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Name: ThisMustBeLove (Signed) · Date: 02/17/08 2:03 · For: And So It Begins
Please Please hury up with this story its been like forever and u havent posted a new chpter!!! Come come now

Name: Nevilles Girl (Signed) · Date: 02/15/08 17:07 · For: And So It Begins
I love it! I really like how Lily isn't the boldest of her friends. I don't know why though! Also, (please excuse my memory which is having a colossal blank) is Snape Lily's friend in this story? Again, I am having a massive blank right now. Plus it's been awhile since I read the first chapter and am feeling lazy.


Author's Response: I know that Lily is constantly portrayed as the strongest of her friends, and though I want her to be strong in this story, I wished to add something new by Dorcas being a tad more.... forceful than Lily. Oh, and, no, Snape is not one of Lily's friends in this story, up to this point.

Name: olipop10 (Signed) · Date: 02/15/08 15:48 · For: And So It Begins
Hi again!
by the way, i wanted to say that i like your penname: the REAL weasley twins! this matches the story!
good choice!

Name: olipop10 (Signed) · Date: 02/15/08 12:59 · For: And So It Begins
that was soo fun! cant wait for more!
oh and 'hi!' by the way!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm hoping that all my readers are having fun experiencing this with Lily. :) Chapter Four in quene, and I'm hoping for a validation really soon!rnrnAnd hello to you to!

Name: olipop10 (Signed) · Date: 02/15/08 12:50 · For: A Plan is Formed
whoa! hullo!
i like this story! this is going to be fun seeing Lily go out with James for revenge... i really look forward to some fun! this sound a really good story and i will be sticking to it!

Name: huffpuff94 (Signed) · Date: 02/15/08 11:17 · For: And So It Begins
You got the characters personalites quite good. I'm looking forward to reading more

Name: Secrets4life (Signed) · Date: 02/15/08 6:26 · For: And So It Begins
i love this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-OMG YOU HAVE TO UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO GD

Author's Response: Thanks a million! I'll try to post a new chapter up soon!

Name: darknessofnight (Signed) · Date: 02/14/08 19:39 · For: A Plan is Formed
horrifying first sentence. YUCK!

Name: deej (Signed) · Date: 02/14/08 7:31 · For: And So It Begins
Cute chapter, keep it up.

Name: gitgit (Signed) · Date: 02/13/08 16:50 · For: And So It Begins
heheheheh Yayy update
nice chapter i wonder whats going to happen
poor jams he kept choking on his breakfast thats no fun

Author's Response: Thank you! And yes, dear, James.... dear, dear, James :)

Name: deej (Signed) · Date: 02/11/08 8:14 · For: A Plan is Formed
Nice story, so far. I will keep checking back to see how it goes.

Name: heartachin4harry (Signed) · Date: 11/01/07 20:29 · For: A Plan is Formed
I like this, especially the portrait, very inventive! Update soon!

Name: gitgit (Signed) · Date: 09/26/07 21:28 · For: A Plan is Formed
hahahah operation april fools
very ingenious
i cant wait till you post the next chapter

Name: ginny_weasly123890 (Signed) · Date: 09/23/07 16:55 · For: A Plan is Formed
Pretty OK but I still want more!

Author's Response: New chapter just came up! Hopefully another chapter can be submitted after the quene problems are solved. Thanks for waiting!

Name: NikaDawson (Signed) · Date: 09/23/07 4:19 · For: A Plan is Formed
This seems interesting so far. I'm intrigued about what's going to happen. If Lily will actually dump James and break his heart, or if she won't. Hope for the next chapter soon.

Author's Response: We're glad you're intriguied :)

Name: 2ndchances (Signed) · Date: 09/22/07 20:27 · For: A Plan is Formed
ooh, hurry up w/ chapter two... i want to know what happens!

Author's Response: I'll try to update quickly :)

Name: koolio_jollymints (Anonymous) · Date: 09/22/07 13:22 · For: A Plan is Formed
This is really good! Update soon!

Author's Response: I'll do my best to update soon!

Name: hpfreak101 (Signed) · Date: 09/21/07 15:25 · For: A Plan is Formed
Wonderful start. I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Excellent! I'm glad you're going to continue reading.

Name: Tweak (Signed) · Date: 09/21/07 7:40 · For: A Plan is Formed
O.A.F.! Ha! It's genius!

Author's Response: :-)

Name: prongs_babe_317426 (Signed) · Date: 09/20/07 19:52 · For: A Plan is Formed
This is really good. I love it! =D

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you continue reading!

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