Reviews For Aetas nam mutatio
Reviewer: Adelfore Flamell
Date: 08/08/06 0:12
Chapter: Lies and excuses

oh crap!!! Bad move Ron. I know where he is going with this, but that was not the right way to approach it. Kepp up the good writing!!!

Reviewer: Adelfore Flamell
Date: 08/07/06 23:58
Chapter: Autumn arrives

i liked the whole cary Hermione away from her studying. Id love to see them put a sequence like that in one of the upcoming movies. That would be great!

Reviewer: Adelfore Flamell
Date: 08/07/06 23:48
Chapter: September the 19th

wow... that was beautiful. There is something about Hermiones story that makes their interaction all the more powerful. This story just keeps getting better!

Reviewer: Adelfore Flamell
Date: 08/07/06 23:33
Chapter: Blown out of proportion

hehehe... that was good. That was definately an interesting position they happened to fall asleep in!

Reviewer: Adelfore Flamell
Date: 08/07/06 23:16
Chapter: Whispered conversations and tears

im gald you didnt write this too fluffy. It woudlnt have been as significant if you did. Good job

Reviewer: Adelfore Flamell
Date: 08/07/06 22:48
Chapter: Caught in the Middle


Reviewer: Adelfore Flamell
Date: 08/07/06 22:42
Chapter: Mistakes

looks interesting. Where is this going to go...

Reviewer: A_Pink_lady
Date: 07/31/06 10:02
Chapter: Fin

Fab story, love the arguments between ron and hermione, but what does the title mean?

Ps update soon :-)

Reviewer: SiriusPotterFan1
Date: 07/21/06 16:20
Chapter: Fin

Nice story, I like it. :) Ron does take a long time and IS very slow....

Reviewer: tragic hero
Date: 05/21/06 0:17
Chapter: Fin

Oh, I am so happy! For some reason I have not been able to review the stories I am reading, and I really wanted to review yours! This was fantastic! The dialogue.....too great! And I think you mostly kept everyone in character as well. Well done indeed!

Reviewer: fvweasley
Date: 02/24/06 11:18
Chapter: Fin

awww! You write Ron so well! I loved your story, have you any more on the site?

Reviewer: empop
Date: 01/21/06 13:37
Chapter: Mistakes

Wow! great story but i can't believe how Ron blew it like that towards the end. very frustrating! but anyway, you've got a great writing style and can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: nymph_magic
Date: 01/20/06 4:25
Chapter: Fin

great ending! fave line : 'im kissing you, you fool.' so hermione!

Reviewer: RonioneFan789
Date: 01/16/06 12:16
Chapter: Fin

FINALLY! I have been waiting for this for what seemed like forever! Lol. Great finish. Perfect! I enjoyed it very much. Good job!

Reviewer: chances
Date: 01/15/06 1:03
Chapter: Fin

fantastic ending! I have definately felt like Ron did during that conversation with Hermione. You captured the emotions perfectly.

Reviewer: Ronandchicken
Date: 01/14/06 20:50
Chapter: Fin

Ohh yes! *punches the air* That was a superb ending. 'Im kissing you, you fool.'

Reviewer: Kate Mari
Date: 01/14/06 19:40
Chapter: Fin

Oh wow! This story was wicked wasome, as I like to say to things that are excellent. I love the way you took hold of Ron's emotions and encaptured them through his blushes. I hope you write more fan fic, and if you do so happen to, I would love for you to e-mail me and let me know. Thanks for the entertainment! -K.M.

Reviewer: Hermines twin
Date: 01/14/06 9:20
Chapter: Fin

this story was wonderfullllllllll!!!! omg!! ron is such an idiot!! every1 know he and hermione were gonna get together sooner or later!!!! again great story!! love it!!! KEEP WRITTING!!!:D

Reviewer: LaneTechFreshie
Date: 01/12/06 18:18
Chapter: Fin

*facepalms* He is such an idoit! Oh my gosh! Jeez, we all knew he was slow but stupid? No. Oh man. *takes a deep breath* Oh...Great chapter by the way. No, it wasn't too cheezy. It was just right. And for once, Harry wasn't being stupid or slow either. Great. Loved it. Hope you continue with stories

Reviewer: ron_hermione_love
Date: 01/09/06 13:44
Chapter: Revelations

Wow, this is such an awesome fanfic! When will they finally pluck up the courage and get it together! Great story, 10 out of 10!

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