Reviews For Beyond The Veil
Reviewer: Rene4hp
Date: 01/08/11 17:58
Chapter: The Veil


Reviewer: Wanted
Date: 01/01/11 10:43
Chapter: The Veil


Reviewer: harryfan221
Date: 11/08/10 22:02
Chapter: The Veil

Wait what happened in the end? Did ginny come back to like what about lily James Sirius and Remus ... Fantastic story tho

Reviewer: Silver Selana Moon Potter
Date: 11/06/10 21:43
Chapter: The Veil

it was sad, sweet, and funny when lily and grindewald was talking

Reviewer: just like harry
Date: 09/11/10 15:17
Chapter: The Veil

it was different but yet enjoyable.wish the ending hadnt been so confusing

Reviewer: just like harry
Date: 09/11/10 12:25
Chapter: Honor

i think the way you wrote this is far i have enjoyed it!

Reviewer: Dumbledores_Fave
Date: 01/01/10 16:38
Chapter: The Veil

You should have written more. Or a sequel. This was good. Really good. I wish there was more! Please write more.

Reviewer: the_sexy_bitch
Date: 12/19/09 19:00
Chapter: The Veil

i dont get the ending, what happened????

Reviewer: lily_evans_potter
Date: 11/30/09 21:11
Chapter: The Unforgivable Curse

i love it

Reviewer: doodle2468
Date: 07/19/09 21:06
Chapter: The Veil

what are you talking about that was my favorite story of yours it was amazing it would have been better without the canon errors but other than that...

Reviewer: amberleaf
Date: 03/11/09 8:03
Chapter: The Veil

i did like the story but not the ending you could have put more into the last chapter or added an eppilouge to explain it all

Reviewer: Lynnieinreallife
Date: 04/10/08 23:34
Chapter: Darkness

I adore this story. I really do. < 3

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 02/16/08 19:04
Chapter: The Veil

The ending was good except i'm not sure what Lily meant by saying Harry wasn't dead anymore. Did they all come back to life? Did harry join them in the spirit world?

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 02/16/08 18:51
Chapter: Helping Hermione

Haven't reviewed for a few chapters so in summary, Grindelwald! great idea, and i know it's probably spelt wrong, Narcissa Malfoy is a sap, poor poor Luna and How stupid is Hermione to go out alone near the forest where she knows the death eaters have been hiding out? Also, could Dumbledore not evict the death eaters? or at least put protective enchantments around the borders of the forest to prevent students being taken?

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 02/16/08 18:25
Chapter: Dumbledore's Reasoning

Just like Dumbledore, steam roller them into it. This was great, especially when James mentioned keeping his cool, a true marauder.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 02/16/08 18:18
Chapter: A New Member To The Order

Dumbledore has some seemingly insane ideas, but this takes the biscuit! However, as most of his ideas work, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Great chapter, especially Lily's outburst.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 02/16/08 18:07
Chapter: You, Me, And The Cruciatus Curse

I love the title of this chapter, it implies cosiness, but is in fact the opposite. Where's Madam Pince? I'm glad Ron turned up. And what's the deliberate mistake? I'm going to go mad now because i didn't spot it.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 02/16/08 17:51
Chapter: Old Love, Dangerous Situations

How awful, but Dumbledore himself said that they must keep fighting to hold evil at bay, so why now is he holding them back? I'm glad Cedrick was there fore Cho, not that this gives peace, James and Lily are together with their friends and aren't at rest, not yet anyway.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 02/16/08 17:43
Chapter: Battle On Their Own

It's really hard to imagine Voldemort running after Harry. I'm glad Bellatrix is out of the picture, that's one person I'd not like to meet in a dark alley. I like that they levitated Ginny's wand just out of reach as though taunting her. Are the James and Lily from the wand just echos or are they the same James and Lily watching over Harry?

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 02/16/08 17:33
Chapter: The Love That Burns

You see, this is what you get for not sticking in at occlumency lessons. How else would they know he liked Ginny if not by spying on his thoughts? Can't spirits send messages to the living, couldn't the marauders, I'm including Lily, spy on the death eaters from beyond and report back to Dumbledore? In fact, why can't the hogwarts ghosts spy? They're capable of becoming invisible. And how did the death eaters get to Ginny in the Gryffindore tower? Dumbledore needs to further up security. Sorry, I just hate things being less than perfect. I'm a happily ever after seeker, so sue me.

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