Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 08/26/08 22:51
Chapter: Chapter 8 - Happy Musings

i really like this story. it's different than anything else i've ever read. its a bit lovey-dovey, though...

Author's Response: I assure, you, the chapters that are 'lovey-dovey' are few and far'll see if I could ever get any more chapters validated!

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 08/26/08 22:40
Chapter: Chapter 7 - Talking Things Out

lol ron and hermione's relationship is very funny.

Author's Response: I find that match so strange, I'm not sure why, so I play it up a bit ;)

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 08/26/08 22:21
Chapter: Chapter 6 - Chivalry Isn't Dead

good for harry for standing up to George!

Author's Response: someone has to, and Harry is that type of guy ;)

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 08/26/08 22:09
Chapter: Chapter 5 - Concerning Revelations

oh, wow! that scene with George was intense! i just hope everything works out....

Author's Response: things will calm down a bit...

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 08/26/08 21:22
Chapter: Chapter 4 - The Storm

what is going on with ginny? hmmm.....

Author's Response: keep reading - it all becomes clear :)

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 08/26/08 21:14
Chapter: Chapter 3 - A Conduit of Worlds

something is wrong with Ginny, but i guess it could just be grief.

Author's Response: you're on-spot, it is grief and stress more than anything, but keep reading to see more :)

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 08/26/08 21:10
Chapter: Chapter 2 - Happy Reunions

i like your style of writing. it's different, but a good different.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it :) thank you for commenting :)

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 08/26/08 20:58
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Back to the Beginning

lovely first chapter! :)

Author's Response: thank you :)

Reviewer: heenaia
Date: 07/27/08 4:43
Chapter: Chapter 18 - Birthday Surprises

Very good, I like the way you wright and the plot is different from what I have red in other storys. So please keep on trying to update

Author's Response: Thanks so much - I try to write how I see things, some people like it, some people don't - thanks for commenting :)

Reviewer: balla
Date: 07/25/08 21:52
Chapter: Chapter 18 - Birthday Surprises

nice job! keep up the good work

Author's Response: thanks so much :)

Reviewer: blondie_girl159
Date: 07/25/08 21:35
Chapter: Chapter 18 - Birthday Surprises

about time he gave her the darn thing, I mean really it took him long enough...

Author's Response: this is Harry, you can't honestly tell me you're surprised :p thanks for commenting :)

Reviewer: flash
Date: 07/25/08 16:29
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Back to the Beginning

I've been following on your site so I am up to date. I'm sorry to say I am abandoning your story. How many chapters can you slam Harry and be realistic. If I was your character, I would burn down the burrow and look for some actual friends.

Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 07/25/08 11:52
Chapter: Chapter 18 - Birthday Surprises

This was perfect. I'm really enjoying the evolution of Harry and Ginny. Of course watching
everyone else is great too. You're doing a great ever after.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks for the comment :) Don't get your hopes too high, this is a full story, not fluff ;)

Reviewer: xoxoZMHxo
Date: 07/25/08 10:51
Chapter: Chapter 18 - Birthday Surprises

u update a lot more than most people and i really appreciate that
so if u could update again soon i would love it

Author's Response: I try really hard, but sometimes I can't get the 'help' I need in updating, thanks for reading!

Reviewer: GryffindorGirl163
Date: 07/25/08 9:28
Chapter: Chapter 18 - Birthday Surprises

this was a great chapter i really liked it

Author's Response: thanks so much :)

Reviewer: LunaforGryffindor
Date: 07/25/08 6:07
Chapter: Chapter 18 - Birthday Surprises

I don't know what to make of this fic... I decided at first that I didn't like it (that's why I didn't leave a review before, by the way), but I keep coming back to read the updates... guess I do like it then... Mmm, maybe it's just that it's completely different from what I had imagined after reading DH, so I can't really reconcile it with what I had in mind. But it turns out to be enjoyable all the same.

Author's Response: I'm glad you at least keep coming back - and as long as I can keep updating, you'll keep seeing it :) thanks for the comment :)

Reviewer: wingsofathestral
Date: 07/16/08 20:47
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Back to the Beginning

This story is fantastic!! I love the way that you have developed the characters, they are exactly how I had imagined they were after DH. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it and hope you enjoy the rest of the fic!

Reviewer: sk4lyf
Date: 07/15/08 15:44
Chapter: Chapter 17 - At the Heart of Things

a wicked story

Author's Response: I hope that's wicked good and not wicked bad!

Reviewer: xoxoZMHxo
Date: 07/13/08 14:50
Chapter: Chapter 17 - At the Heart of Things

Keep updating please i

Author's Response: doing my best - hope you're enjoying the fic!

Reviewer: Iagus
Date: 07/07/08 21:18
Chapter: Chapter 10 - Revelations and Conclusions

I think you mean ample, not supple in the first line. Just catching up at the moment, enjoying the read.

Author's Response: glad you're enjoying the read :)

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