Reviews For From Afar
Reviewer: IzzyMisha
Date: 02/21/10 15:35
Chapter: Luna's Poem

oh wow, that's your best by far!I loved it! Its so sweet and innocent and so very...Luna!
I liked how it flowed in a sing-song way :-D
Its cute, I think I'll favourite this now so I can find it again.

Reviewer: IzzyMisha
Date: 02/21/10 15:31
Chapter: James' Poem

Oo, that gave me goosebumps. Lovely. This -->

Her wand made of willow - her robes, deepest black,
Her heart a possession of which I do lack.

Was my fave part. That was so sweet, almost bitter-sweet in a way. Jame's character really came through. Loved it


Reviewer: A H
Date: 04/17/09 8:47
Chapter: James' Poem

Absolutely adorable. The rhythm and flow were consistent but not repeating, which is always refreshing to read in poetry. I also think James' was characterized quite well, even though characterization doesn't have much of a chance to come through in poetry (ideas, thoughts, memories, but not really characterization).

A few suggestions:

Her wand made of willow - her robes, deepest black,

Instead of the dash, I think I semi colon would work much better here. The dash implies the second sentence is elaborating on the first, but, as it's not, the longer pause isn't really necessary. The semi colon would separate the two without completely separating them--as they're both about possessions--and it flows much better.

And here:

For she does not love me,
No she does not care,

The second line is really troubling, mainly because I can't describe in terms of meter why it reads awkwardly (I barely understand the mechanics myself). In layman's, the second line is comprised of shorter syllables than are punchy, making the line read quicker, but it's in a stanza with stressed syllables. So maybe rephrasing? (If you understand that at all-- I barely do >.>)

Other than those nitpicks, this was an adorable poem. :)


Reviewer: HermionesTwin_FromOz
Date: 01/26/08 1:27
Chapter: The Fat Friar's Poem

They're amazing Roxy! I especially love James' Poem -- it's beautifully written! I loved them!

Reviewer: Hermione499
Date: 12/30/07 21:04
Chapter: James' Poem

soo amazing!!!
love this!!

Reviewer: dracoslamis
Date: 12/10/07 17:12
Chapter: James' Poem

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, LOVE it =]

Reviewer: Cheshlin
Date: 12/09/07 21:14
Chapter: The Fat Friar's Poem

I like this one also. We don't really know anything about the Fat Friar, and it is really interesting how you made him a little real. :) Thanks for some input into this ghostie we know so little about! Cyns

Reviewer: Cheshlin
Date: 12/09/07 21:11
Chapter: Luna's Poem

This one brought a smile to my face. I really think you caught Luna and her creatures. :) Cyns

Reviewer: Cheshlin
Date: 12/09/07 21:10
Chapter: James' Poem

Aw, this is very cute. I think you caught James perfectly, and I love the rhythm and rhyme! :) Cyns

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 12/03/07 23:37
Chapter: The Fat Friar's Poem

Oh, Roxy that was so sad and beautifull* tear sliding down cheek* I love it. Thank you so much for writing it.=Sammy

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 12/03/07 23:33
Chapter: Luna's Poem

That was totally Luna. Great job.=Sammy

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 12/03/07 23:29
Chapter: James' Poem


Reviewer: rainydaze
Date: 11/25/07 23:10
Chapter: The Fat Friar's Poem

really great work :)

you bring such perspective to the characters its amazing...and i like this version of why the friar is...a friar..:)

Reviewer: theworldonlyknows
Date: 11/08/07 11:19
Chapter: The Fat Friar's Poem

seriously i will ahve a word with my mate J.K and see it we can get these published this is so good! i love them. they actually tell a story too unlike the weird ones we do in english lit. We should study these ones in the exam, yer i will go and write these in my anthology now lol

Reviewer: theworldonlyknows
Date: 11/08/07 11:14
Chapter: Luna's Poem

This is so good he he i wish i could write like this, i love these poems :)))

Reviewer: theworldonlyknows
Date: 11/08/07 11:12
Chapter: James' Poem

I love this poem, it is so sad and amazing at the same time, i feel so sorry for James. i have said this already but you are fantastic!!

Reviewer: Hermione Lurves Ron
Date: 11/03/07 19:36
Chapter: James' Poem

Awwwww. So sweet.

Reviewer: Tasha1202
Date: 10/27/07 10:10
Chapter: Luna's Poem

these poems are really good!!! i liked the one about luna best!

Reviewer: JustLikeHermione77
Date: 10/22/07 17:04
Chapter: James' Poem

*sniff* beautiful poem!

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