Reviewer: BVBandGirl
Date: 09/29/08 1:26
Chapter: Chapter One and Only


Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Reviewer: RWHGHP_51892
Date: 08/17/08 23:24
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

I cried so hard when I read that Fred died in Deathly Hallows. I love the Weasley's. I hope Fred and George make heavan a place where everyone has to join in. You are my favorite author on this site!!!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, thank you! This is my favourite story I've written. I was really, really upset when Fred died in "Deathly Hallows," and I wrote this to help me get over it. I think writing it did help me better accept that he's dead, but I still get all teary-eyed over Remus and Tonks.

Reviewer: weasleywannabe47
Date: 08/11/08 20:11
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

This is one of my favorite stories on Mugglenet.(This is also my first review,so I gave it to this story.)I love the line "in your underwear drawer!"(ESPECIALLY when Mrs.Weasley said it!)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I love getting reviews-- I always answer 'em, and I get all excited when I get a new one. I personally think this is my best fic, as well.

Reviewer: inkwell94
Date: 08/10/08 14:06
Chapter: Chapter One and Only


Author's Response: Thanks! Just what I was going for!

Reviewer: Fawkes777
Date: 08/07/08 22:39
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

you could like, so totally copyright that with a few minor changes, and turn it into a book, or a movie, or a ...a....a point is that there is some talent in that brain of yours, and you should use it to its fullest potential.............

Author's Response: Hehehehe, I actually thought of that... but the problem is, the whole story plays on the fact that they invented Extendable Ears and George had lost an ear. It would just be weird with original characters, because this is a strange enough premise as is! But I have to admit, I like the concept...

Reviewer: Fawkes777
Date: 08/07/08 22:08
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

I found my favorite line!

" “Mum, I promise I won’t get in a sword fight with anyone with a peg leg and an octopus beard. And I’ll hardly ever fire the cannon at anyone, and I’ll try not to get marooned on a rum-filled island.” "

Drink up me hearties YO HO!
::cool theme music::

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I went on Pirates of the Caribbean three times, and I LOVE the Captain Jacks that they added in.

Reviewer: Move-Over-Ginny
Date: 07/26/08 21:45
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

lol i luuuvv it. expessially the 'eat my shorts' line.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Yeah, I'm planning for those to be my personal last words when I die.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 07/18/08 19:45
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

I really haven't a clue how to feel after reading this, I think the only way I can describe it is choked. I've been yoyoing between choked with tears and choked with laughter from beginning to end. I'm adding this to my gap fillers of canon list, It's got to be what happened. What a fantastic idea for Fred to have George's ghost ear to communicate with him. And the way you described Severus Snape's existance in the afterlife was beautifully sad, I think thats what he'd prefer though. I can't believe how much I love this fic, I think it's my favourite of yours so far.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is definitely my favourite fic I've written (I also like it better than my original fiction writings, so it's really my proudest piece of work.) This what happens when you put a Schmergo on a nine-hour car trip with a laptop computer! I wrote this to help me get over Fred's death... but I didn't want it to be too treacly and happy. And I've seen stories about Snape in heaven, but I just couldn't imagine him wandering around in heaven, so... I came up with an idea or two of my own. I'm so glad you liked it!

Reviewer: turtles_rock
Date: 07/18/08 18:26
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

First i have to sign up, i cannot find the link on your profile

Author's Response: If you scroll down to right below where it says 'llama, llama duck,' you'll see a bit saying: "You're welcome." Right under that, it says" "Web site." And then they have a link to the website! Whoot!

Reviewer: turtles_rock
Date: 07/18/08 18:00
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

the crows nest sounds good how do you know when im on it?

Author's Response: Well, you can make posts on different threads or you can send PMs (private messages) to my account. There's also a chat box down at the bottom. Also, the site lists all the members who are on at the time.

Reviewer: turtles_rock
Date: 07/17/08 17:41
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

im sorry i can't but parents don't allow me to use my email adress with people i haven't met sorry.
maybe we could talk in a chat room? Do you have an idea?

Author's Response: Awww, MY parents won't let me use chat rooms. However! There is a link on my profile to a website called "The Crow's Nest." It's a lovely site for discussion and camaraderie... most of my best friends in real life are on it, as well as loads of people from MNFF. My best friend owns the site, and she's always eager for new members. Alternatively, you can always join the MNFF forums-- they have a PM system that's a lot like emailing, only on site.

Reviewer: turtles_rock
Date: 07/17/08 16:57
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

Thank you so much ill get started right away

Author's Response: Cheers! Hey, if you want to contact me any more, you can always click the 'contact author' link on my profile. That way, it doesn't come up as a review for the story.

Reviewer: turtles_rock
Date: 07/17/08 16:33
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

thank you i really like the ideas you don't mind if i use them do you? I will give you credit.

Author's Response: Of course! You can use any of them! I posted them for your use, so feel free

Reviewer: turtles_rock
Date: 07/17/08 15:49
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

Hey schmergo i have just gotta say you are my favourite author around! Do you wanna co - author something with me? If not, what ideas should i use
im going for sort of a funny aproach

Author's Response: Awww, thanks so much! I don't think it'd be a good idea for me to co-author a story because I'm really busy and having trouble updating the stories I've already started-- when I did "Kill Bill (And Arthur)" with Nevilles Girl, I had no idea what I was getting into! As for a funny idea for a story, I recommend writing about something not too out-of-character, because the mods are really strict lately about characterization. >_<

A few random ideas:
1. Harry and Voldy at the Final Battle. Harry explains that his weapon is love, something that Voldemort "knows nothing about" and that "we wouldn't be here, after all, if it wasn't for love!" Well, Voldemort's confused, and Harry's in a very awkward situation, having to explain the birds and the bees to Voldemort!
2. Snape gets fired and needs to find a new job. OR ALTERNATIVELY, as teaching training before getting his job teaching Potions, Snape has to help out at a preschool!
3. Ron and Hermione are married. Ron decides to grow a beard or a mustache, and Hermione doesn't like it.
4.The new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is a Muggle.
5. Filch has to baby-sit.
6. It's Fred and George's first week at Hogwarts in their first year, and Percy's keeping a VERY close eye on them. When they get in trouble and have to go to detention, they weave a web of lies trying to cover it up so Percy won't find out.
7. Draco Malfoy is forty years old, married with a child. He pretends to be thoroughly enlightened and informed, never admitting his actual hatred of Muggles and his feeling of superiority even to his family, and is a very respectable figure. A story about the contrast between Draco's derisive, snide thoughts and the polite things he says to other people might be funny. This could also work with Lucius before he was unmasked as a Death Eater.
8. A story from Wormtail's point of view taking place during one of the first three Harry Potter books-- watching something embarrassing happen in an off-limits place while in rat form (like Percy and girlfriend having a romantic encounter, or Dumbledore doing something weird in his office, or Snape singing to himself and behaving strangely while he's alone.)

Reviewer: turtles_rock
Date: 07/17/08 12:25
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

omg (sniff) that was Beautiful. lol "eat my shorts"

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You rarely ever hear a story containing the phrase "Eat my shorts" described as "beautiful," do you?

Reviewer: MJ_Padfoot
Date: 07/10/08 15:23
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

Oh my gosh. I love this! I'm still upset that Fred died. But this has made it seem beter. Wonderful piece! ~MJ

Author's Response: Thanks so much! This is actually my favourite thing I've written, fanfiction or original, and I love getting reviews for it. I wrote it to help myself cope with Fred's death, and I'm glad it's helping some other people that way, too!

Reviewer: x0BOO0x
Date: 06/10/08 15:20
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

This story moved me. I was *this sounds corny* deeply affected. And yet, I laughed as well. Wonderful work.

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! This is my favourite of all of my fics (though I'm also really proud of my "Wicked" spoof.)

Reviewer: Firkant
Date: 06/05/08 5:35
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

Oh... You just made me cry,
Beautyful story.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! This one is my personaly favourite of my fics, I have to say.

Reviewer: EmmaTwitch
Date: 05/29/08 1:12
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

Aha! That was GREAT!! ...oh i've been reading your stories for an HOUR crap...i need to go to bed now (2:07am) lols your addicting. Best lines "Eat my shorts," and "In your underwear drawer," lol especially when Mrs. Weasley said it! That was priceless! I love your story! And Son-Of-A-Bludger...great! Love your story!..wait I already said that.

Author's Response: Thank you! Oh wow, you really HAVE been reading my stories for a long time. Well, I do love getting reviews from you! This is probably my favourite story I've written for fanfic... I wrote the whole thing when I was intensely bored on a car trip to a family reunion.

Reviewer: Sariana
Date: 05/15/08 0:46
Chapter: Chapter One and Only

Oh my gosh! What a great story! I've never really understood the love for Fred and George, but this story was just beautiful.

Have you read the play "Our Town"? The sadness Fred feels watching George live his life without his twin kind of reminds me of Emily's feelings in that play. It's not really the same thing, but it just reminded me of the sense of despair she feels.

Oh, and I must say...sniff for poor Severus. I think Fred is wrong, though. Sev is probably another of Dumbledore's companions. He just wouldn't be caught dead associating with a Weasley (pun intended, of course).

Again, great story.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I've never wanted to write a story about Fred and George, but all of a sudden, this plot bunny came into my head, and I was hoping I'd be able to fulfill this.

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