Reviewer: xoxoZMHxo
Date: 07/06/08 10:26
Chapter: Chapter 16 - Comings and Goings

this one is my fav hp/gw keep updating PLEASE

Author's Response: thank you!

Reviewer: Kif
Date: 07/06/08 6:17
Chapter: Chapter 16 - Comings and Goings

Nice chappie, for some reason though I seem to get 3 e-mails for every update on this fic. :D

Looking forward to reading chapter 17!

Author's Response: lol 3? I'm afraid I can't control that - I'm just glad it's getting updated at all! thanks for the comment!

Reviewer: TuMBLeWeeD
Date: 07/06/08 3:17
Chapter: Chapter 2 - Happy Reunions

It's a pretty good first-chapter, lol. Well... Harry's and Ron's dialogues are a bit too OCC... And Hermione's lines... A few are just... Well... Odd.

Author's Response: thanks for the comment!

Reviewer: potterchassid
Date: 06/30/08 4:45
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Back to the Beginning


I can't wait for the coming chapters. Please update ... at livejournal, too.

Author's Response: I'm working up the courage to keep going, this last chapters have been met with very differing opinions...thanks for the comment!

Reviewer: Sinner
Date: 06/29/08 15:53
Chapter: Chapter 15 - Thoughtful Provocations

I love your story please keep going and I hope your next update is soon

Author's Response: I have it in the queue here - glad you're enjoying it :)

Reviewer: La_Rubinita
Date: 06/23/08 0:16
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Back to the Beginning

An excellent beginning. I love your tone. It's expository, but not bland. The chapter is very well written, as well. You have a knack for word choice; nothing is over-used and there aren't any odd, archaic words thrown in to the mix which leave the reader scrathing their head like 'Wha?'. Very well done, indeed :D

Author's Response: thank you very much :) I'm really glad you've enjoyed it and I hope you can read the rest of the fic :) I know you're not an H/G person, persay, but it's fun - and not too much R/Hr just yet...thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Spanka
Date: 06/19/08 6:06
Chapter: Chapter 13 -Three’s a Crowd

PLEASE put the next chapters in

Author's Response: I'm doing the best I can!

Reviewer: potterchassid
Date: 06/17/08 17:31
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Back to the Beginning


I have read all the chapters you wrote so far at livejournal, and after seeing you worry about some reviews, I checked those (at siye) out, too. Well, I wanted to give you my perspective.

Some reviewers get upset that you get to too much depth; I disagree. Before you developed the characters, I found the way H&G were essentially glued at the lips a bit excessive. It reminded me of the Won Won episode.

However, now that you have developed the characters, there suddenly is a real story challenging the heros. Just continue writing however your writer's instinct leads you - it is good.

PS: You might want to consider beginning fewer paragraphs with a personal pronoun or name.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment and yeah, they're a bit brutal over at SIYE sometimes...but at least they validate really fast!rnrnI think I started the story off quickly to suck people in, but now I have to slow things down to make it realistic, which some people don't care for - such is life. Thanks for the affirmation of decent writing :)rnrnUm, duly noted ;)

Reviewer: Spanka
Date: 06/11/08 3:52
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Back to the Beginning

it was awesome!!
i loved it they need to add in a Harry Potter book!!!
can you give me direction to flannelfiction because it comes only up to the 11 chapter when i looked.

Author's Response: really? there are 26 chapters posted there! Is there no link in my account? It's - thanks!

Reviewer: carter
Date: 06/02/08 21:32
Chapter: Chapter 11 - Curiosities Abound

amazing storry....a real attetion getter!!!

Author's Response: thanks so much!

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra
Date: 05/25/08 16:49
Chapter: Chapter 11 - Curiosities Abound

Nice one!

Author's Response: thanks hun :)

Reviewer: dumbledorefluertwins
Date: 05/24/08 9:29
Chapter: Chapter 11 - Curiosities Abound

Gaunt - wouldn't be related to good ol' Voldie would he?


Author's Response: I'm afraid you will have to wait and see - thanks for the comment :)

Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 05/23/08 19:57
Chapter: Chapter 11 - Curiosities Abound

Good chapter. I have a feeling you have more with Alphard and a bit of the post First War Ministry. If Fudges portrait spoke to Harry does that mean that Fudge died? Looking forward to next chapter

Author's Response: they said he died in DH, if I'm not mistaken. Thank you much :)

Reviewer: Peverell_Daughter
Date: 05/19/08 12:35
Chapter: Chapter 10 - Revelations and Conclusions

This story is captivating, keep it up! I would love to see some light hearted relaxing time between all four with very little romance, add some depth to the relationships.

Author's Response: There is a little of that here-and-there, but you won't see that until Ginny and Hermione go back to Hogwarts. It's hard to have all four together and not have some romance ;) thanks for the comment!

Reviewer: geppenguin
Date: 05/16/08 5:10
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Back to the Beginning

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best fanfic in the world.

Author's Response: you are really too kind - thank you!

Reviewer: Lucky_13_Girl
Date: 05/09/08 17:59
Chapter: Chapter 10 - Revelations and Conclusions

Still rockin'!!!!!

Author's Response: thanks for the comment :)

Reviewer: HogwartsGirly124
Date: 05/03/08 19:57
Chapter: Chapter 9 - Strained Silence

I love this fic! It's amazing, I can't wait to see what happens next. Please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I'm updating as fast as I can ;)

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra
Date: 05/02/08 21:55
Chapter: Chapter 9 - Strained Silence

This whole mess with George is so unnerving!

Nice one!

Author's Response: lol yeah, but it'll come around, as you well know :) thanks hun :)

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra
Date: 04/23/08 20:09
Chapter: Chapter 8 - Happy Musings

Nice one!

Author's Response: lol considering you've ready more than ten chapters past this I'm sure this is old hat - thanks for the comment!

Reviewer: Secrets4life
Date: 04/22/08 14:11
Chapter: Chapter 8 - Happy Musings

Are u still going to post this here? - really like it and can wait

Author's Response: I don't know - I want to get to a good stopping point. I won't lie, I'm very frustrated with all these announcements and I know the mods are volunteering and doing everything they can, but to be both blunt and honest, I just don't know that I have the veracity to continue to get beaten down while trying to share a story.rnrnI'm glad you're enjoying it :)

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