Reviews For Being a werewolf
Reviewer: SlytherinSky
Date: 12/29/08 12:20
Chapter: Being a Werewolf

OMG thta is SO cute! I can see that you feel strongly about the issue of werewolfry! And... I like Remus too!

Author's Response: Erm...cute? Each to their own! I do indeedy - glad to get that across. Now Remus, he is a 'thing' to which the word 'cute' applies!

Reviewer: clumsywerewolf2438
Date: 01/05/08 13:06
Chapter: Being a Werewolf

That's really deep and touching. As you can see, I'm a werewolf-obsessed person and so I can relate because the people at my school discrimiate against werewolf fans...Wonderful poem!

Author's Response: Ah, thanks. I'm not really a werewolf fan, because if I'd had the choice I wouldn't be involved in such things, but I know what you mean. I'm so glad you like my poem! ^_^

Author's Response: Wow, your bio is an epic. I've just sat and read the whole thing, and it makes pretty interesting reading. I like the cats. And the quizzes. Oh, and I often walk into doors and fall up the stairs, so, you're not the only one. Your review is a birthday present: it's my birthday on 01/07/08!

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 12/09/07 7:06
Chapter: Being a Werewolf

Hey guys* waves tio Jo and Cassie *

I'm really sorry obout my review earlier. I did not mrean to hurt your feeling,. I only said that becouse I see A LOT of potential in you. And I do think everyone can be better including myself and even our wonderful mods.* dodges flying tomatoes *

And remember if you ever need any help with a poem or fic, my inbox is always open.I may not be great shakes at spelling and punctuation but I do pride myself on characterization.

As for Cassie, you have every right to disagree with me. I don't mind at all.=Sammy

Author's Response: Hey, it's okay. I guess I'd had a bit of a rough day, and that first review of yours didn't make me feel any better. But I'm good now, and lets just be writer and reviewer, not revenge-seeking monster and nit-picker. Oh, and thanks for saying you can see potential in me! That's kind of you.

Reviewer: mostly_harmless_66
Date: 12/07/07 13:53
Chapter: Being a Werewolf

If I may respectfully disagree with one of the reviewers above, my impression of the poem was that it wasn't meant to be punch-in-the-face powerful. More kind of melancholy and poignant? It had a really interesting structure, too - I liked the way the last lines were reversals of the previous ones.

Author's Response: Thank you for liking it; I feel (I know this sounds really stupid) warm inside when people praise my work. Yes, this poem was meant to be sad and, as you so aptly put it, 'malancholy and poignant'. It also has a hidden meaning linked to sadness that was meant for my friends to understand, but you've summed it up perfectly from the view of an outsider. And I see that you're a Remus fan? Me too! ^-^

Author's Response: Oh, I've just realised (I think) which other reviewer you were respectfully disagreeing with. Thank you for doing so. ;)

Reviewer: Lulu Sugar
Date: 12/02/07 14:17
Chapter: Being a Werewolf

YOU SNEAKY LITTLE BOGGER!!! Oh yes Jo, I remember: 'I read this poem on mugglenet yesterday called being a werewolf, it's really cute...' HAH! i KNEW ALL ALONG, i THOUGHT IT WAS SUSPICIOUS! Not telling us. You little swine!
Don't worry Jo. I'm not really angry. Good poem though. Are you trying to tell us something?

Author's Response: I apologise most profusely for being a sneaky little bogger, I just wanted to see if I could do that. I was kinda trying to imply... but then I thought how much it would mean to lose you as a friend, so I layed off a bit. So yeah, if I go a bit... you'll know what's up.

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 12/02/07 4:57
Chapter: Being a Werewolf

I didn't really find the poem very powerfull. I mean beeing a warewolf is way harder then beeing a new or different kid. Other then the poeple who refuse to understand you and are kept at bay by fear, theres always the inner battle within a warewolf's true nature and such. If this was your first poem, its ok but as they say, everyone has room for improvement.

Oh, and I found a typo:
You have the the knowledge,
Isn't there an extra the here?=Sammy

P.S.I really don't mean to offend in this review, sorry

Author's Response: Yes, there is an extra 'the' there, I've changed it now. You spell werewolf weirdly, but, each to their own. Yes, being a werewolf is hard, but the point is that you're eternally treated as the 'new' or 'different' kid, so the others never get over you.

Reviewer: born2BaRavenclaw
Date: 12/01/07 17:33
Chapter: Being a Werewolf


Author's Response: So do I, can't help it. Wow! Triple clicked!

Reviewer: born2BaRavenclaw
Date: 12/01/07 17:32
Chapter: Being a Werewolf


Author's Response: So do I, can't help it. Wow! Triple clicked!

Reviewer: born2BaRavenclaw
Date: 12/01/07 17:32
Chapter: Being a Werewolf


Author's Response: So do I, can't help it really. Wow! Triple clicked!

Reviewer: PadfootnPeeves
Date: 12/01/07 9:08
Chapter: Being a Werewolf

Oh, that was so sad! You capture that point of view beautifully- I kind of saw it from Remus' since he's thinks like that. Great job!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks! This is my first attemt at ff, so I'm glad it turned out okay. I love Remus too. Thanks again for liking it! ^-^

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