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Reviewer: MowDocksofs
Date: 01/09/13 13:27
Chapter: Chapter 5

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Reviewer: pink5678
Date: 04/05/11 12:44
Chapter: Chapter 5

i do love a good fic especially when its written as cute and brill as this

Reviewer: SnapesFollower
Date: 01/22/11 16:44
Chapter: Chapter 5

Really good story. I like it alot! :)

Reviewer: Windy Silvermist
Date: 06/04/09 8:47
Chapter: Chapter 5

Happy ending in Agraba! (I thik thats how you spell it, it's from Aladdin) ATTACK OF THE WOOLY BLANKET ARR! o.k. I'm done now. Yay knight in shining armor kissing happy happy joy joy. Have you ever noticed that when people are kissing it involves a lot of hair? Like the girl praticlly pulls out the guys hair while the guy rn his fingers through hers? I mean it never accurs to anybody that maybe the girl forgot to brush or something? His fingers could get stuck in her hair, much more realistic on my opinion. Not that I'm shunning the ending I'm all for mush, and unrealism like that. Anyway really cure story! I fond the Cure! Anyway really cute story.


Reviewer: Windy Silvermist
Date: 06/04/09 8:37
Chapter: Chapter 4

Oooh I wonder who the pair of eyes are. ITS GINNY CALLING HIM A GIT! or it is most painfully obvoius it's Hermione. I love that scene with Viktor, and no ron it's not obvious. In which bring their collapse hilarious! The only thing that could make this better is if they collapsed Harry, and ginny where kissing! No really it's totally plausible (a.k.a. not plausible within a million years!)

Reviewer: Windy Silvermist
Date: 06/04/09 8:30
Chapter: Chapter 3

BUM BUM BUM BUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM ( I think I already read this, Isn't wonderful how these comments don't mak sense unless you just read this chapter!)

Reviewer: Windy Silvermist
Date: 06/04/09 8:25
Chapter: Chapter 2

Oh no madness between the love birds. ( I love making cheesy comments like this)

Reviewer: Windy Silvermist
Date: 06/04/09 8:18
Chapter: Chapter 1

Awww secret longing. Why are you spacing everything so far a part. Not trying to be super rude or anything ( in which I may or may not be failing).


Author's Response: lol no that's not rude. :p I'm not sure why it keeps doing that. I delete them and then they come back so I must have input it wrong to begin with ... hmmmm ... :z

Reviewer: Hollyx3Mark
Date: 01/28/09 21:23
Chapter: Chapter 5

Probably really bad, but I cried... lol

Author's Response: Really??! You have no idea how happy that makes me! :) ... I hope they were happy tears. lol. Thank you!

Reviewer: Inkinhart
Date: 11/12/08 5:37
Chapter: Chapter 5

Aw... that ending was sweet. I'm a sucker for a good piece of fluff.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, I'm glad :) I love reading fluff and it was harder than I thought to write it but it was fun!

Reviewer: HPbeauty
Date: 10/25/08 14:32
Chapter: Chapter 5

I love tis fic! I like the way you ended it! The connection between Ron and Hermione was great! Awesome job!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked their interaction - I worked really hard to keep them in character. :) Thank you!

Reviewer: Adelfore Flamell
Date: 07/25/08 22:45
Chapter: Chapter 5

now that was a really good short story. I especially liked that last chapter. I must say the beginning of this last chapter was some of the best Ron/Hermione writing i have read in a long time. The initial silence of the two of them gave me as a reader the ability to really set up the scene and each of their actions in turn. it was different then most other "coming together" scenes i have read in the past. The simple act of him feeling her looking at him spoke so much more then any dialog ever could. Great writing!! Well Done!!

Author's Response: Wow. I'm sooo excited that you said something about the silence part. I tried REALLY hard to make it believable and I just felt like I couldn't really convey all of that emotion with just dialogue. Thank you so much for reading! :D

Reviewer: goldenniffler
Date: 07/14/08 18:57
Chapter: Chapter 3

ooo lots of drama.... but good so far! =D

Author's Response: lol. Si ... but what would Ron and Hermione be without their drama? :p Glad u like it!!

Reviewer: Lovee_Potterrr
Date: 06/27/08 19:43
Chapter: Chapter 5

awwe. that was so sweet.
extremely cute. makes me want to go get a tedddy bear and just squeeze it :)
not really. but...very good hhaha

Author's Response: Aaaaw thanks! :D I'm glad it is teddy-bear-squeezing worthy. lol.

Reviewer: RitaSkeeterWannaB
Date: 05/23/08 13:51
Chapter: Chapter 5

hehe, i fractured my elbow, so i had my laptop at school, and that's when i read it. My friend in math laughed when he saw me smiling really big. I had to stiffle a squeal.

Author's Response: Omg thank you so much! That totally made my day! :D

Reviewer: Greater_Good_Gellert
Date: 05/15/08 17:51
Chapter: Chapter 5

Absolutely fantastic! I'm usually not a fan of short stories, but, after reading the reviews on this, I just had to try it out. And I'm very glad I did. I really enjoyed it. Hope you right some more.. =)

Author's Response: Aaw yay! I'm glad you read it! Thank you! :D

Reviewer: mugglenetaddict813
Date: 05/12/08 13:28
Chapter: Chapter 5

Awww! What a sweet ending to the story! I really enjoyed the arguments and the final climax. I think you did a great job of capturing Ron's nervousness when it comes to Hermione. After all, even in the 7th book, Hermione was the one to make the first move. :) Great story! I really enjoyed it! :)

Author's Response: Yay! I tried really hard to make Ron and Hermione's dialogue as in character as possible so I'm really glad you liked it!!! Thank you!

Reviewer: kittykat
Date: 05/11/08 16:12
Chapter: Chapter 5 was sweet , so sweet it almost made me cry. and now i have this crazy smile stuck on my face, lol. can't wait for an update!

Author's Response: Yay! I love crazy smiles when they stick! :D lol. I wish I could continue the fic but I really don't know where to go from here ...

Reviewer: rather_be_athogwarts
Date: 04/30/08 19:05
Chapter: Chapter 4

great fic! it's following canon really well. can't wait to read what happens next! when's your next update? it's been so long!

Author's Response: Yay - thank you! :D The final chapter has actually been submitted for quite awhile, but since the waiting time has increased and I had some mistakes to clear up, it's taking a little longer than I planned. :( Seriously though, I'm SO glad you like it!

Reviewer: potterprincess12
Date: 04/08/08 17:00
Chapter: Chapter 4

Finish this as quickly as possible! It is AMAZING! It keeps the characters' personalities and emotions true to the way JK wrote them. You better not keep me waiting very long!;-) Keep up the good work!:-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D I'm really glad you like it - my goal was to write it as close to J.K. Rowling's style as possible so that it kinda just fit into the middle of the story ... without the copyright infringements. lol. Thanks again!

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