Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/16/09 15:57
Chapter: What's in a Name?

The fire between them, even when she's with child, is uncanny. But that's okay. You've always been amazing at things like that. >.> I'm still surprised, though. :)

Author's Response:

It's normal, really. Women don't stop being hot to their men during pregnancy. Most guys are proud of creating that belly bulge, and still get turned on, not off.

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/16/09 15:49
Chapter: Celebrations

WHAT? My mouth's hanging open and I'm about to explode. What? George might flip, and I might flip, but George's whacky inner-Fred will probably be laughing, happy at that--or consoling his freaking-out twin brother. I'm kinda pissed at Bill for that one, though. Even if it

Author's Response: Don't explode! You'd be stuck in hospital, unable to read, awful all round!

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/16/09 15:41
Chapter: Best Laid Plans

I'm so glad Fleur's kid didn't die. I was going to have a heart attack! God you inflict so much emotion. That sounded off.

Author's Response: Thank you for being an emotional person who can feel for the characters!

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/16/09 15:12
Chapter: Hey Jealousy

First rule: Jealous, territorial boyfriend? NEWSFLASH. Don't go eat lunch with an ex! And second rule: Never, ever, never ever ever EVER ask your fiance if her ex-boyfriend has seen her naked. XD God I should be a therapist to these people.

Heheh sorry you're awesome stories get me so intense

Author's Response: LOL at being a therapist. Sometimes people have to learn things the hard way. :D

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/16/09 0:03
Chapter: Reality Bites

This just seemed eerily similar to the Spain thing, but that may be because a) I'm slightly obsessed with that other story, and b) I think Boy!Blaise likes dragging his girlfriend off to romantic getaways with friends as much as Girl!Blaise did. ;) That's okay. I still love this whole damn thing. *giggles* Hereditary speech impediment? Heheh. Several parts I read aloud to my brother, if I thought they were especially funny, but I'm not very comfortable with him to expression anything--ah--well, like, sex and stuff. ;D I usually like Oliver, too--*giggle*nottosayithinkhe'shotoranything--but, because I know he's with Alicia and because I know it's probably nothing; I want to break him in half.

Author's Response:

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 23:50
Chapter: Interlude

Raging--surge loove for Blaise Zabini! Sorry I just can barely speak :) I'm so happy and cheery and YAY CHRISTMAS! Hahaha. I love this story! *hugs everything/everyone*

Author's Response:

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 23:33
Chapter: Christmas

At the word terrifying, my hopeful expression just melted. It was pretty pitiful. Then I gasped when she went all "why" on me and I was just like, "Don't be ruinin' my moment, biatch!" over and over and over. And then she says, "Marriage is a lifelong commitment" and I just start shouting, "You're ruining it! You are--ruining--it!" These things just make me so dramatic XD I spent the entire chapter smiling, laughing, talking merrily to the computer screen, and every time somebody said "Congratulations," "engaged," or "ring," I would punch the air with my first and shout "YES!" Haha.

Author's Response: Thank you for making me spend the entire time reading your review smiling!

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 23:17
Chapter: Christmas Eve

I take back the no-squeeing part. I was. And then I got up, jumped up and down, then spun around in my chair and squealed, "Merry Christmas!" And giggled like an idiot.

Author's Response: Spinning around in chairs is fun. Thank you for the compliment!

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 23:16
Chapter: Christmas Eve

Gasping, more like. If it wasn't midnight I WOULD scream. I jumped out of my chair as it is.

Author's Response: Don't scream, people might come rushing into the room and keep you from reading more! :D

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 21:44
Chapter: He Said, She Said

WHAT? She would say no? It's not just me gaping, right? Angelina just dropped dead too, right? Tell me right. Oh jeez. I'm way into this.

Author's Response: Yay for you being into it! She says she'd say no because she's thinking he'd make it a casual thing...but he won't...

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 21:02
Chapter: More Than a Dream

*lightly* Oh, did they never say I love you before? Well, that's fun to hear it in her sleep then. XD If that's their future, then I worry for them. Bleh. Well I still love the whole thing. But you know.

Author's Response: That's what she fears what will happen in the future, and no L word has been spoken between them.

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 20:46
Chapter: Baby Blues

It was weird. This chapter made my voice shake and made me laugh, made me gasp and smile

Author's Response: Just the reactions a writer wants! :)

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 20:23
Chapter: Sour Cherries

SWEET! I'm excited! Is that bad? Alicia sure as hell seems upset. Guess Fleur knows what she's talking about when she tells people they look pregnant. *sighs* George is going to go round the twist, won't he?

Author's Response:

Fleur meant for herself, not Alicia, but it was foreshadowing. :D George is going to be mad, but it won't be at Alicia.

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 20:04
Chapter: Something to Talk About

I don't blame him. I'd kill someone if I only sort of liked them and they tried to replace my best friend like that, even if it wasn't much. *sighs* George's life is so complicated. *hug*

Author's Response: George's life is about to get even more complicated...and it's good for him!

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 19:42
Chapter: Dance with Me

There were several parts where I just burst out laughing. My family probably thinks I'm insane XD I'm okay with that. Oh my god! I love the words that come out of hopelessly confused people's mouths! And the reactions it inspires in nearby people.

Author's Response: Yay for bursting out laughing and loving words!

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 19:34
Chapter: A Family Affair

People are kind of funny sometimes. Watching all this from the outside just makes me laugh, even when I shouldn't. And even when I feel bad for George and Fleur and Bill and Alicia and everyone else, I still find what comes out of their mouths amusing XD

Author's Response: I've gone through times of grief and even in the darkest times funny stuff happens. In fiction, too, angst without romance and humor to lighten it sucks, lol.

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/15/09 18:29
Chapter: Pain and Comfort

Bitch! *gasps* Oh my god, is it just me or is this new George a complete bitch?! Telling Percy he wants him dead and pissing himself over with firewhiskey every night, I want to slap the little bastard! I mean, well yeah, he deserves the chance to bitch about it for at least a year, but that doesn't make my violent desires burn out any faster.
But he's grieving and she's desperate and ohmygod I just want to hug everybody now. Ahh! The emotions you bring out in me.

Author's Response: If George wasn't bitter and angry and determined to keep the world at arm's length, he wouldn't be grieving...and he wouldn't have any need to learn and grow and earn a happy ending. ;)

Reviewer: PotterForever
Date: 03/23/09 11:21
Chapter: Baby Love

'That was good, but I wish there was a little more of it' ;)

Author's Response: I love you, man...woman... :D

Reviewer: Auntie B
Date: 09/23/08 4:19
Chapter: Hey Jealousy

Having only recently found this story & never having left a review before I'm compelled to write & say what a moving, beautiful, heart rending story you have written. I only hope you get this review.

Author's Response: I got it, and loved it, and appreciate it so much! Thank you!

Reviewer: Dad
Date: 09/17/08 15:55
Chapter: Baby Love

This is not my usual my HP fanfiction sort of reading, but once I started the first chapter I could not stop. Well written - good story.

Author's Response:

I heart you for reading a story that isn't your usual reading!

I have to confess, though, that every time I see your pen name, I have this knee jerk, oh-my-heck-it's-DAD! reaction and have to remind myself (in Bill Murray from Groundhog Day fashion) that you're a dad, not the dad, LOL.

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