, I like the new characters and I really cant wait to find out more about them and the plot of the story,

Reviewer: joankapoor
Date: 07/06/08 13:26
Chapter: Chapter 6 - The Talented Mr Henderson

are u planning on continuing this or not? its been months since u updated it

Author's Response: I am still writing it, just not submitting to MNFF. The site wont work for me, in that it wont let me actually submit my chapters. I HAVE emailed mods but Ive gone about 3 weeks without a response, so I'm submitting chapters to now. Will still take a while to get back up to where i got here though >.<

Reviewer: Dis Pater
Date: 07/04/08 14:28
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Readjustment

this is an amazing story but, as i'm sure happens with many people, i read all 6 chapters in 1 day! i'm dying to see what happens next! if you do decide to post on another site, please let us know!!!

Reviewer: jodi-19
Date: 06/29/08 22:53
Chapter: Chapter 6 - The Talented Mr Henderson

I love this story :D. I cannot wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: Hannah01
Date: 06/22/08 17:58
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Readjustment

I dunno if i've commented before, anyway, just wanted to say that your fan fic is great. You're really talented. It was quite shocking, when a certain Freddie Kreuger appeared. Nightmare on Elm Street i take it? Haha, it makes a bit more sene now! Anyways, please ceep up, and write more! (and, I'm sorry if there are any stupid grammar,spelling mistakes in this, 'cause i'm really not good in English, Norwegian btw). As i said, ceep up!

Author's Response: Thank you for the nice comments :) I'm still waiting on a fix for posting new chapters. If it comes down to it, I will probably find a new site to post on.

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