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Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/27/06 21:00 · For: Tick Tock, Tick Tock
I'm so glad that harry and hermione found there love!now where do i find mmine? just kidding! i'm also really happy that ginny and draco came together! i love those two couples! i can't wait to see what happens next! and i'm so relieved that you didn't just leave us with a cliffe cuz thats not cool! again just kidding!

I really love your story! its very well written! the romance and all the emotions are very good! i can't wait for an update!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/27/06 20:45 · For: Sugar and Spice
This chapter was long i like it likr that! thsi was a great chapter! i'm so happy that all the couples are where they cshold be! that is except for ron! he's all alone! oh well! i love it anyway!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/27/06 20:17 · For: Everyone Loves A Good Mystery
OMG who was it? i wanna know so i must read on!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/27/06 20:15 · For: Falling
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! im so happy and that was so cute! i *heart* it! and when harry said...

“Don’t worry…I’ll catch you,”

My heart melted!^_^

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/27/06 12:41 · For: As Fate Would Have It
I love it! have you noticed that i keep saying that! its so true though, i love your story! ^_^

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/27/06 12:33 · For: Messing Up
How could she do that why not just say yes? oh well, there is no use crying over spilled potion! i'm glad that she finally realized that it is in fact love!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/26/06 19:04 · For: Someone To Love
I love it! they are going to the ball together! ^_^

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/26/06 18:54 · For: The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Steal-My-Heart?

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/26/06 18:37 · For: The Ones We Love
OMG! that was just too cute! *squee* sorry but i had too! wow i love it! it was so so Good!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/26/06 18:26 · For: I Hate the Thought of Losing You
AWWW! i hope they don't lose each other! this was very lovely!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/26/06 18:16 · For: Frosty Solitude
NOOOO! i hope that draco considered her a good friend! cuz they have to be together!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/26/06 18:07 · For: All You Need Is A Little Limbo
I adored this chapter it was very fun!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/26/06 17:57 · For: "That"
I love it! i love them together whether it's just friends or more!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/26/06 17:43 · For: A Toast To Friendship
i love it! i love draco/ginny! and i love harry/hermione they are just so sweet and cute! i love this story!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/25/06 21:57 · For: Beautiful Disaster
Awww! i love it! i love it! its so fluffy (i like fluff) and cute but seamus was a real jerk! i think harry should have slapped him! but hermione and harry are so cute!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/25/06 21:45 · For: A Question Of Heart
wait what happened to hermy? not that i don't like ginny i just like hermy beter! and draco can be a nice guy when he wants to be!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/25/06 21:35 · For: Blissfully Unaware
very good i love it! i'm wondering about the warning lavender gave too! curious very curious!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/25/06 21:04 · For: Invisible Ink
i loved it! it's so cute! i wanna read more!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/25/06 20:54 · For: Chocolate Hearts
i really like it! i still think that harry is way better than seamus! and hotter! and sweeter! okay ill stop! sorry ! but great cahpter!

Name: MuggleMunkey (Anonymous) · Date: 08/25/06 20:39 · For: Anxious in a Good Way?
i love it! i can't wait to see some harry/hermione romance! i love them together!

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