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Reviews For Red Over Green

Name: Dreameth (Signed) · Date: 02/11/08 17:56 · For: Red Over Green
Wow. GREAT story! I loved it *huggles story* You might have added a bit more about Peter, though. He might even have shown up. Otherwise it was fantastic. I loved the end, with the 'real Marauders'. Great job.

Author's Response: I know, I used to hate Peter back when I wrote this story but now I don't mind writing him. It's almost like writing an OC- we hardly know anything about him. Thanks for the review!

Name: Dissendio (Signed) · Date: 01/06/08 13:15 · For: Red Over Green
This is so good! I can't believe that there are only eight other reviews!

This is pretty confusing at first, but in a good way, as Sirius is confused also. I liked the input of Regulus, but why did Sirius meet him before he entered heaven?

Harry's words were actually "I am ABOUT to die." "I am going to die" doesn't really make sense because everyone is going to die one day anyway.

As Sirius' parents were pureblood and very anti-Muggle I don't think that it would be very likely that Sirius and Regulus would be given toy cars to play with. Wizards on racing brooms seem more appropriate to me.

This really makes you want to read more to find out what Even though I know what happens next, I still want to read on, the mark left by a true writer. What else are you going to write?

Author's Response: Wow, lengthy review deserves lengthy response. I could see why you were confused at the start, but I wanted the reader to be thrown into Sirius's story and as he is confused well that means you are confuses. If that makes sense. Thanks, I'll have to change that. I didnt have the book on me at the time I wrote that so I just made a guess. The toy car's are enchanted. I know it's probably a long shot that the toys would actually be cars but well you don't really get multi-coloured broomsticks do you? :) Well, I do have other story's but not about Sirius. I am in the middle of writing a Sirius/OC fic. It's very possible that it's going to be called "Bad as Black" but I've not made a desicion yet. Thanks so much for your review! I've never had a review so long before. :)

Name: TheMasterOfDeath (Signed) · Date: 12/12/07 9:10 · For: Red Over Green
Wow wonderful story!!! I loved it to the very end! Keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thanks :D

Name: Lily_n_James (Signed) · Date: 11/24/07 10:19 · For: Red Over Green
Awww...that's a nice way of putting it! It actually makes sense...I loved when James told Lily and PD that he should have been careful with those 2..lol.
Good Job!


Author's Response: Thank-you :)

Name: ILuvSirius01 (Signed) · Date: 11/01/07 17:29 · For: Red Over Green

Author's Response: Thank-you! :)

Name: The_Mystic (Signed) · Date: 11/01/07 15:59 · For: Red Over Green
I'm so glad you got accepted. While Sirius isn't my favorite character in the world, but I still enjoyed your story. It is an interesting idea that once you die you wait for loved ones in Limbo until you can reconcile with them and move on.

Author's Response: Haha I'm glad as well ;) I didn't even think of that idea really. It just happened when I was writing the fic. Thank-you!

Name: loveismagicharry (Signed) · Date: 11/01/07 15:45 · For: Red Over Green
Amazing!This was really great, and I loved the end.

Author's Response: Thank-you! I'm glad that you liked the end :)

Name: RonandMioneForever (Signed) · Date: 11/01/07 14:18 · For: Red Over Green
Great job =D

Author's Response: Thank-you (:!

Name: KrumEvilPointyBeard (Signed) · Date: 11/01/07 9:39 · For: Red Over Green
WOW! I LoVE THE STORY!!!!!!!!!! WRITE MORE!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank-you!

Name: _Fawkes_Phoenix_ (Signed) · Date: 11/01/07 2:01 · For: Red Over Green
interesting story, but i have just one question. do you plan on leaving it at one chappie or adding more overtime?

Author's Response: Well it depends on what people think. I might just leave it there but if inspiration comes I might make an epilogue. Thanks for reviewing!

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