Reviewer: MadamPince
Date: 09/07/09 5:22
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

I love your story sooooo much! I got so excited for the new chapter and decided to re-read the story before i read the new chapter. It brilliant! please please please update soon!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for another review! I am pleased that you chose to re-read as you await the next chapter. I sure hope it will not be much longer now. cj

Reviewer: Hedwig_is_my_owl
Date: 09/05/09 16:16
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

:) Go George! I like his support of Ginny, for Fred's sake...

Author's Response: I'm pleased you like that! Stay tuned. cj

Reviewer: teddyvictoirefreak
Date: 09/05/09 9:21
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

That was cute-brotherly love it was very nice short and sweet keep up the good work glad your computers fixed.Cheers,

Author's Response: Thanks, Theresa. I have a thing for brothers and their relationships with their sisters, can be so sweet at times. I'm glad I'm back in the computer chair saddle, too! Stay tuned. Working on the next chappie as we speak. cj

Reviewer: amberleaf
Date: 09/05/09 3:33
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

finally thankyou it was good but to short more please lol

Author's Response: You're welcome. I'm glad you thought it good. cj

Reviewer: ginny_harry_ron_hermione
Date: 09/04/09 22:46
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

I sometimes think Mrs. Weasley overreacts on the safety of her children...*nervous chuckle*

Author's Response: Oh, I don't know. After one son was mauled by a werewolf, the other shot with a black magic curse, and another killed in a battle against evil, she may be one mother who has reason to worry, lol! No, seriously, at one point a parent has to let go and trust that her adult children will fend for themselves. It's not easy (or I imagine - my oldest are still teenagers), but it still needs to be done. Perhaps Molly will come around ... Thanks for the review! cj

Reviewer: jellyvb25
Date: 09/04/09 21:59
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

This is great Thanks for finally posting it. It was short but sweet.

Author's Response: You're welcome! I'm glad you think it sweet. cj

Reviewer: WeasleyMom
Date: 09/04/09 7:48
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

I seriously like this story. What a treat to find a new installment. Can't wait for more... but of course I will have to.

Author's Response: Thank you, Lori. Not much longer to wait, I hope. cj

Reviewer: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Date: 09/04/09 1:55
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

Sorry, I'm not really good at leaving reviews chapter-by-chapter, due to my addictive nature in regards to reading as much as possibly as quickly as possible. However, so far, as it comes, I'm rapidly falling in love with this story. Memories of that bittersweet time of life, transitioning from a teenager to a consenting adult and all the accompanying strife, I can relate to the characters, especially Ginny. Her desire to no longer be the baby of the family, to be regarded as an adult, hits close to home for me at that age.

I also like how Dean's parenting mystery is resolved, and maybe, just possibly, the hint of he and Luna possibly having a connection, even though I always kind of pictured her ending up with Neville, lol.

Well, enough of me prattling on. I really appreciate the immense attention to following JKR's details from the books, And I am definitely looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Please, do not apologise. I appreciate the gifts of reviews whether they come just once or for each individual chapter! I am touched that you are falling in love with my endeavour. And I think I know of what you speak regarding remembering that bittersweet time of life when one matures into an adult. It is one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoy writing about young people, I get to relive those days whenever I sit down at the computer, or pick up my yellow writing pads! I am thrilled that you can relate to the characters, especially Ginny. I feel as if there is so much undiscovered about her. Ms Rowling often tells us in interviews that Ginny was Harry's equal, but I feel she herself could have brought more of that into her stories. I find the characters inexplicably drawn to each other as I write, and the moment in the memorial service between Dean and Luna just seemed to flow from their time together, however brief, in captivity. I often picture Neville and Luna together as well, though. So far, I'm not sure what will happen with those characters later in my fic. I await their direction in the matter! As a detail-person, I appreciate your comment praising my attention to detail from the books. I love bringing up seemingly-small details that true fans will recognize. Stay tuned. cj

Reviewer: Sheperd
Date: 09/03/09 23:33
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

Mesmerizing, you have written a truly incredible adaptation of Harry Potter. I just finished the 14 chapters up to this point started on Weds and finished just tonight. The progression and accuracy/familiarity of the two main couples and every other character are exactly how I could have imagined them to progress, interact and carry out dialogue amongst each other. The story unfolds in such a way that the amount of passion you have for Harry Potter is easily recognizable and it benefits the tale signifigantly. Your vocabulary, story flow, plot and continuing adaptive story continue to impress me, I could not stop myself from continuing to read this fanfic and know I am eager to see more. Amazing job!

I noticed in an earlier post you said you like the specifcs that readers mentioned they enjoyed. I'll name a few:
I enjoyed the Muggle studies chapter, the complete and utter constant asstonishment and unfamiliarity of ron and arthur were pricless through out.
In the entire story Rons one-liners have been constantly humorous and I have laughed hysterically numerous times.
The ginny/harry romance moments have been spot on, tender, loving, yet fun. Ron/Hermione have been have been "rubbing shoulders" in that sort of romantic style that is really only theirs to share and flourish in. Constant ron grumbling so great.
George, Minerva, Molly, Oblongota character involvment in the story has been some of the more entertaining aspects. All very authentic writing for not just these characters but for all of the writing you have done and all the characters. Has the feel of an 8th HP novel, not to take anything away from JK more so to compliment you.

I will be sure to leave input on any future chapters you post and more actual specifics. There are numerous intriguing and entertaining developments going on in the story at this point look forward to any future chapters. Sorry for the short novel I wrote here.

Author's Response: Checking my email very late last night I was surprised and more than a little touched to find such a beautiful review. Thank you so much for the time and thought taken to leave such a one. I am flattered that you find my writing style impressive and similar to Ms Rowling's herself (high praise!). I truly appreciate the particular comments you made about Ron's remarks, the romances, and the character portrayal. I am extremely pleased that you mentioned that you feel there are intriguing developments that prompt you to want to continue reading more. Thank you again for such a positive review! It is reviews such as yours that encourage me to keep writing! I await future reviews. cj

Reviewer: way 2 HP obsesed
Date: 09/03/09 20:03
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

Aww! ok a few things...
1. how does one pronounce Zephyr. haha
2. i loved the howler, and the letter from george, tho i (being freds #1 fan) almost cried when ron started to say fred and geoge... :(
still thanks for updating! that was pretty speedy, still this chapter could have been longer, nice tho

Author's Response: A few answers (lol): (1) however you want. I pronounce it in my head as Zef-ear. (2) I'm pleased you liked the letters. And I know what you mean about Ron's almost line about Fred. Gets me a little choked up every time I read it myself. The next chapter will hopefully be along soon, and it will be longer, no worries. cj

Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 09/02/09 22:22
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

Of course, of course. that was terrific. It's been a long time, CJ. I'm glad to see this one again. More, More, More !! ;-)

Author's Response: Thank you, Diane! Yes, *sigh* my updates are sometimes few and far between. I'm glad you liked this one, though. Thanks for not giving up on me, lol! Stay tuned. I hope to finish the next one this week while I am still on holiday [hope, not promise to all my impatient readers out there! ;)]. cj

Reviewer: mugglenetaddict813
Date: 09/02/09 22:02
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

Okay, I definitely loved the beginning of the story where Ron runs like a madman to get to breakfast and then starts wolfing it down! That is so true to his character! I also loved the howler from Mrs. Weasley! So true to the books! :) And the letter from George added a great sentimental touch too. I really do love this story because it seems to fit so well with the other HP books. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Another detailed reviewer. Thank you! I love hearing what parts people enjoy [or don't as the case may be, as long as no one is mean! :) ] Thanks for commenting that you felt I'd kept Ron and Mrs. Weasley in character, and the George note was sentimental. Stay tuned! cj

Reviewer: rosemerta
Date: 09/02/09 13:02
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

oh wow. nice touch with george's note. wanted to say thank you thank you for updating! youre the best! i love your dialogue between ginny and harry. the phrases they use, sound very authentic. sometimes whether people write canon or non canon stories, the characters shine through as being very traditional and rowling-esque, which i believe yours to be. well since this chapter is the anticlimactic one, not much really went on. i mean im pretty sure no one is suprised by the howler you added, isnt that to be expected of molly? but good job in remembering to use such a good plot device. if you hadn't had molly send the howler it would have been a grave mistake. also if ginny didnt put her name in despite everyone trying to stop her, she would not have been the stubborn ginevra we know.

Author's Response: I want you to know I truly appreciate your detailed reviews. They just make my day! Thank you for the comments regarding the dialogue and the absolute need for the Howler. My thoughts exactly about that! Yes, the chapter is short, yet necessary. I think of it as a 'filler' one. Needed to be there, but didn't move the story along much. And I'm glad you agree about Ginny having to put her name in. Ms Rowling has always said that things didn't work out with Cho because she wasn't really Harry's 'equal', but that Ginny was always so. I endeavour to bring that out in my story. Thanks for sticking with me on this journey! cj

Reviewer: Rislans88
Date: 09/02/09 8:07
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

what a wonderful update :)

Author's Response: Thank you! cj

Reviewer: JustLikeHermione77
Date: 09/01/09 17:44
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

aww!! i loved the note from george at the end..update soon! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm pleased you liked George's note. cj

Reviewer: way_too_HP_obsessed4011
Date: 09/01/09 16:36
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home


Author's Response: Thanks so much! cj

Reviewer: SquibPower
Date: 09/01/09 11:14
Chapter: Chapter 14 - More Letters from Home

The next chapter!!! Awesome!!! I'll stay tuned!

Author's Response: Thanks! Gotta write the next chapter before I can post. Wish me luck! I'm stuck on one little part of it. cj

Reviewer: way_too_HP_obsessed4011
Date: 08/30/09 18:59
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Summer That Year

ok--that was BY FAR the BEST fanfic i've EVERR read!!!!!!!!! please, please PLEASEE hurry with the next chapter (not trying to rush you or anything... :)) hahaha this is AMAZING!! you are an amazing writer.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the positive review! I truly appreciate the praise. The next chapter is already in the queue, so I hope it is posted shortly. Stay tuned. cj

Reviewer: jellyvb25
Date: 08/22/09 16:19
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Summer That Year

I have been checking daily to see if you had updated a new chapter and you have not. You said in a review below that you would be adding a new chapter that night. THat was almost 2 weeks ago. What happened?!? I'm getting really antsy I can hardly wait any longer for the next part!

Author's Response: I am so pleased that you are waiting for more chapters, I truly appreciate it. Unfortunately, what happened is family vacations, followed by a crazy computer crash and then another vacation. Luckily, the computer problem is temporarily fixed (soon to be permanently so), and I am now back from vacation with some extra days of holiday left in which to post and write. I will FINALLY get to post chapter 14 within a few days. Hopefully, it will not take long to be validated! Please hang in there! I don't like my readers upset with all the waiting. cj

Reviewer: Megshfoo
Date: 08/18/09 23:07
Chapter: Chapter 13 - Popping the Question, revisited

It isn't posted yetttt!! :'(
I just got home from holidays and I'm leaving again in two days... If you could post the next couple days that would be amazing!

Author's Response: Yeah, sorry, Megan! I'm back from vacation with a temporary monitor, so am planning to get some free time in the next few days to FINALLY post again. Thanks for waiting! cj

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