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Name: Her My Own EE (Signed) · Date: 03/06/06 12:26 · For: Chapter 30
Will Hermione's plan work?!?!??? I like that there is more to the wand then fuzzy comforting feelings. It is a blood wand after all. Please update soon.

Name: Her My Own EE (Signed) · Date: 03/06/06 12:26 · For: Chapter 30
Will Hermione's plan work?!?!??? I like that there is more to the wand then fuzzy comforting feelings. It is a blood wand after all. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Yes, that is true! It took me a while to get my idea of the wand down into the story without it sounding like a Mary-Sueified omnipotent thing. The fact that it can actually harm Hermione and is corruptable is important later on. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. I'm currently writing chapter 32 so you'll have an update later this week (chapter 31 is now up!)

Name: xenophiliac (Signed) · Date: 03/03/06 15:10 · For: Chapter 30
All Clear you've got the beginings of the revolution started! Harry's a strong person, but its nice to see Hermione just as much so, being pregnant and forced to live in Voldemort's minions. So what's up with the malfoy gang....

Author's Response: LOL! I have been studying both the English Civil War and the Russian Revolution, so I have had revolution on my brain recently... and it was from this that I decided there needed to be an uprising in the Dark Lord's ranks. In both areas of history that I'm studying, the army mutinied... and without the army the Tsar couldn't remain in power, and once the Royalists were defeated and Cromwall wanted vengeance, neither could the King. I'm blabbering, aren't I? Anyway, that is where the idea came from. Thank you. Next chap will be this week sometime, but I'm putting Warmth's up first.

Name: xenophiliac (Signed) · Date: 02/28/06 20:18 · For: Chapter 29
The more Hermione tries the worse things get. I think you have a knack for making things appear worse in the character's eyes (dramatic irony?) than the person reading can understand. I was sort of confused how Malfoy was stunned but then sent a curse at her....maybe I didn't read it properly. Was he actually stunned or was it just a bad stun?

Author's Response: Hehe. Thank you... I like dramatic irony and I do try my best to use it every now and then. I don't know about Draco... I'll go read that bit again. I think he sent a curse at Hermione but she didn't defend herself quick enough, she wasn't prepared, and so the wand had to do it without her consent. I hope that unfogs it a little for you. Laura xxx

Name: Cateria (Signed) · Date: 02/27/06 8:54 · For: Chapter 30
I'm currently in a very crabby mood, because of Norway's disappointing results in the Olympics. (Though mark my words: it's only because they were all sick, and we did get 19 medals... Hadn't they been sick, I swear Ole Einar Bjorndalen would've been the Olympic King again... ANYWAY...) This truly lifted my spirits, so THANK YOU! I know I've said it a thousand times before but: I do love this story, I'm rather addicted; and you're doing a great job, you're a very talented author.

Author's Response: THANK YOU! I love reviewers who ramble on about something else in their reviews... because I do that with my friends' stories that I review... and it lets me know I'm not the only one who has tangents. Anyway, off that tangent... I'm glad it cheered you up and I really really hope that I don't disapoint you in upcoming chapters. Hermione is going to have a tricky time pulling this off. Next chap will be up soon (I'm in the middle of writing it)

Name: cenedra (Signed) · Date: 02/27/06 8:53 · For: Chapter 30
oops, my review came up with chapter one first time. i thought this chapter was really moving, i was nearly crying! you do the sad chapters when hermione's reliving a tiny bit of happier times really well. i hope her plan works.

Author's Response: *giggles* submit your reviews anywhere you want to. lol. I can usually tell which chapter people are talking about. Thank you.

Name: cenedra (Signed) · Date: 02/27/06 8:50 · For: Chapter 1
wow, thirty chapters. i thought this chapter was really moving and i was nearly crying! you do the sad chapters really well, especially this one because its such a contrast to the harry and hermione from the books. the idea's so cool, i hope it works.

Author's Response: Arwwww, thank you. It's weird because I never feel sad about what I'm writing... like I never get emtionally involved because I know how it will end, I devised it and that is how it is. So, when people say that is is moving, I'm suprised... in a good way! I'm glad you like the idea... I have my doubts about it. It's very elaborate, but I figured a simple plan just wouldn't work.

Name: StaceyLC (Signed) · Date: 02/27/06 7:01 · For: Chapter 30
Squeeeeee! Two chapters in less than a week! Very good, as usual, although I was looking forward to a Snape/Hermione arguement. ;) I love that she stands up to him and calls him on stuff.

Author's Response: Hahahahaha! I do too - you go whip his ass, Hermione! But I couldn't be bothered with an arguement. I'm trying to bring them closer together but the situation their in puts huge strain on their relationship. I don't want Hermione to simply trust him unconditionally, but at the same time she is weakened by her feelings. Thanks for the review.

Name: narie_stag (Signed) · Date: 02/26/06 22:56 · For: Chapter 30
Awsome chapter!10/10! I would write more but im tierd.keep up the good work!!!

Author's Response: That is okay... don't worry about review length at all. Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Name: Cheshlin (Signed) · Date: 02/26/06 22:07 · For: Chapter 30
I like this chapter. We haven't been able to see much interaction between Harry and Hermione. Having them do the memories together should be very interesting. They have had a lot of different experiences in the past few years. Hermione had her family, and Harry had his dreadful experience of living in exile. It would be interesting to see what Fred and Ron could possibley contribute to the memories. Why should it just be Hermione and Harry. The Weasley's would have a lot of great family things to show, and could show the contrast of losing them. Snape was once again his "wonderful" self. LOL. I look forward to the next chapter also!

Author's Response: Hehe. I am not going to show all the memories in the pensive just yet... I think I'll save that till later for maximum impact on my readers *sniggers* Ron and Fred to contribute, but I wanted it to be a Harry/Hermione moment... because those two need to work together now and patch things up. I wrote Prodigal Son with Lacrima in mind, as a way of showing how Ron's family died in the fire. *Nudges Cheshlin towards the one-shot* Snape was his wonderful self as always, hehe. I'm not sure how to play him in the next few chapters... I think snarky and miserable for a bit.

Name: woomama (Signed) · Date: 02/26/06 15:51 · For: Chapter 30
I am loving the story. I like the way that you are able to keep Snape from becoming lovey dovey mushy over Hermione. In my mind that just wouldn't happen. I also like the way the story is not dependant on Snape and Hermione's love affair. I like the love affair, don't get me wrong. But moreover, I like the story having a life of it's own. My favorite part so far, out of the whole story, is Snape under the Veritiserum in his home laboratory. Keep up the good work. I know that you just released Chap 30 today, but I am already on pins and needles waiting for Chapter 31.

Author's Response: Oh wow! I can't believe it... I put the chap in queue one minute, Pat mods it the next, and I get a lovely review to top it off! It's ten thirty at night and I'm hyper because I feel like Lacrima loves me!

You're reviews are lovely, and I'm glad your anticpating chapter 31 because at the moment it is 0 words... and I need something to push me along to writing it.

Snape under Veritiserum was fun to write. At first I thought... no Laura... it's OOC. But then I was like "He took the Unbreakable vow because he had to 'prove' his loyalties." Snape is an artful dodger though.

Mushy Snape? Christ no - Jan or Neta would kill me! Actually, I tell a lie, he does act a little mushy at times. But both me and Hermione prefer him as an arrogant arse.

Name: Cateria (Signed) · Date: 02/26/06 12:14 · For: Chapter 29
God, I love this story! Interesting chapter, by the way; and I'm still in awe of how well you write Hermione and Snape...

Author's Response: Thank you! You're in awe? Hmmm.... you need to read some of the stories on Ashwinder - they will have you shaking in your boots! I need to write a Snape chapter for 31, and I don't know whether to make him completely stubborn and unyeilding or more willing to help Hermione out. I want to see how they work as a team in a task. Anyway, speak to you soon xxx (once the mods hopefully validate the next one!)

Author's Response: Thank you! You're in awe? Hmmm.... you need to read some of the stories on Ashwinder - they will have you shaking in your boots! I need to write a Snape chapter for 31, and I don't know whether to make him completely stubborn and unyeilding or more willing to help Hermione out. I want to see how they work as a team in a task. Anyway, speak to you soon xxx (once the mods hopefully validate the next one!)

Name: woomama (Signed) · Date: 02/25/06 23:05 · For: Chapter 29
I am totally in awe of your story. I started reading it, thinking that it was completed, and now I am hanging by a thread waiting for the outcome. A writer knows that he is affecting his audience when they feel angst over the characters. I am literally reading this and screaming at my computer screen, "He is trust-worthy, He loves you!!" every single time she starts to mistrust him again. I usually go for the straight romance fics, and this is my first angsty fic, but I love it!!!.. Hurry with the next chapter. I will try to review every chapter now that I am up to speed.

Author's Response: Oooooh thank you! I love new, detailled reviews from people who have read my story straight through. It gives me a warm tingling feeling inside, like I've done something worthwhile for a change! I am glad you're connecting with it.. there is a lot of angst and if you can tolerate that then you can enjoy the story. I've tried to quieten it down a little in recent chapters, but soon the heat will be turned up!

You think he loves her, do you? Well, I love him dearly. But, I love his evil side as much as his slightly-better side. His true loyalties come out in something like the last chapter.... and you'll never work it out. I know you won't. Because I am going to be more evil than blumin' Voldemort when it comes to twists and turns.

*Realises she's slightly hyper* Next chap is in queue. Hopefully coming your way soon.

Name: cenedra (Signed) · Date: 02/23/06 13:40 · For: Chapter 29
yay another great chapter, i love this story. i hope snape's on hermione's side! hope you get time to update again soon. 10

Author's Response: I've just whacked it in queue so, if it gets the okay, you should be reading it this week sometime. It's a boring chapter, though. I'm putting my energy into the next one. Thanks for the reiveiw!

Name: Cheshlin (Signed) · Date: 02/22/06 21:59 · For: Chapter 29
Hm, a wand that can think for itself. That is a very interesting idea. I hope that Hermione's is more good then evil, though they seem to be more evil then good. You never know when something like that can turn on you! Some very interesting things are happening. I hope that things go good for the good guys!

Author's Response: The wand is a power that can work either way... if Hermione choses to use it wrongly, it will become corrupted and so will turn evil on her. But, if she uses it wisely and only with good intentions, she won't have that problem. It is always good to have the good guys winning. I'm going to focus my next few chapters on the good guys' attempts at winning.

Name: StaceyLC (Signed) · Date: 02/22/06 10:14 · For: Chapter 28
Okay... I saw that it was updated on the 17th, so I'm assuming chapter 29 has been sent in for "authorization" or whatever, and I am going crazy! MN needs to hurry up lol!

Author's Response: Yes, it does! LOL! Well, I am lucky to have some great moderators who endure my stories. And patient readers who don't get fed up with me when I frequantly get writer's block. The chapter is up now, and chapter 30 isn't going to be too long.

Name: sirius_s_child (Signed) · Date: 02/20/06 16:29 · For: Chapter 28
OMG i <3 this story!!! PLEASE hurry with the next chapter i cant wait to read!!!!!! AaAaAaAaAhHhHhHhH!! theres no more chapters to read!! *tears hair out in suspense*

Author's Response: Oh no!!!! *gets a hair brush and brushes your hair back into a state of normality* I hope this next chapter does not disapoint!

Name: sirius_s_child (Signed) · Date: 02/20/06 8:51 · For: Chapter 15
that was an awesome chapter!!! I'm putting this story in my favorites!!! you seem like you are an awesome writer, i cant wait to read the rest!

Name: greenwitch (Signed) · Date: 02/18/06 11:48 · For: Chapter 28
There are no chapters left for me to read! AAAAAAAAAAAaaHHHHH! Please hurry!

Author's Response: I am glad you've enjoyed it so far! A new chapter awaits...

Name: Cateria (Signed) · Date: 02/17/06 15:45 · For: Chapter 28
Wonderful chapter! Finally an update... I can't wait to hear what it is Snape has done... Please, update soon, and as ever, thanks for the amazing read!

Author's Response: *points to recently updated chapter* I am glad you're enjoying it! Chapter thirty is currently driving me mad... but hopefully I will get taht one up soon as well. I've about another ten chapters to go until the end, so keep with it... hehe.

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