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Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 11/09/07 9:38 · For: The Mirror of Erised
i don't have a facebook as of now...but i'm gonna make one soon. lol it seems like EVERYONEEEE has one.

Author's Response: you should! That way we could always keep in touch!

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 11/06/07 16:20 · For: The Mirror of Erised

Author's Response: hey heather :-)...Do you have a facebook? if i just knew ur last name i could check. eh.

Name: Wise Owl (Signed) · Date: 10/05/07 13:57 · For: The Mirror of Erised
OMG this is toooooo cute! How do you do it? I love when you wrote "It’s nice to have a son to balance out,

The pandemonium caused by the other."

Can You Imagine?!?! It's almost like we are with Harry the night before the epilogue as he's thinking about all that he's got now to live for and be grateful about! Seriously I LOVE that you gave us Harry's thoughts to add depth to the poem! It does rhyme if you take the thoughts out but who wants that!?!? We want that extra special touch that only you seem to have!!!! Loves and kisses...EWWW Excuse me for the late review!!!

Author's Response: *slaps self*.........GUHHVBDHBC H SCCS RANIA RANIA RANIA!!! *glomps you like there's no tomorrow*!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK TO PLANET EARTH AND REVIEWING!!! Thanks for the great review! And I'm happy you liked my 'Harry's thoughts' thing! GUH im lock OBSMACKED! I'm grinning like a MORON! everytime you come back its like a miracle! XOXOXO!!

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 10/05/07 11:10 · For: The Mirror of Erised
*cough* heyyy, lol i always come back eventually. :]

Author's Response: *GLOMPS YOU HUGELY*...HEATHER HEATHER HEATHER! Where THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN! I MISSSSS YOU!!! YOU'RE NEVER ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gets arrested by the department of exclamation point abuse*

Name: emLILY EVANS (Signed) · Date: 08/19/07 21:19 · For: The Mirror of Erised
that was sooooooooooooo good i wish i could write like you

Author's Response: Don't say that! C'mon I'm sure anyone can do it if they have the proper inspiration! Sometimes I can't write anything at all either, it all has to do with what you feel stronfly about and how you express those feelings.

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 08/04/07 12:17 · For: The Mirror of Erised
ZOMG squeeeeeee! freaking awesome, sarah. as always, obviously. heehee Harry is better at rhyming than I am... and my mom's a professional poet. go figure. i liked how it brought everything full circle, cause the book only slightly accomplished that. a zillion out of ten, like always! =D Juli

Author's Response: JULI-NESS!!! TODAY'S THE BEST DAY EVAH! FIRST KATE, NOW YOU! Now all we need is Rania and a dancing Monkey! Thanks (I'm starting to hate the words Thank You, they sound so stupid to say them, so...generic) for the hyper, squee-ful review! I was like even reading it fast, hehe. Omg,you're mom's a poet? Awesome! Poetry rocks (no rly, lol!).....Oh I feel so honored, when someone says that I did something the book couldn't do! It's just...wow, is it really that great? I just love it when you guys love it, you know it, Juli!....I hope you enjoyed that e-mail I sent you, btw, lol!............Thanks for the zillion, really, Juli, I can't even think about how to answer these great reviews properly anymore....

Name: Euphrates (Signed) · Date: 08/04/07 11:36 · For: The Mirror of Erised
Hey Sarah! I've finally wandered by...took me long enough. :p Ah, well. I'll do my best on this review, I dunno if I can ever match the two you wrote me recently. *huggles* Here we go:

I like the italicized bits of Harry's thoughts that are written more like prose rather than poetry. It really shows me what your prose writing style is like, and honestly? I've always wondered. :D I think you'd be awesome at writing one shots/chaptered fics as well as poems. *loves* Not to say your poems aren't amazing, as this one is.

I'm so glad you came back from your hiatus (THANK GOD IT'S OVER) with this poem. It's just...amazing. I love all the emotion in it and the way it's portrayed. The way you described each of Harry's family in turn was superb. I really started to understand how much he loves them. This poem actually makes me like the epilogue in DH (long story short, the epilogue did not amaze me as the rest of DH did).

For through all of the pain and the scarcity of gains,
Who’d think that one day, I’d live in pure bliss?

Ah, poor Harry. He lived so much of his life (before Voldy's downfall) in so much pain and loss. It's so great to see that he's finally happy and at peace.

I love the fact that when he looks into the Mirror of Erised (funny, I just found out recently that's 'desire' spelled backwards - smart of me, eh?) he sees himself just as he is. *squees helplessly* I'm *so* happy the way you've written this - it's light and funny and it sounds as if Harry is at peace, while not ignoring the pain of his past. Perfectly woven. A masterpiece.

Who was harder to face:
Becoming a father or beating Voldemort?

I've thought about those lines for a long time. I know they're lightly made and Harry thinks he shouldn't compare them, but it still seems...wrong...to describe something which gave him so much pain and something that gave him so much joy, which I'm glad you addressed later on. ;-)

Now you see what joys I have,
To cherish and love until I die,
My four great treasures nobody can steal,
To them I’ll NEVER have to say goodbye…

No one to ever, ever, snatch away my happiness, My family;
Ever again…

*tear* That's so sad and happy and light and dark at the same time. *pets Harry* I absolutely *adore* that part - I think it's my favorite. It's amazingly well-written and portrays everything he's feeling and his love for his family so poignantly. *sigh* That part is just...wow.

The ending is so wonderful, too, but that part just before it stood out for me. *loves*

Sarah, this is a great and amazing poem, one of your best, I thinks. ;-) I'm *so* glad you've returned from your hiatus. *cheers* Please, please, PLEASE (heh...) keep the poems coming, and I would love a one shot or two. ;-) Though of course, 'tis up to you.


Author's Response: *Squees and hugs you tightly*...THANK YOU SOO SOOO SOOOOOOO MUCH KATE!! I'm like at a complete loss at what to say! Lets see.....Oh yes. I liked writing Harry's thoughts, it just makes me so happy to see him finally happy (who cares if he aint real :-P), and I wanted to show behind the scenes of the poem, make it real, make it tell his little story.....It's really great to be back from the Hiatus! It makes me so happy to see all you guys supporting me in the reviews, and helping me become a better poet. Maybe I'll be as good as you some day, Kate :-)...Strangely, I loved the epilogue. Though cheesy, overly-fluffy, and cliche, I think Jo deseved shot at the stuff, nd I think the series still went out with a sonic-boom. Too bad I got spoiled before the book came out *sigh*. Stupid list of people who die. It was posted all over the damn place.....Anyway, what else? Yea...again, I wanted to show that Harry is completely and utterly at peace with the world, and that he'll be this way for the rest of his life. I rather think I hinted a few father-daughter arguments when Lily's a teen. And i think Lily would win :-D.............The poem, I know, ends on a rather powerful note, unlike the rest of the story which is fluffy and full of humor, but that last part was actually Harry coming to a woderful realization, a realization, I think, that would only hit him when he had the best thing ever, the thing he saw in the Mirror of Erised: his family. So simple, but so important, and nobody can take away his happiness this time. I picture Harry stopping before writing that last stanza and thinking that italicized thought, and then ending the poem on that very strong note., I think, very overwhelmed with emotion at that point................Thanks again, Kate, for te wonderful review, and I enjoyed responding to it lots! Maybe I should try a bit of prose, but I'm not that great at devloping plots. Don't worry, I think I still have a few "Bliss Era"s up my sleeve :-)........<3, Sarah

Author's Response: P.S. Lol! It's okay, I don't think I realized that 'Erised' was "Desire' backwards till I saw it on mugglenet one time !

Name: quick_quotes_quill (Signed) · Date: 08/03/07 15:34 · For: The Mirror of Erised
very, very ,very good
three verys - high praise indeed from me!

Author's Response: Well thank you very, very, very much! (I really do need to find something better to say than thank you, it gets to sound cheesy after a while!)

Name: Schmerg_The_Impaler (Signed) · Date: 08/03/07 8:28 · For: The Mirror of Erised
Awwww, that's adorable. And I kind of could imagine Harry writing this poem. I love the descriptions of his children (especially Lily... that was cute... a heart breaker who hexes the hearts out of people anyway) and how his views of Ginny have changed over time. I also loved the part about Al, how he inherited Harry's hair and Ginny thinks it's handsome. ^_^

And of course Ginny was right about the colour of Harry's eyes. Ginny is always right.

Oh yeah-- when Lily was described as being like "a certain wife of mine," I imagined Harry having a harem... but ignore that bit, because it's totally off-topic.

And yeah, I think Harry WOULD be more nervous about being a father than fighting Voldemort!

I think there were a few places where the rhyming seemed a tad bit forced, but I know how difficult it is to write poetry! For the most part, you did really well with the rhyming.

Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks, Schmergo! Everyone seems to love Lily! Lol i was lots of fun writing about her and Ginny. Ginny is mah fav character. Ginny is always right :-D.....Hehe, I wish I could have seen the day Harry became a daddy. I betcha he cried. Tee hee......Anyway, thanks again for the review, and the constructive criticism, I always want to become a better poet. I'm waiting for you to update E-Journal, missy :-P...Later!

Author's Response: P.S: A harem? Really? I didn't think of it that way. Lol, I needed to show how much Lily was like Ginny, pretty much. But hey, it made me laugh :-)

Name: Lalalalatina (Signed) · Date: 08/02/07 20:23 · For: The Mirror of Erised
Very sweet poem! ^_^ I like how you had Harry take the time to describe each character. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! (I really have to find something better to say than thank yoiu!!!) It's really great you liked it, cuz I loved writing it! And I love to imagine how Harry would desribe his family, it really warms your heart up, doesn't it?

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 08/02/07 18:35 · For: The Mirror of Erised
OMGGGGGG the CARIBBEAN?? i'm mighty jelous i'm stuck in this cold, windy, rainy place called london. =[

Author's Response: To be quite honest, I'd rather be in rainy London. I dunno why, but I always find beauty in the cityside rather than in nature. I hear that it really is quite rainy tho, more than usual. Check if there are dementors around :-P...EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!

Author's Response: and besides it might be the caribbean but the beach is the only thing that really stands out here. It's hot and my grandma and step-grandad are my family's company (whoop-dee-doo)

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 08/02/07 17:57 · For: The Mirror of Erised
Awww, sorry for not being online soo much, but I'll come on more. LOVE YOU SARAH!! =]

Author's Response: Lol! Thanks Heather! Don't worry, tho, if ur busy, don't let me keep you! lol and time zones are gonna give hell, cuz im on vacation in the caribean rght now, so im 5 HOURS BEHIND!! AHHH!!..Love ya too :-)

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 08/02/07 16:58 · For: The Mirror of Erised
OMG! Yay, a new poem. Loved every part of it, can't choose a specific part.. Anyway, amaziiiingggggg 1000000000000000/10!!!

Author's Response: HEY HEATHER! OMG IM MISSING YOU SOO MUCH! You're really hyper (when r u not lol!), I'm happy you reviewed, you know it means lot when i see signs of life from you! Thanks again! LOVE U HEATHER!!

Name: lillylover77 (Signed) · Date: 08/02/07 9:58 · For: The Mirror of Erised
AW! its so sweet. I liked it! especialy the part about Ginny and Lily! Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, for the lovely review! Ginny's my favorite character, and I'm so happy to see that Lily appears to be taking after her.

Name: fawkeshermione221 (Signed) · Date: 08/02/07 9:15 · For: The Mirror of Erised
I absolutley love this poem, especially the part about Lily - that made me laugh. I really liked reading Harry's thoughts, which were really well written, and seemed like exactly what Harry would have felt and thought about his family. Good job!

Author's Response: see below :-)

Name: fawkeshermione221 (Signed) · Date: 08/02/07 9:15 · For: The Mirror of Erised
I absolutley love this poem, especially the part about Lily - that made me laugh. I really liked reading Harry's thoughts, which were really well written, and seemed like exactly what Harry would have felt and thought about his family. Good job!

Author's Response: AHH! Thank you my first reviewer!! :-). I absolutely loved WRITING this poem, as well, it's great to see our Harry finally happy and rejoicng his family, eh? I liked adding the spice to the poem with Harry's thoughts, I just think it gave it more of a real feelng. I am ecstatic you liked it, fawkeshermione, thank you very, very much!

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