Reviews For Give Him a Mask
Reviewer: roni2012
Date: 07/07/12 7:56
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

great story.. love they thought of the law..

Reviewer: sorrow_of_severus
Date: 10/06/09 10:12
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

I always enjoy reading about Draco as a father, and I think you did a good job portraying him as such. He still acts like Draco, but I tell he really cares about the boy. (About his wife on the other hand, I'm not so sure...)

Actually, I think you captured an adult Draco well overall, not just as a father. He isn't a saint like in some stories, but he certainly has matured some and is trying to get by in a different sort of world than the one he grew up in.

I was surprised by Ginny's anger towards former Death Eaters, but I suppose it isn't that OOC. Survivors of people murdered often hold great anger towards the murderer, and Weasley women are well known for anger.

The ending was absolutely wonderful. It showed that all wounds certainly are far from healed in the wizarding world, but there is a bit of hope. Overall, good job.

Reviewer: Snape Stalker
Date: 06/28/08 16:28
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

This was very cute! I really enjoyed it. The coincidental thing is that this is the first fanfiction I have EVER read on Mugglenet, and one of the characters had the same name as me, Raisa. I was certainly surprised to see my name appear in a fanfiction, as it's generally quite uncommon! But yeah, awesome fic!!

Reviewer: Celebwen
Date: 02/20/08 23:11
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

Lovely. Lovely.
The only part that threw me off was the bit about the soft flipper feeling cool against his skin... it's a little bit opposite of poetic, yes? :D Otherwise, absolutely adored it. Well done.

Reviewer: claymor
Date: 02/05/08 8:39
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

I can see why this story won for best one shot. Well written. I enjoyed it very much.

Reviewer: marvelousmeg
Date: 02/03/08 16:02
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

congrats on your award! I love the ending! You are very right costumes do make us feel safe. But I wonder, Draco does have some true Gryfindor qualties. Could it be possible he was sorted wrong?

Author's Response: I don't see the House qualities as being clearly defined. As we see in Harry's case, we all have a mixture of qualities - it is merely what we choose and who we are at the time of the sorting. I was trying to show how Draco evolved as a person, much as he was shown to do in the series.

Reviewer: Insecurity
Date: 01/27/08 15:28
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

Ok, so this story is unique. I haven’t read a one-shot that covers so much ground: it challenges my perceptions of characters, makes me think about both the Potterverse AND the world I live in, and it is entertaining with moments of light humour. I love how you wove your story around Halloween and used Scorpius’ goblin outfit and enthusiasm to give the playful, child-like atmosphere we associate with the celebration. It was clear from the offset, however, that you had something to say … which you did say, without being preachy or boring or angsty. This story could potentially have been a disaster, but you mastered it in such a way as to make a Draco-hater like me REALLY enjoy it.

I tend to enjoy stories more when written in first person, and was was drawn to this story from the moment I realised you were daring to write Draco from first person. He immediately stood out as Draco – his sarcasm, his resentment of the Ministry, his awkwardness around his son and the distance he keeps from his wife. What I liked most, however, was how you matured Draco so that, whilst he still holds the same views about Muggleborns and is still rather aloof, he is no longer feeling the need to prove himself to the world, nor is he showing off in front of others. You’ve adapted his character to this new, degraded situation and given us a glimpse of what I believe JKR intended him to be like as an adult.

I loved how you wove the political situation into the story. It was handled sensitively, and I could tell that you had put a lot of thought into the new reforms and schemes of the post-war Ministry. I especially liked the idea of the Malfoys as the ‘poster family’ and the humiliation for Draco that came with this. It certainly brought home, for me, how much his situation would have changed after the war. His views, too, are interesting. I love how both he and Ginny have sympathy for those who were forced to join the bandwagon; this makes sense, considering the awful pressure Draco had been put under, and the kind-hearted nature of Ginny. I also liked how you showed the Ministry in a negative light, even though afterwards I thought objectively about the schemes you introduced and understood why the Ministry would put them in place. You certainly have a way of persuading your reader to Draco’s POV. One thing that puzzled me, though, was Hermione’s involvement in ‘personal acts of revenge’ and the ‘Blood RED’ – it seems a tad OOC for Hermione to discriminate against anyone, after having so much sympathy for the house-elves (SPEW!) and coming across in the books as someone who was always fair, despite her opinions. However, I am aware that this might only be how Draco perceives her motives.

This is a story I will not forget easily. You’ve done extremely well, and have a very mature writing style – oozing confidence and convincing us to believe what might otherwise be implausible. Well done!



Reviewer: xpadfootsangelx
Date: 01/20/08 23:10
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

I really liked this. Very well written and I liked how it wasn't cliched and Ginny and Draco didn't absolutley kill eachother when they revealed their identities.
The only thing I have to say is-shouldn't Albus have been born as well since he is Scorpius's age? James is older than Scorpius. Other than that, marvelous.

Author's Response: Albus was feeling sick that day :)

Reviewer: Eris de Champney
Date: 01/18/08 22:44
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

Wow. I absolutely loved it. And that last line was just priceless.

But most of all, I loved how you didn't change Draco into a goodie-two-shoes just because the war is over. The changes you made in his personality were realistic.

Keep up the awesome work!

Reviewer: fuzzypeaches07
Date: 12/09/07 14:01
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

Thats Really Good! Are You Gonna Right More?

Reviewer: Merlynne
Date: 12/08/07 16:20
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

Great piece! You manage to outline the magical political world very well, and both Draco and Ginny are wonderfully in character. I really glad I stumbled on this piece today.

Reviewer: sam_1034_lily
Date: 12/02/07 13:12
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

wow i really liked it
i liked how scorpius n james went together
never thought abt anythin like this happening to death eaters
gud job

Reviewer: Glittering_Pheonix
Date: 12/02/07 2:19
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

A pregnant penguin =) Hehe! I love this! I really like how James and Scorpius were in it and how it all took place after the Deathly Hallows Epilouge! And it was very interesting to read, I never thought of things like that happening to the Death Eaters! It was creative =) Brilliantly done!

Reviewer: SkylerMalfoy
Date: 11/30/07 22:00
Chapter: Give Him a Mask


Reviewer: Jazzbones
Date: 11/30/07 18:43
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

Very nice interaction without prejudice.

Reviewer: juli_dances
Date: 11/30/07 16:51
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

I like the way you portray Draco and his life now. Scorpius is carefree, and I like the way he and James paired up, ignorant of their families' differences. Ginny is also somewhat confined in her life, and her talk with Draco helps them both. This is a great fic!

Reviewer: Bramber
Date: 11/30/07 14:50
Chapter: Give Him a Mask

I really, really like this. It fits in so well with everything and makes so much sense, brings up good points about everything. Nicely written too. Well done on a fantastic fic.

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 11/30/07 14:42
Chapter: Give Him a Mask


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