Reviewer: Child of the DarkBlood
Date: 07/11/05 1:50
Chapter: It's Friday Again

Has harry had his memory erased of something so he doesn't remember the battle with voldermort and thats why he does remember draco anyways this is a very intriguing story can't wait to see where it goes :-)

Reviewer: 101aether101
Date: 06/11/05 22:25
Chapter: The Doctor's Office

This was another very well written chapter. It does answer a lot of questions that the first on left me with, but what's up with Snape and Dumbledore? What are they getting at? Are the meds to keep him from remembering or to keep him forgetting?

Reviewer: 101aether101
Date: 06/11/05 22:09
Chapter: It's Friday Again

I just started reading this story and I really am curious as to what's happening! Why can't Harry remember anything, and what's up with the meds? Did Harry do a stint in the psycho ward?! Good clear writing, I'll read on, I'm hooked on the new Harry.

Reviewer: Miss
Date: 06/09/05 6:23
Chapter: Swan Song

there is no choice at the end, not a definite one. I wonder how soon Severus will fully love him again.

Reviewer: ronsgal
Date: 05/27/05 2:16
Chapter: Swan Song

hey gud story. ive beeb reading it up as sun as i cud. its a bit confusing at places but its really kul. ur way of ritin is gud. pls temme bout ne other stories of urs

Reviewer: hpfannaticalltheway
Date: 05/23/05 1:21
Chapter: Swan Song

hey im leaving a review finally - would have done so in earlier chapters but i didn't think it would matter much if i did because u had already finished the story, so there was no point really. i love the story line, but im not too sure about harry and snape together - its just too hard to imagine. draco and harry, thats still a little weird but i think he is better than snape. but i love your writing style, so im going to see wat other stories there are that you have written, now. this story is in ma favourites - great job! *10/10 for sure*

Reviewer: Dethen1
Date: 05/21/05 8:44
Chapter: Swan Song

Excellence again, a story worth 71,000 words. ^_^; Nice job.

Reviewer: ellidiot
Date: 05/18/05 11:22
Chapter: Swan Song

wow great story. just read the whole thing though i really should be revising. very very clever and the tense changes worked very well. left me wanting more, esp of Teddy, are you sure he doesn't have a future you could write about?- not that i'm hinting or anything lol. looking forward to reading the prequel as well as there are still gaps i want filled. excellent stuff! 10/10

Reviewer: hedwigthegreat
Date: 05/16/05 8:46
Chapter: Swan Song

I gotta admit, i don't like the pairing of snape and harry - its just a little too uncomfortable - snape with a student, i know harry is older but it feels (as the reader of this) so much more natural to see him with Draco than it is to see him with snape. I do like how you had snape and him together i.e., that harry is feeling self destructive and so a bizarre relationship with snape fits him at the time. I dunno, as you left it open i'm choosing to believe he's with draco for good!

Reviewer: GryffindorGoddess
Date: 05/13/05 16:09
Chapter: Swan Song

FINALLY! the mods took long enough with this one--sheesh! but i'm confused, who is Harry with? is it draco or snape? or is that the whole point...? anyways, it was a great chapter and a fabulous end to your story. i really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the prequel.

Reviewer: Kellth
Date: 05/05/05 19:52
Chapter: Crescendo

The story's not really over is it???? (In the first chapter summary it says complete). This story is so awesome! I don't want it to end! I think you used the white to symbolizes the "pure-ness" of Albus or something like that. Maybe I'm totally wrong... Keep up the awesome work!

Reviewer: GryffindorGoddess
Date: 05/04/05 10:48
Chapter: Crescendo

well i don't think this story is slow, and i like all the "little things" you put in because i think it adds to the story. keep it up, and when is the last chapter going to be posted!?!?!

Author's Response: Well it's been sent to them for the last week or so.

Reviewer: Mundungus
Date: 05/04/05 0:42
Chapter: Crescendo

"And what's the vivid use of color symbolism that I use in the last scene with Albus?" Are you kidding me? This is a fairly slow fanfiction, not great literature. If it were, you wouldn't have to always draw attention to your own supposed tropes like this. Quit with the self-applause, already!

Reviewer: Dethen1
Date: 04/30/05 18:23
Chapter: Crescendo

Excellent as usual.

Reviewer: elka78
Date: 04/29/05 18:55
Chapter: Crescendo

Ouch, I woved myself not to read any unfinished stories, because I can't stand the suspense of waiting. Darn it. Now I have to wait. Wonderful story. I truly love it!

Reviewer: Padfoot12891
Date: 04/29/05 16:54
Chapter: It's Friday Again

Good story you got going here. It's a bit confusing at times, but you have a great start.:)

Reviewer: GryffindorGoddess
Date: 04/10/05 17:00
Chapter: Crescendo

Oh wow I love this chapter. Poor Harry, I feel really bad for him...He finally gets to talk to Severus and Severus just rejects him. It's kind of understandable, but still it's sad. I think Draco sounds very sincere, and he's being really good to Harry. I'm starting to like him a lot more now. As for the colors in the RofR, the really white walls remind me of 'the white light at the end of the tunnel' and the gray chairs seem like shadows or something. I'm probably way off, but when I read that paragraph I think of death. Either that or unpure people living in a pure world. (Can't you tell I'm not great with color symbolism?) I really really hope you update soon...I need to see what happens with Albus!

Reviewer: troubadour
Date: 04/06/05 23:06
Chapter: Moving On

brilliant! Your story is captivating, mysterious, and exhilarating, it must be so fun to write. (Although, I am sure quite trying also.) Your ablility to elicit emotion is fantastic. I can feel what the charcter is feeling, and I really like the charcter of Teddy and hope to see more of him. I don't like present Harry with Draco or Snape, they are not right for him in this situation. Harry is far to vulnerable, but I am sure it all works out. I am just worried about him. I think he deserves better. Also, I am curious about Dumbledore because he seems, at least for me, to be the charcter taken out of context the most without an explanation as to why he acts the way he does. I think I know where you are heading with the concept of why he did what he did, but I have a hard time believing that Dumbledore would actually not want Harry to remember. The plot is brilliant. I enjoy your story very much and the chapters just keep getting better and better. I can see definite improvement in your writing style with each chapter. Good luck with the rest of your story

Reviewer: Muffy
Date: 04/01/05 22:36
Chapter: It's Friday Again

I really loved not only this chapter but the entire story. I can come back and re-read the story many times over and never get bored of it. Good job, I hope you continue writing fantastic stories like this one.

Reviewer: cespotter
Date: 03/21/05 4:39
Chapter: Moving On

oooooohhhhhhhhhh wow so so so so really fantastic, i love this story so so much, you rock, it is just getting so tense and i really don't know who i want him to be with?? And yeah teddy is so cute and poor harry with his friends being idots, i hope that they really really make it up to him in a big way.. Keep up the great work, i love reading this story

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