Reviewer: claymor
Date: 06/12/08 15:07
Chapter: The Same Tuxedo

Well, that just sucks! Not the story...just her death. Waiting for next chap.

Reviewer: ringobeatlesfan4
Date: 06/12/08 14:44
Chapter: The Same Tuxedo

Oh no! I liked Anne, she was awesome! I can't believe she died! *sigh* But I guess she had to for the sake of the story. Great story by the way. Is it finished now? Because it kind of leaves us where we want more. {BeccA}

Author's Response: Not to worry, we have one chapter and an epilogue to go!

Reviewer: life_lemons
Date: 06/12/08 11:55
Chapter: The Same Tuxedo

I have tears in my eyes right now. That was soooo unbelevably sad. Very well written, heartwrenching and mournful. I would have perfered that Anne had lived, but if she had to go, this was the way to do it.

Reviewer: claymor
Date: 06/12/08 8:13
Chapter: Severus Wants Out


Reviewer: islesfan
Date: 06/11/08 21:00
Chapter: Severus Wants Out

please don't let her be dead, PLEASE!!!!!!! She's my favorite character in the story! DON'T DIE ANNE!

Reviewer: eaglette with wheels
Date: 06/11/08 12:40
Chapter: Severus Wants Out

Ah! Jerk!

Reviewer: lunarox14
Date: 06/10/08 19:38
Chapter: Severus Wants Out

NO! I knew something was gonna happen to Anne! Oh, is she okay! Update asap or I'll absolutely die of angst, and yes, I think that is possible! OHMYGOD! She'd better be okay, she has to be! Nothing bad will happen to her! Nothing bad will happen to her! *curls up in feetle position and keeps chanting whilst hyperventilating*

Reviewer: weasleytwinsfans
Date: 06/10/08 18:55
Chapter: Severus Wants Out


Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 06/10/08 12:54
Chapter: Severus Wants Out

Oh God, they haven't AK'd her have they? Please say they haven't done that. What's Sirius going to do when he finds the letter and apparates there to find her? What a silly thing to do though, going off alone to find Severus when she knew he'd joined them. Best thing to have done would be to forward the message to Dumbledore and let him deal with it, at the least they could've caught a couple of death eaters. Please update soon, you've left me with an awful cliffie.

Author's Response: I know! She really should have waited. But Anne's never been the cleverest of all. Update will be very prompt, I promise.

Reviewer: life_lemons
Date: 06/10/08 12:09
Chapter: Severus Wants Out

oh the suspense. I wait on the edge of my seat.

 by the way... i'd like to thank you for jsut a useful distraction during finals. My head feels as if it as about to burst from all the information im trying to cram in there. It is always nice to foget about it for a few minutes to read.

Reviewer: cat and otter
Date: 06/10/08 10:36
Chapter: Severus Wants Out

NO! Anne can't die! This is getting really sad- but maybe she's not dead? Ah well, I can hope! Great chapter, I especially like Severus deciding that he wanted out, as it was very well written. This is an amazing story, so keep updating- can't wait to find out what's going to happen!

Reviewer: lostinside1
Date: 06/10/08 10:32
Chapter: Severus Wants Out

awwwwwww she isn't going to forgive him for that. well, she might, I wouldn't though.

Reviewer: Forgotta
Date: 06/09/08 22:04
Chapter: The Baby

Well I am quite sure that I am now going to fail my finals tomorrow as I just sat down and read this all in one sitting. It was fantastic. Excellent story. I am not a big fan of the Marauder era stories but this one grabbed me. Fantastic

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks very much. I definitely know how that goes. Good luck on your finals, and there's an update coming today - so even if you fail, you'll have something to look forward to! =)

Reviewer: lunarox14
Date: 06/08/08 11:25
Chapter: The Baby

OH! Please get the next chapter up soon! I think you said earlier in the story that this was gonna have 52 chapter, meaning that the next one is the last one! Oh please update soon!

Reviewer: Charles Sinclair
Date: 06/05/08 23:44
Chapter: Prologue - A Look Back In Time

Splendid! Just finished reading chapter fifty.

Your handling of Peter has been superb. I think it surpasses that of Rowling herself. He always seemed one dimensional, to lack any dignity, a mere caricature of a person. One was just left wondering why the other Maurauder’s had the tolerance/affection that they apparently did for him. I also love the ominous foreshadowing that you have maintained. It puts me in mind of Agatha Christies “Cards on the Table”.

I curious as to where you shall cut it off. Will we see the death eaters briefly after Voldemort’s fall, in that strange power-void? Will the Longbottoms grace the screen of my computer again?

I have a slight grinding sensation in my mind when I think of this story now. Its similar to the feeling of an essay that you know you really need to get down, or when you were small, and was glumly aware that school would be starting soon. I just really don’t want this story to be “over”.

Reviewer: lovely_witch
Date: 06/05/08 14:59
Chapter: The Baby

I cannot even tell you how much I love Sirius right now.

Reviewer: cat and otter
Date: 06/05/08 2:24
Chapter: The Baby

Awwwwwww! sweet chapter. Thanks for updating!

Reviewer: CowGirlHPFan
Date: 06/04/08 20:50
Chapter: The Baby

Awww The baby!!!! So cute:D I love the "twirled" part....not really that funny I guess but it made me laugh:D lol Soo interesting..hmm I wonder where Anne will be for the rest of this, it will be interesting to find out...:D Please update again soon, I love this:D

Reviewer: Marauders Girl
Date: 06/04/08 19:20
Chapter: The Baby

:[[ Stupid Severus.
I wish I could just stop reading now.
So that they wouldn't have to die. :[
How many more chapters do we have? I can't remember..

Reviewer: weasleytwinsfans
Date: 06/04/08 18:45
Chapter: The Baby


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