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Name: fightingokra4life (Signed) · Date: 04/21/08 17:45 · For: Valentines
i love it as always but i'm getting so impatient! (dont take that in a bad way, the story is great, patience is just not one of my greatest virtues) i cant wait to meet the baby!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Fleur's baby you'll meet in ch 34, but George and Alicia's....well...that'll be a few chapters after that. So many issues, so little time, :D.

Name: Wicked_Quill (Signed) · Date: 04/21/08 16:37 · For: Valentines
great! I loved the bittersweets!

Author's Response: The wizarding ones were a lot of fun to come up with....I had a few more, but they were too naughty, heh.

Name: Jazzbones (Signed) · Date: 04/21/08 12:20 · For: Valentines
Another excellent chapter. Being that it was V-Day, I would expect nothing less than what you gave - a chapter full of romance and romantic hi-jinks. George is such a charmer! And Alicia is just the perfect match.

'Til next time.

P.S. Where can I get some of those "figure flaw hiding" clothes? ;-}

Author's Response:

Men with a sense of humor know how to charm a girl's socks off....sometimes literally, LOL.

You'd think that witch would be mass marketing her clothing line, but maybe it can only be done one dress at a time, spell-intensive and costly, so she saves it for rich clientele and their friends. ;)

Name: emLILYEVANS (Signed) · Date: 04/17/08 19:25 · For: Actions and Words
yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh awsomeness a word that i will use only 4 this story

Author's Response:

I am deeply honored! *takes off Musketeer hat, flourishes it as I bow*

(okay, I don't have a real Musketeer hat, but I do have a Jack Sparrow one! :D)

Name: Fred_Tonks (Signed) · Date: 04/17/08 16:30 · For: Actions and Words
Wow this story is awesome, I can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Ta, thanks! ^_^

Name: BertieBott (Signed) · Date: 04/17/08 4:39 · For: Pain and Comfort
Whoa! That was kind of intense. I love that alicia was shy earlier, unlike how she is around George.

And George just gets sexier with every chapter! =P

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Their emotional relationship is intense and so is the physical! :D

I'm having fun finding ways to express both....foreshadowing...LOL

Name: cjbaggins (Signed) · Date: 04/17/08 0:31 · For: Actions and Words
I love the reason Alicia was so uncomfortable - just squirmy enough for the ex-lovers to be reluctant to spill, providing the just-awkward-enough situation for George to be so jealous. Did that make any sense? I thought the thorn was a nice touch as well as the 'said your name in my heart' bit - but one thing: she did also cry out his name, yes? cj

Author's Response:

That made perfect sense! ^_^

Yes, she cried 'George!' at just the wrong time...or maybe just the right time to make her realize that "loving" the one you're with will never satisfy like being with the one you love!

Name: lovely_witch (Signed) · Date: 04/16/08 20:05 · For: Actions and Words
Yay for chapter updates! Hopefully soon your chapters will move through the queues like they used to, but until then, I look forward to the random updating. I love the bit about the cards and how Alicia takes them so seriously. It inspired me to look up all the meanings online, and then I impressed my friend when we were bored in class. Thanks!

Author's Response: Yay for you looking things up! You're a lovely witch indeed, and very impressive! :) Sheesh, you and me both about updates. I know there's a backlog of fics from everyone jamming the queue after it reopened, so maybe we should hope a house-elf who doesn't need much sleep volunteers for this cat....Kreacher's a gloomy gus, he'd love it, LOL.

Name: fightingokra4life (Signed) · Date: 04/16/08 17:00 · For: Actions and Words
i love having regular updates... and another very nice chapter! and i like the squirrel... that made me laugh

Author's Response:

Couldn't you imagine Oliver, sitting at a restaurant table with 'Lori', when a Patronus squirrel zooms through the wall, straight for his jugular? He'd yelp and bat at it in instinctive reaction, only to feel embarrassed when all it did was order him to keep away from his fiancee....<p>Of course that didn't happen, because I like Oliver, feel sorry for giving him a raw deal, and think George is a little more mature than that...heh....

Name: Wicked_Quill (Signed) · Date: 04/16/08 16:01 · For: Actions and Words
yay, everythings resolved! I was kind of confused with the fantasy thing. when did she do that?

Author's Response: Alicia dated Oliver from the summer after she left Hogwarts until a few months before the final battle. The fantasy/calling Oliver 'George' at the worst moment happened shortly before the breakup...a definite relationship killer. :D

Name: Jazzbones (Signed) · Date: 04/16/08 12:15 · For: Actions and Words
I love it! The "Fred" commentary is great and so apropos. I absolutley love the "First cheese, now whine. You’re a one-man cocktail party!"
line. Absolutely priceless!

George was just the right mix of contrition, concern and comedy. He is such a sensitive soul, not to mention sensual.

Although, I think I might have to take a cold shower after reading the last few paragraphs - very steamy . ~blush, blush ~ fan my face ~ swoon ~ ;-)

As always, a great installment - 'til next time.

Author's Response:

Swooning is good. :D

Fred will always be there with a zinger when needed. Thank you for loving that line!

Thank you, I'll be crossing my fingers that another chapter validates soon!

Name: lioness_of_magic (Signed) · Date: 04/13/08 14:12 · For: Hey Jealousy
this is the worst part of reading fanfic--waiting for the next chapter!!! i can't wait!! i loved this chapter and can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: Ta, Thanks! Just think of the positives....you get to read stories about your favorite characters....free....:D....and I promise the story will update the next time the mods validate stories in this category!

Name: kingbobrules (Signed) · Date: 04/13/08 12:17 · For: Pain and Comfort
Victoria Beckham posh *snort* - only in the Spice Girls (shoot me now). Another interesting chapter, reminding us all once again that George is far from stable and that the universe in this story is far from perfect. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response:

No, I won't shoot you...I need you alive and reading! :D

The universe will never be perfect, and George still has issues to deal with, thankfully. All fluff and no working through emotional turmoil makes dull stories! ;)

Name: lovely_witch (Signed) · Date: 04/11/08 20:32 · For: Hey Jealousy
The Beckham reference made me laugh out loud. Only a rumor and now he's playing 'across the pond'. I liked that Bill came to George's rescue again, and Hey Jealousy is the perfect song for this chapter. It would have worked well in the earlier chapters too though, with the line "And if you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down". I'm very glad that George finally grew out of that phase and appreciates everything he has with Alicia.

Author's Response: Huzzah for you knowing the Gin Blossoms and laughing out loud! :) Bill's a great big brother--he'll come to the rescuse a few more times in this story. Lucky George to be able to expect a lot from him and not be let down!

Name: MagEd (Signed) · Date: 04/11/08 10:25 · For: Hey Jealousy
I don't even know where to start. I've been so busy lately with real life that when I get chances to read some good fanfiction, I want it to truly be good fanfiction -- I certainly wasn't disappointed by this! I wish I'd been a better person and reviewed on every chapter, but I was so eager to get onto to the next chapter that I couldn't stop for a review!

I'll have to say it all now: first off, I love how you portray all the characters. From minor to major, I never think you're out of character. And I think you manage to capture how people in their situations would really act, most especially Fred and Alicia. Second, I really like the mixture of angst and fluff; it's realistic and it makes for a great read! And of course, third, I love how even in death, Fred isn't gone -- having George hear his voice adds something to the story, in addition to being realistic. Whew, I cannot say enough good about this story.

Tackling what George must have felt after Fred's death and how he recovers is a big job, and with this fic you're certainly doing well! I eagerly look forward to more, and I can't wait to see how everything turns out with Oliver and with the baby :)

Author's Response:

*hums Matchbox Twenty* I wish the real world would just quit hassling Maggie! :D

Maybe some people wouldn't consider having a deceased twin's memory become the little voice of reason...or something like it....mentally healthy, but when Jo said George never really got over Fred, I thought that was the healthiest way for that to happen!

Thank you for the encouragement, and for reading when you got the chance! :)

Name: BertieBott (Signed) · Date: 04/11/08 0:41 · For: Hey Jealousy
good chapter! loved the beckham bit!

Author's Response: Thank you! It was a lot of fun to put in there. :D

Name: emLILYEVANS (Signed) · Date: 04/10/08 17:53 · For: Hey Jealousy
yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was sooo good i was really excited through the whole thing wondering was would happen

Author's Response: I hope you're still wondering, and what happens will be an interesting surprise! :)

Name: AccioRon (Signed) · Date: 04/09/08 21:19 · For: Hey Jealousy
loved this chapter just like all the rest! can't wait for the next bit, i am curious to see how it plays out!

Author's Response:

I'll say this, George will learn a few things about Alicia....and himself.

Name: harrietamidala (Signed) · Date: 04/09/08 19:43 · For: Hey Jealousy
when did oliver get into the picture?

Author's Response:

Chapter 26, In the Cards, where Alicia teaches the group to play Spoons, a game she learned from a Canadian player at a Puddlemere United after-party.

The next card George slid her way was a five of spades: anxiety and setbacks. “Did you go to the party with Angelina?” he asked.

“No. Oliver invited me.” Alicia checked to make sure no one had snuck a spoon and passed a ten of spades, for worry.

“Oliver Wood?” Charlie said. “I read he finally made it off the reserve team.”

"What position does 'e play?" Fleur asked.

“He’s a Keeper,” George answered, passing a five of diamonds.

“When it comes to Quidditch,” Alicia said absently

George wasn't grilling her about Oliver then, but he is now...

Name: fightingokra4life (Signed) · Date: 04/09/08 16:40 · For: Hey Jealousy
yay! updates always make my day! And i hope we find out more about the details of oliver and alicia's romance...

Author's Response: And oh, the details you'll find out! *rubs hands together like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons*

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