Reviewer: emLILYEVANS
Date: 03/19/08 16:40
Chapter: Interlude

im sooooooooooooooo happy awsome yessssssssss it was so crappy i think my acount was deleted so i had to make a new one a have to put all my favorites back dont worry u will be on it

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry your account was a casualty of the upgrade! You're sweet to put me back on your favorites! *hugs*

Reviewer: fightingokra4life
Date: 03/19/08 16:40
Chapter: Interlude

I've missed your story!! I loved the chapter and hope you're able to update more often now!!

Author's Response: Thank you for saying that! I'm currently writing ch 32, so I'll update soon! :)

Reviewer: PorcelainRose
Date: 03/19/08 14:49
Chapter: Interlude

I have waited for this chappy and I was not disappointed.
I'm going to make this short - sorry - because I'm watching skins and doing R.E homework (well, thinking about it).
I have missed this rather a lot!
Just fabby!

Author's Response:

Hey, I'm happy you read and reviewed before scampering off to do homework! Thank you for having such well-ordered priorities, lol.

Reviewer: snapefan2007
Date: 03/10/08 22:42
Chapter: In the Cards

very great couple of chapters! i have been so busy that i haven't gotten over here to read in a while... i can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you found time to read! With the glitches making it impossible to post, and then the mods asking writers not> to submit, I'll have lots of updates to make once the site has been upgraded and mods let us submit once again--so I hope you'll find time next week to read too! :)

Reviewer: Rowanhood_in_China
Date: 03/03/08 9:43
Chapter: In the Cards

awww... thats sooooooooooo cute!

Author's Response: Thank you! Did you read that the site is finally going to upgrade? I'm hoping St. Patrick's Day will be even better because we're allowed to submit again! :)

Reviewer: Jameswys
Date: 02/19/08 19:06
Chapter: In the Cards

If you are going to pick hockey players, please pick good ones (for help in this subject consult the Red Wings roster). I liked this chapter. it was quiet good. I am glad Anne showed up.

Author's Response: I'm sensing you have a favorite hockey team. :D

George would worry any protective mother, but Anne will come around...eventually...LOL.

Reviewer: Jameswys
Date: 02/19/08 19:06
Chapter: Christmas

Squire Cab was pretty funny, at first I just assumed that it was a Muggle cab name. I am glad you sorted that out. I was happy to see that the engagement finally took place. It was a well written chapter.

Author's Response: I figured if there was a Knight Bus, why not Squire Cabs? :D Thank you!

Reviewer: LiaWitch20
Date: 02/12/08 21:36
Chapter: In the Cards

I really cant believe Alicia's mom! She's definately a lot like my mother!! ¨¨
Anyway! I loved how Fred gave Alicia the ring, it was very original!!!
Well, i better go now, c++ is calling and to be sincere, i dont understand too much!
Great writing!

Author's Response: Were you referring to maths? I have a phobia about those, so good luck!

Alicia's mum might redeem herself. :)

Reviewer: Laleigh Rocco
Date: 02/12/08 17:19
Chapter: Pain and Comfort

OMG!!!!! This is one of the best HP fanfics I've ever seen! And I've seen a lot of them!!! Keep up the great work and PLEASE PLEASE update soon!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for saying that...and reading fanfics! I'm (the last time I checked, :D) the most prolific writer on the site, so you're my kind of reader! ^_~

Reviewer: Wicked_Quill
Date: 02/11/08 22:49
Chapter: In the Cards

I've decided that I really hate hackers. I went to ff to read the next few chapters, but I appear to be slightly OCD about my fanfic reading and couldn't read without the format being a mnff format. so now I wait. stupid hacker!

Author's Response: You like what you like. Nothing wrong with that. I love readers on all sites--I'm an equal opportunity writer, LOL. I just hope you don't have to wait long. (I'm slightly OCD about having the story on the same chapter on all sites! :D)

Reviewer: Hermione Clone
Date: 02/11/08 21:09
Chapter: In the Cards

Great Chapter! Very cute, especially the card games. I hope Alicia wasn't reading too much into the meanings...
I'm glad Alicia and her mother have worked things out.
Please, update soon!

Author's Response: I'll submit the second mods give the okay. I really hope they can upgrade the site and iron out all the glitches soon!

It is a bit of foreshadowing...but not quite yet! :D

Reviewer: secretpal1505
Date: 02/09/08 9:33
Chapter: In the Cards

Holly cow!! I didn't get the updates for this one, and I've been so caught up at work, I must confess I couldn't look for them anyway! I'm sorry :0(
Well, but better later then never right?
It's a nice chapter everyone seems to be having a good time, even Percy (Does that make sense at all?) I can't wait for the mods to fix the site so you'll be able to update!!

Author's Response: From your keyboard to mods' eyes, lol. I'm happy you finally had time to read. Hopefully that means work has eased off and life is good to you!

I think Percy would feel awkward trying to fit back into the family, so games would help and that made perfect sense. :)

Reviewer: Mrs HJ Potter
Date: 02/08/08 10:26
Chapter: In the Cards

I agree, I miss seing this also in the recent list. But alas I am a faithful reader and love this story so I continue to search for the new chapters. George is so sweet....he will be a great Dad and husband. Keep up the wonderful writing.

Author's Response: There's no 'alas' about it! Faithful readers are a few of my favourite things! ^_^

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the site gets upgraded/fixed/anti-hacker warded, lol, so I can submit again soon!

Reviewer: emLILY EVANS
Date: 02/07/08 18:12
Chapter: In the Cards

r u gonna still be posting with the gliches and all?

Author's Response: I tried several times and only got a black screen. Nothing went through, and now on the front page the mods posted...

Do not submit any new chapters or stories to the queue starting from now. Doing so will add unnecessary strain to our already wobbly system and may threaten the existence of every single story and author stored on the database.

I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, so I won't submit, but because I care about reader happiness, :), I'll tell you that if you google Kerichi, the first link is to my author page on another site where 27 is posted and 28 will post tomorrow. (the site allows anonymous reviews, too! :D)

Reviewer: Carma Godsun
Date: 02/06/08 19:07
Chapter: In the Cards

I love you!! I went through and reread the entire chappie to look for possible foreshadowing.

Author's Response: Thank you for doing that! I'll confess that 'in the cards' was literal, :D, but won't start for a couple of chapters. Cross your fingers that mods fix the site soon so I can update!

Reviewer: PorcelainRose
Date: 02/04/08 11:48
Chapter: In the Cards

George is my hero, after Fred and Johnny Depp, of course! Sorry, I keep on mentioning Johnny Depp, I canít help it! Heís too good looking!
Any way, this is fabby (havenít said that in a while).
I lurva this fic, muchos and I canít wait for the next chap!
I thought I would let you know that this is the first fic I ever favourited :)

Author's Response: Thank you for favoriting my fic! And I'm the first one! *throws confetti* Thank you for that compliment and cross your fingers that a nasty new glitch will be fixed so I can update soon!

Reviewer: LiaWitch20
Date: 02/03/08 15:21
Chapter: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hey! Long time without "reviewing"!!
Too much study, but i keep reading!!
I was "surprise" and wanted to laugh by reading the part in wich George found Hermione and Ron in the tree-house!
Hermione!! I know she's a sexual person like every one of us but it's hard for me to picture her in a situation like that! hehehe still, i enjoyed very much
Pretty chap!

Author's Response: Hello again! I'm glad you've been reading even though you've been slaving over your studies! If you ever want to 'see' Hermione in snogging situations--adjust more to the thought, heh--you could always read The Things We Do For Love ^_^.

Reviewer: Her My Own EE
Date: 02/03/08 0:06
Chapter: In the Cards

George properly spread Christmas cheer. Alicia & Caper the two that he is responsible for are happy. He has done a very good job! That Percy & George seemed to be getting along with out effort during the after dinner game was icing on the fanfiction cake. Oh yeah Caper's fake which is seemly out of character for a house elf was fun & unexpected. His little Christmas gift to George.

Author's Response: Caper and his "Mister" George are well-suited, aren't they? They both give what people need without making a big deal of it. :D

George still isn't ready to invite Percy to a Cannons game, lol, but at least he's made a start in the right direction!

Reviewer: Callan
Date: 02/02/08 16:45
Chapter: In the Cards

Awww, such a sweet ending. I never knew that each card means something different, although I shouldn't be surprised what with Taro cards similar and all meaning something specific. Keep up the brilliant work!
Cheers! Callan

Author's Response: Thank you! I had fun looking it up, and in a couple of chapters, look forward to making some of the accidental divination come true! :D

Reviewer: cjbaggins
Date: 02/01/08 23:56
Chapter: In the Cards

Good chapter! I loved George's cunning, and the Spoons game. I remember playing that in high school. I'd never watch my cards, simply keep an eagle eye on everyone else lest they grab a spoon! Oh, and - Go Penguins!!

Author's Response: What? You don't play it anymore? Why not? And since I never seem lucky enough to get 4 of a kind, I do the same thing, LOL.

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