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Name: Loyd1957 (Signed) · Date: 09/04/08 2:33 · For: Chapter 19 - The Hits Keep Coming
Whaat is up with George? I don't think it is just being sad that Fred is gone. There is something dark going on with him. Great story. keep updating

Author's Response: no, yuo're right about that ;) I'm glad you're enjoying the story :)

Name: alyssa_S (Signed) · Date: 09/04/08 2:12 · For: Chapter 19 - The Hits Keep Coming
really good chappie!! but evil cliffy there!!
hope you are able to update soon!

Author's Response: I couldn't help myself - and that won't be the first one either ;) I'm trying!

Name: ravenclawmoon2001 (Signed) · Date: 09/02/08 16:09 · For: Chapter 1 - Back to the Beginning
(Amy:) Oh, can't wait! The suspense is killing me!

~"Amy" Amelia

Author's Response: I think you know what happens though, don't you?

Name: ronloverz (Signed) · Date: 08/30/08 10:44 · For: Chapter 19 - The Hits Keep Coming
how many chapters do you think your story will have?

Author's Response: I'm trying to keep it under 75-80. I'm writing chapter 65 'now' and closing in on the end. I'm planning a short, three-chapter epilogue that'll be mostly fluff - but I'm almost there :) not sure how much I'll post here though...the validation process is rather maddening.

Name: ronloverz (Signed) · Date: 08/30/08 10:40 · For: Chapter 19 - The Hits Keep Coming
this is the best fan fiction ive ever read!!! i cant wait for the rest

Author's Response: that is very high praise indeed - you might want to hold off on that until you've read more :p but thank you just the same!

Name: ravenclawmoon2001 (Signed) · Date: 08/30/08 9:37 · For: Chapter 19 - The Hits Keep Coming
(Sherri:) Very good. I personally can't wait to read more, and Amy, the standard reviewer, says she loved it and wonders who caught Harry as he fell. Oh, and if Mrs. Weasley will finally believe everyone about George.

Bye 4 Now, Sherri ;-) & "Amy" Amelia

Author's Response: She has to believe it now - and you'll see how catches Harry in the next chapter ;) Thanks much and I'm glad you're enjoying the story :)

Name: HPluver95 (Signed) · Date: 08/29/08 22:21 · For: Chapter 19 - The Hits Keep Coming
this is a great story. Cool leaving us with a cliffy, cain't wait for more

Author's Response: thank you very much - I'm glad you're enjoying it :) the next chapter is in the queue, let us hope it does not take another month to get validated ;)

Name: ahattab33 (Signed) · Date: 08/29/08 7:40 · For: Chapter 19 - The Hits Keep Coming
Evil cliffie! I feel sorry for George, but that's slowly running out, as he keeps being...um....not so nice. LOL, thanks for the update and keep up the great story!

Author's Response: I couldn't help myself with that cliffhanger - it was too easy to pass up :) thanks much for commenting!

Name: GryffindorGirl163 (Signed) · Date: 08/28/08 21:40 · For: Chapter 19 - The Hits Keep Coming
oh i miss the old george even though i know he'll never be the same i miss what he could be even though i've never know it (if that makes any sice)
i really hope he gets better.
and great chapter i really liked it can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: after reading DH, I always invisioned George to be frought with guilt that his 'other' half was killed and he was spared. In essence, I felt that I had to write that into the story. I'm glad you liked it and I believe George will get to a better place by the end of the story :)

Name: FriendofMolly (Signed) · Date: 08/28/08 19:39 · For: Chapter 19 - The Hits Keep Coming
A really good transitional chapter. The birthday picnic was perfect as well as the locket-ring reveal. I thought by now George wold have been gotten help. Please he can't continue to be so Dark Fred wouldn't have liked it. Still enjoying your story. So how was the cake decorated, Molly has always been so creative.

Author's Response: I am afraid I skimped on the details about the birthday, as from Harry's perspective, he was really only seeing Ginny. And well, George is getting there, I promise, his story will be fully resolved in this fic. Thanks for reading :)

Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 16:59 · For: Chapter 18 - Birthday Surprises
i cant wait to see what the necklace and ring do!!

Author's Response: you'll find out a lot of it in chapter twenty :)

Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 16:53 · For: Chapter 17 - At the Heart of Things
so hermione's really going back? well, i guess i expected it, i mean, she is hermione.

Author's Response: she is :)

Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 16:42 · For: Chapter 16 - Comings and Goings
i wonder who the DADA teacher is gonna be? would harry ever be asked, i wonder?

Author's Response: it's funny you should mention that, I've written quite a few chapters and that doesn't get revealed until the second to last story arc :) there are six, the story here at Mugglenet is still in the very first story arc, as soon as someone decides to push the next chapter, then we can get to the second one.

Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 16:26 · For: Chapter 15 - Thoughtful Provocations
aaww!! harry's so sweet!

Author's Response: he's trying - he's totally mad about Ginny :)

Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 14:30 · For: Chapter 14 - Night Time Conversations
so hermione's having difficulties with her parents? but how can they forbid her to go back to Hogwarts? she's not even sure she wants to go back, anyway.

Author's Response: well, if you had cursed your parents' memories away, I think they'd be pretty upset too, no?

Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 14:22 · For: Chapter 13 -Three’s a Crowd
oh, wow. everyone's having a hard time. I do agree, a good nights sleep will do them all a world of good.

Author's Response: well, everything can't be perfect all the time - this story is rather...angsty for a lack of a better term ;)

Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 14:07 · For: Chapter 12 - Suspicions Around Us
percy couldnt be under a curse from George, right? or what if percy is under a spell from someone other than George?!

Author's Response: this will all be explained as you keep reading :)

Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 13:48 · For: Chapter 11 - Curiosities Abound
that Alphard guy is really weird.

Author's Response: then I've written him correctly :p thanks for the comments :)

Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 13:40 · For: Chapter 10 - Revelations and Conclusions
oh my gosh! so, they're in danger again? thats horrible! but cant they stay in Grimmald Place? thats even more protected than the burrow.

Author's Response: you'll have to keep reading to see what's going on :)

Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/08 13:30 · For: Chapter 9 - Strained Silence
so, hermione wants to go back to school? thats not such a bad idea. i always thought that harry, ron, and hermione went back for their last year at Hogwarts with ginny.

Author's Response: according to Canon, which I'm trying very hard to follow, Hermione and Ginny go back, Harry and Ron train to be Aurors ;)

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