Reviews For Aetas nam mutatio
Reviewer: GryffindorBladeMaster
Date: 06/24/05 11:28
Chapter: Taking it badly

Whoa, that was the best chapter yet, everyone is being so stupid, but I can kinda see why Harry is so annoyed...he's sooooo clueless. keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Taurus
Date: 06/22/05 15:04
Chapter: Taking it badly

Yes, why doesn't he?! Hehe!

Reviewer: Ronandchicken
Date: 06/20/05 23:22
Chapter: Taking it badly

Ohhh... damn.

Reviewer: TheGoldPhoenix
Date: 06/20/05 18:21
Chapter: Taking it badly

yeah BIG understatement there! lol, but I wish Ron would just grab her when she's yelling @ him and kiss shucks! MEN~ I dunno why Harry's so mad...maybe he's just frustrated with both of them? UPDATE SOON and*snaps* 4 u!

Reviewer: fvweasley
Date: 06/20/05 4:44
Chapter: Taking it badly

Why is Harry taking it so badly? Surely he shouldn't care who Hermione is dating? Both Hermione and Ron are being silly! *sigh* why can't they admit how they feel?

Reviewer: Harriet Evans
Date: 06/20/05 1:50
Chapter: Taking it badly

Wow, that was good!

Reviewer: ArrabellaWeasley
Date: 06/19/05 18:13
Chapter: Taking it badly

lol "badly" is a bit of an understatement dont you think? other than that.. it was a good chapter except for the whole fact that hermione is going out with michael corner.. and ginny didnt tell.. and ron will never tell her how he feels.. and harry is mad at hermione because- wait. why is harry mad? lol.. i guess its because she didnt tell him.. oh well. sheesh. i hope this clears itself up after a while.. good job. update soon!

Reviewer: WhichGuyNow
Date: 06/19/05 17:57
Chapter: Taking it badly

That was great! Stupid Hermione and stupid Ron.... I love the way you write and how you display emotions and such. 10 for you!

Reviewer: harryandthepotters
Date: 06/11/05 18:40
Chapter: The truth will out

Again, another EXCELLENT chapter. You're like an endless pool of talent...yea...anyway, I think it's a good plot thing that Hermione has found someone else, after all love (or teenage lust or whatever) is definetely never simple. And for the record, I don't think Hermione was too harsh on Ginny.

Author's Response: Thank you very muchly for the vote of "yay"ness dear, I'm grateful for the support. Hope all is well with ye, I have another day full to the brim with tedious work.

Reviewer: zobothewitch
Date: 06/10/05 22:26
Chapter: The truth will out

alright now this is what im talking about Ron better beat the crap out of him when he finds out! anyway great job 10/10

Reviewer: Ronandchicken
Date: 06/09/05 22:39
Chapter: The truth will out

When Ron finds out... ohhh. I'm on what will be Ron's side, though. I just want Ron and Hermione together ahhhhh

Reviewer: Buckbeak22
Date: 06/09/05 17:10
Chapter: The truth will out

Poor Michael...isn't he being used a bit? I definitely want to see how Ron is going to react to that!

Reviewer: ArrabellaWeasley
Date: 06/09/05 13:47
Chapter: The truth will out

ew.. what an idiot she is.. seriously.. now im mad.. this problem better get fixed.. before i have to get all angry.. lol.. how could she talk to ginny that way? grrrr... I was expecting ginny to retaliate in some sort of way when hermione asked ginny to be supportive.. even if she couldnt get through to her.. oh well.. it was a good chapter.. except..for.. the whole part where its not.. lol you know what i mean. update soon!

Reviewer: fvweasley
Date: 06/09/05 4:45
Chapter: The truth will out

Now Hermione is the one being stupid! That was very mean the way she treated Ginny.

Reviewer: WhichGuyNow
Date: 06/08/05 21:14
Chapter: The truth will out

Poor Ron, he is so stupid. I hate guys, they are total and complete gits. But why? Why is Hermione being a turd? Isnt this insane how worked up I get over fictional characters? I know I would prolly do the same thing as Hermione, but its not the same. Hermione should be a better person than me.... not that its hard to do, mind you. lol anyways, it was a good chapter.

Author's Response: Glad you liked the chapter, and apologies for the violent reaction it seems to have caused. I promise the rest of the story won't be all doom and gloom, just bear with it.

Reviewer: WhichGuyNow
Date: 06/08/05 21:12
Chapter: The truth will out


Reviewer: luvindobby
Date: 06/08/05 19:17
Chapter: Lies and excuses

ahhhh! you have to post more. i like the fact that you didn't force them together! i'm waiting for chapter 10.

Reviewer: juniorauthor
Date: 06/03/05 21:08
Chapter: Lies and excuses

Gah! Great Chapter! though I really want to whack Ron on the side of the head at the end. What a dunce! Can't wait to find out the consequences of his action....though I dread them...

Reviewer: HermioneDancr
Date: 06/02/05 19:40
Chapter: Lies and excuses

I was so happy to see another chapter up! Mind you, I wanted to brain Ron there at the end, but I suppose that puts me in the same boat with Hermione and Ginny. Thanks for feeding us another great chapter!

Reviewer: WhichGuyNow
Date: 05/30/05 22:22
Chapter: Lies and excuses

Wonderful chapter. You have managed to capture the idiocy (is that a word?) of guys and put in into a form that we all know as Ron. Stupid guys. Cookie for you!

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