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Name: TheMasterOfDeath (Signed) · Date: 11/11/07 0:33 · For: Chapter One and Only
What a well written story! One of the best I have read so far!
The idea of the story was simply wonderful!!! And the "IN YOUR UNDERWEAR DRAWER" thing was great too!
Keep the great work up!

Author's Response: Wowie-zowie! (*Is not very mature...*) Thank you very much! I came up with the Underwear Drawer thing in church and started sniggering randomly... tad embarrassing, that. Lovely username, by the way.

Name: Mser22 (Signed) · Date: 11/08/07 20:29 · For: Chapter One and Only
the absolute best fred and eorge story by my most favorite author. another great humour story. great job.

here is something you might like:
i am not stuck up. awesome people just seem stuck up.
jim benton/ it's happy bunny! tm

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! ^_^ You just made me blush! And I'm really glad that you liked the story. (The quote made me giggle as well.)

Name: bluebookworm (Signed) · Date: 11/06/07 18:50 · For: Chapter One and Only
awww that was so cute!!! i loved it

Author's Response: Thank you! ^_^ I loved writing it!

Name: PadfootnPeeves (Signed) · Date: 11/05/07 17:58 · For: Chapter One and Only
dude, i love this story! my fav is the in your underwear drawer thingy... i was saying it today and my friends thought i was nuts! i heard Eglantine's name from those books about the owl... the guardians of g'hoole or soemthing like that... and it made me laugh& cry& then some! i wanted to rip out george's intestines and tape them on the wall when he didnt wanna talk to fred anymore! it made me cry silently b/c there were ppl around who would have made fun of me for crying over fiction. great job!

Author's Response: Ohhhh, thank you! There is NOTHING WRONG with crying over fiction. Almost any Disney movie makes me cry, Brother Bear most of all. I got the name Eglantine from "Bedknobs and Broomsticks," a very old moosical movie.
Don't be so hard on George... he felt so awkward because he was self conscious about growing up when Fred wasn't, plus his wife thought he was crazy and he was worried that maybe he was.

Name: Anya Black (Signed) · Date: 11/04/07 18:11 · For: Chapter One and Only
Awwwwww...I loved this fic! it made me feel so happy! Great job. I can totally imagine that actually happening.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I really wanted to write a story that could make people feel better about Fred dying. I BET that happened. An ear was such a random body part for George to lose that it must have meant something!

Name: nuw255 (Signed) · Date: 11/03/07 22:58 · For: Chapter One and Only
Schmergo, I can't even begin to tell you how much your writing has matured since I started reading The Dark Lord's Blog way back when. You've still got the same wonderful sense of humor and ability to tie in random pop culture references and whatnot, but your stories have depth to them now. The portrayal of George outgrowing Fred in this story was truly heartwrenching, despite the hilarious asides about the carnivorous plants, hitting on Saints, etc. The ending was perfect as well, with all being forgiven once they're together on the other side once again. Oh, and I loved Molly saying, "In your underwear drawer!"

The jokes aside, the depth you began demonstrating in "Draco's Trick or Treat" and "How Ironic, Mr. Malfoy" has only grown and matured in this story, and I was really able to feel for both Fred and George--I couldn't decide whose side to take, and I think that was the point. Neither one was right or wrong, they were just in very different circumstances. "Love A Duck!" hasn't shown this sort of depth (yet, anyway), but I get the feeling that it's meant to be a bit sillier--which I'm totally cool with. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I thought this story was hilarious and poignant at the same time. In short: Did I love it? In your underwear drawer!

Author's Response: *Jaw drops* Nuw255, wow! Thank you so much! I'm glad you didn't know whether to side with Fred or George, because I didn't want either one to be the 'hero' or the 'villain.'

Yes, "Love a Duck" is sillier than this story... it turns into one of those kooky madcap adventure things. ^_^

I'd also like to thank you for saying that my writing's matured since Dark Lord's Blog. That's what I personally think, but most people think my stories after it can't measure up to the blog. *shrug* I wrote that one as a joke on the mods. I'm a bit prouder of this story.

Name: LittleMissLovegood (Signed) · Date: 11/03/07 19:23 · For: Chapter One and Only
ps. i feel so much better about fred dying now. thankyouthankyou so much!!

Author's Response: Awww, you're welcome! That was why I wrote it, to try and feel better about Fred.

Name: LittleMissLovegood (Signed) · Date: 11/03/07 19:21 · For: Chapter One and Only
amazing!! i LOVED it!! best story EVER and i mean that

*sings* i've got a lovely bunch of dungbombs (diddlydeedee)

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks so much! I have to "drunkenly" sing "I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" for the school play, "You Can't Take It With You," in which I play a washed-up drunk actress.

Name: turtles_rock (Signed) · Date: 11/03/07 18:33 · For: Chapter One and Only
that was so sad . . .
but so funny . . . .

Author's Response: Thank you! I love to combine emotions. Your username is so true... my friend and I were just talking about the awesomeness of turtles in the carpool.

Name: tha_looney_one (Signed) · Date: 11/03/07 13:03 · For: Chapter One and Only
Awww.. I swear I'm crying, even though that was the first happy fred fic I've read since DH. "in your underwear drawer" Shmergo, you never cease to amaze me. Ever. Love the death bed scene too- "eat my shorts" It was so amazing I can't even speak- er, type, but if I ever join Spew you'll be getting a review for this. Keep on going, Shmergo!!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much! *Hands you a hankie* I'll definitely keep writing stories, especially after such lovely encouragement.

Name: Flobberworm93 (Signed) · Date: 11/03/07 9:19 · For: Chapter One and Only
That. Was. Amazing.
I would have to say that's the best thing you've written, which is saying something, considering I can never look at strawberry pop-tarts the same way again.
The concept in itself would be enough to make a great fic, but it was also well-written and characterized great.
That made me laugh unnaturally hard (I was eating cereal while reading the placenta part, and it took all my strength to keep it in my mouth) and it *almost* made me cry, which is pretty impressive, since I can only remember two times in my entire life that I have ever cried over anything fictional.
Wow. That was a long sentence.
Seriously, though, how do you manage to write so much? I would never have time for that.
I'll be back with another review when I re-read it! I've already called up my friend and practically yelled at her to read this. Did I mention it's amazing?

Author's Response: Oh my gosh. Thank you SO MUCH. You're always a lovely reviewer, and this means a lot to me. You're a lovely writer yourself, so I'm so glad you liked this. I was personally rather proud of this story, though my mother doesn't really like it. (She likes Potter's Pentagon... she doesn't like Dark Lord's Blog.)

I write during class when I should be paying attention. I write in bed when I should be sleeping. And I wrote this whole story in the car over the course of a car trip to my great-aunt and great-uncle's 50th anniversary.

Also, I have friends who constantly pressure me to write and bring in stories. Some are extremely tall and intimidating and good at using pointy objects. That has made me amazingly prolific.

Name: Phoenix13 (Signed) · Date: 11/03/07 0:14 · For: Chapter One and Only
Wow. This story was AMAZING! It made me feel so much better about the whole Fred-and-George thing! Thanks!
Do I want you to continue writing? In your underwear drawer!

Author's Response: Hahahaha, way to use a line from my story! ^_^ If it turns into actual slang, I will giggle like mad. I had to write this story because I felt so sad about Fred dying, and I thought this might make me feel better.

Name: TheFluffyBunnyOfDOOM (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 23:56 · For: Chapter One and Only
Aww! That made me laugh and cry at the same time, just like Dumbledore's funeral. I love it. It's just absolutely splendiferously spifftastic. Good job.

Author's Response: Thank you! I always enjoy your reviews and your interesting words like 'spifftastic.' (Dude, I think I say that sometimes!) I laughed at Dumbledore's funeral, too, because remember how there was all that buzz about toast with Dumbledore's face on it? And there was the fire on Dumbledore's tomb, and I just went, "DUMBLEDORE TOAST!"

Name: KaileeA42 (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 20:48 · For: Chapter One and Only
Oh my Godric! I LOVE this story! I love the "in your underwear drawer" line. That makes me giggle stupidly. I just lurve your stories. Also, this is completetly off topic but have you ever read the Twilight series. It is really good! My 2cd favorite series now.

Author's Response: Thank you! If the 'in your underwear drawer' line mysteriously becomes popular, then I will be the one to blame, I guess.

I haven't read Twilight... I tried, but for some reason, I just don't like them. It makes me feel like a horrible person, but I just can't bring myself to like them. Maybe it's a little bit too much romance, or maybe it's the fact that I've never liked vampires. *Shrug* I'm sorry if I've just made you decide you don't like my stories after all...

Name: Hermione Lurves Ron (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 20:00 · For: Chapter One and Only
OMG, this has got to be my favorite story!

Author's Response: WOW, thanks! That really made my night!

Name: kittykat (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 19:44 · For: Chapter One and Only
i love it!!! i cried just a teensy bit but it was just wonderful all the way through

Author's Response: Oh wow. *Hands you a hankie* I'm so glad you liked it.

Name: zamora (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 19:20 · For: Chapter One and Only
hahahaahahahahaha a mixture of touching and funny......nice

Author's Response: Oooh, thanks! And thanks for all of your other lovely reviews!

Name: James Jameson (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 19:08 · For: Chapter One and Only
WOO! SQUEE! *tackle huggles Schmergo to the ground* omg thanks so much for writing this story! it is so awesome! I'm gonna tell my friend (Ginny Swan, the one who always seems to be on the phone with me...) about it! Perfect ending, beginning... BAH! EVERYTHINGS PERFECT! And you say that the judges are crazy for choosing you! You rock my dobby socks Schmergo!
~*~ (a very jealous that her stories aren't as amazing as yours) Christine

Author's Response: Ohhh, your reviews are spoiling me! I'm really glad you liked it! (And I wish I had Dobby socks.) But your stories have to be at least as good as mine. Your writing style is different, but it's good.

Name: flyingphoenix (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 15:24 · For: Chapter One and Only
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw, that was funny but sad but sweet! And I have to add - you are so amazing! How do you write so well? All your stories are so creative and ..urgh!...you're just too good! I loved your portrayal of heaven , and the ear idea was pure genius! You are such an amazing author!

Author's Response: Oh, wow! I'm blushing! A lot of my ideas come from dreams I've had, and since my dreams are weird, my stories usually are, too. I really try hard to combine emotions in my stories, because I don't usually like stories that only make you laugh or only make you cry. (Major exception being Dark Lord's Blog, which is pure silliness!)

Name: boobacat (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 14:35 · For: Chapter One and Only
Why must you make me cry and laugh loudly therefore waking everyone up at 6:30 in the morning? Honestly, that was sooo good!
"In your underwear drawer"
Is this submitted to a contest? Because if it is I think you will win. Cos this is made of win.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm really glad you liked it. It's for the "Next Great Adventure" challenge, but I doubt I'll win. Everything else is so... serious and profound and out of my very, very shallow depth!

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