Reviews For O Holy Night
Reviewer: VeelaWishMaker
Date: 03/25/05 14:21
Chapter: Truth be Told


Reviewer: VeelaWishMaker
Date: 03/24/05 17:58
Chapter: Truth be Told

lol how far are you on chapter five? I cant wait to read it. Please do not kill harry off. He is my favorite character. But even if you do, I will still be loyal to you and your story! *huggles story*

Author's Response: i have about 7 pages of ch.5...its only saldy about 1/3 done.. we have state testing next week in which the upperclassmen get out of school at i should have time to write..

Reviewer: VeelaWishMaker
Date: 03/21/05 17:38
Chapter: November Pain

DEFINATELY! Got an extra virtual protractor i could borrow? *that was a joke*

Author's Response: hmm. sounded like you wanted to do some measuring of angles. I dunno. I have math on the brain. mostly because I went home after 1st period and so I missed math and it was a new lesson.

Reviewer: VeelaWishMaker
Date: 03/11/05 15:43
Chapter: November Pain

I just love this story! I hope you are having fun writing the next chapter! Oh, and before I forget, could you give just an eensy weensy little spoiler? nothing big....... BY THE WAY, I LUV THIS STORY! *huggles story*

Author's Response: a spoiler eh? Well, Harry and Dumbledore have a convo I was going to put in chapter 3 but I've saved for chapter 5. It's a very important, saddening and heart-wrenching convo. That spoiler enough for you dear?

Reviewer: UltimateHr
Date: 03/08/05 22:42
Chapter: November Pain

Awesome story. I truly LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I can not wait for the next chapter. I really like it how you made Hermoine so much like her true self, same as Harry, Ron, and Ginny.

Author's Response: you aren't the first person to tell me I've kept them in canon. I try and I'm glad poeple are recognizing my efforts. I have 3 pages of the next chapter written.

Reviewer: Makenna Prongs
Date: 03/03/05 21:35
Chapter: November Pain

Very good chapter...Hermione is still her same old self and Harry is himself...and so on and so forth.....I'm glad this isn't OOC....this isn't a subject many ppl can pull off, but yet again, your'e not the average writer, Excellent job, as usual....w/ pulling off the unexpected....^_^....awaiting next chap.

Author's Response: well my dear. I have 1/2 a page of ch.5 written!!

Reviewer: hermione4harry
Date: 03/01/05 14:44
Chapter: November Pain

great chapter! next time mobilicorpus works just as well as wingarduim leviosa, not that i'm obsessed with harry potter or anything....he he. I can't wait for the baby!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment and yes..everyone is anxiously awaiting the baby..especially hermione

Reviewer: padfoots gurl
Date: 02/27/05 23:37
Chapter: November Pain

this is going to finish soon isn't it? damn i was really enjoying reading. great chapter

Author's Response: aww..don't cry! I have other stories you can read..haha.

Reviewer: Hermione_Resilda
Date: 02/27/05 20:37
Chapter: November Pain

Poor Hermione! I myself have stomach cramps, and I simply can't imagine how it would be to carry around something in my stomach and it hurting more! Haha. Is the next chapter going to be the last? Hermione never knows when to give up on school work, now does she :D? Oh, by the way, fantastic chapter! Please have the next one up soon!

Author's Response: well. I'm thinking of taking a survey of all my readers on whether they want an epilogue or not.. But yes, chapter 5 will technically be the final chapter.

Reviewer: Ordered_Chaos
Date: 02/27/05 14:29
Chapter: November Pain

Hmm.. sure was a lot of filler through this chapter. But it's still a great story. I can't believe that Draco is managing to get away with all of these attacks on Hermione without at least one professor noticing something. Anyways, I'm anxiously awaiting the fifth chapter and hoping that the delivery goes smoothly. Good luck on writing it.

Author's Response: hey..yeah. I didn't particularly like this chapter as it did have a lot of filler in it. Thats really what it was. I think that's why I fought it so much you know. I'd have loved to jump from ch.3 right to ch.5 but it would have left out about a month's worth of time that wouldn't have been accounted for and I couldn't have dealt with that.. so yeah. but I'm glad it didn't totally turn you off from the story..and yeah.. the teachers are a bit only erm..inatentive side aren't they. thanks for reading...stay tuned for the next chapter

Author's Response: oo..about the teachers not doing anything about Draco. Olivia is going to a have a go at him in ch.5

Reviewer: SafetyXPins
Date: 02/27/05 10:37
Chapter: The Prophecy Revamped

awesome story! it pulled me right in! please please please please dont kill harry!!!! Snape is a jerk..he knows damn well that Hermione is pregnant and that she gets nausuos(cant spell) easily... but go Harry in that fight!

Author's Response: hehe..i know Snape is a jerk but I love him.and shhh..don't spoil the ending!!

Reviewer: Ordered_Chaos
Date: 02/25/05 2:02
Chapter: The Prophecy Revamped

Amazing story. Absolutely grabbed me and drew me right in. I can't wait for the next chapter. Although... if that prophecy is going to follow what I'm afraid of... well... let's hope there's a happier ending than that.

Author's Response: well..sadly..i do believe most poeple will be very angry with me at the end of this story. Although, am considering doing an epilogue..but I'm going to take a sort of vote..from the readers..see if they want it.

Reviewer: Makenna Prongs
Date: 02/20/05 17:41
Chapter: The Prophecy Revamped

Harry is very protective isn't he? It's all very cute though, him being so concerned about Hermione. The prophecy was interesting, I wonder what will come of it.

Author's Response: you'll see in chapter 5..sadly I do believe that will be the last chapter...

Reviewer: Makenna Prongs
Date: 02/20/05 17:28
Chapter: Confessional

Wow..............I wish real guys would take it like Harry did.....But in reality, you'll be lucky if a guy isn't a selfish asshole.............Anyway.....this story is very sweet, and the loyalty between Harry and Hermione is love it ^_^

Author's Response: indeed. That would be nice wouldn't it.

Reviewer: Makenna Prongs
Date: 02/20/05 17:17
Chapter: Truth be Told

Wow, Hermione's in a tight spot now!!!

Reviewer: VeelaWishMaker
Date: 02/19/05 16:48
Chapter: The Prophecy Revamped

Wow! This is great. I cant wait for more! *adds an icon to desktop for easy acess to this fic*

Author's Response: thanks hun. I'm currently working on chapter 4 right now

Reviewer: padfoots gurl
Date: 02/12/05 18:55
Chapter: The Prophecy Revamped

thank you

Reviewer: padfoots gurl
Date: 02/09/05 3:35
Chapter: The Prophecy Revamped

what OOC? its on heaps of stories and i really don't no what it means

Author's Response: OOC-out of character. it means that the characters aren't acting exactly how Jo has made them to be in the series.

Reviewer: voldelavie
Date: 02/06/05 23:26
Chapter: The Prophecy Revamped

I really liked this story.... except for chapter 1. You didn't give the circumstances behind Hermione's pregnancy. I don't mean the nitty-gritty pornagraphic details, but the when, where, and why of it. Harry seemed clueless that they had done anything that would produce a child. And surely Hermione isn't the type of girl that would need a paternity test. A paternity test suggests that she had "been with" several other guys in close sucession. Surely Harry was the only one.

Also, I thought the Order's reactions were somewhat OOC to my tastes. I always imagined the wizarding world to be somewhat conservative in thier values. I see Molly pulling her GoF antics times 1000 if she found out such a thing.

However, I do like the new DADA professor. She should take more shots at Malfoy. Heck, have her duel Malfoy. I also liked the ultrasound spell. I could see the mist showing the mystical wriggling of an infant. I could also see Harry being overprotective of Hermione.

Don't kill off Harry, plz! *hopeless whimpering*

Author's Response: wow a very long review! me like a lot!! I know Hermione isn't one to sleep around but I just liked the idea of the paternity test..and her having the sneak around and such...and Harry is clueless..because he's a teenage boy.. I know that the Order was somewho OOC but...It was horribly OOC so..thanks for the comments though.

Reviewer: padfoots gurl
Date: 01/29/05 4:02
Chapter: The Prophecy Revamped

omg this story is so kewl (that harry malfoy bit, now i bit be imagining things but didn't that sound like the end of the lion king to you??) anyway long due for an update plz plz plz

Author's Response: hmm. I had never thought of it in comparison to the Lion King before. Interesting point though. I'll update when i can.

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