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Name: chow (Signed) · Date: 11/28/10 8:20 · For: Lips of an Angel
soooo I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite stories of all time. I read it whenever i'm bored/ in a bad mood/ craving semi-depressing romance xD and reading it again for the umpteenth time, I realized I never submitted a review, which is terribly rude of me! So here I am :) I love literally everything about this... I had never read lucius/ andromeda before this story, but you got me hooked :) i've read (and loved!) all of your other lucius/ andromeda stories & i've searched all over for others, but yours are the best :) jk rowling doesn't tell us much about andromeda, so I really enjoyed seeing you portray her. Lucius might have been slightly ooc, but I can still see him acting like this. Just a question though-- were andromeda and lucius engaged? Or did you just come up with that? Regardless, great story :) I can never decide which story I like better- this one or trying to pretend... Keep writing! :D

Author's Response: Another Lucius/Andromeda shipper? My day has been made! ^^ There aren't many of us, as I'm sure you've gathered. But . . . well, they're a perfect match! Exploring Andromeda's personality was tremendous fun, and so was furthering Lucius'. No, there is absolutely no evidence in canon that Lucius and Andromeda were ever engaged. Just my interpretation of the text. =) Because I've always found the Ted/Andromeda stories where Andromeda never liked her family and immediately ran off with Ted when she saw him incredibly unrealistic -- it's much harder to break away from a lifetime of family, of all that you've ever known, than that. But I shouldn't start ranting at you about this. xD Anyway, thank you so much for leaving a review and letting me know how much you enjoy the Lucius/Andromeda fics I have up. It truly means a lot.

Name: Euphrates (Signed) · Date: 01/19/08 13:30 · For: Lips of an Angel
*smiles* This story is, quote simply, really sweet. (Which I never thought I'd say about a story with Lucius in it, but you've made it possible.)

All right. No way my review will compare with some of your other ones, but here goes...

The beginning was awesome - that first paragraph. That's one of the best hooks I've ever read, honestly. Beginning and ends are parts of a story that should stand out (not that others can't) and your did really well. The ending was subtler but no less meaningful. I love how you ended with the song-lyric; it's the perfect ending.

The dialogue is really amazing, as well (which is good in the fic mostly comprised of dialogue). The way you characterized Lucius' dialogue (in the beginning: “You wanted to talk,” he echoed. “To me, of all people. I am touched, I’ll have you know, but I’m sorry to say I cannot speak to you right now. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.”) was very well done. We haven't seen much of Andromeda in the books (especially before DH) but I think you gave her her own sort of character. Some say that's easy to do, with dialogue, but I think it's difficult to capture everything and you've done it.

The only thing I didn't like was the build-up to talking to Draco. I knew it was a Lucius/Andromeda story, but I forget the summary when I start reading... I think saying why Lucius had gotten the phone and then just have had him examining it (instead of waiting for Draco) might have worked better, because it would have felt less like the build-up had been for nothing. But then again, it's your fic, and I really can't tell you to change anything.

Anyway. This was really touching - especially this part: 'He drew the phone back from his pocket, twirling it over and over in his hand, picturing Andy, his Andy, in his mind.'

I'm a sucker for that type of thing. :D great job.


Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much, Kate! I had a lot of fun writing this story, and the beginning was quite fun -- messing with Lucius Malfoy is never anything less than fun. ;)

The build-up with Draco . . . I definitely see what you're saying. It didn't exactly pertain to the rest of the story. But it was the only possible reason I could see for Lucius ever getting a Muggle-made phone -- he does love his family deeply, whatever his other faults might be.

Anywho, I'm glad you enjoyed, and thanks so much for the sweet review!

Name: kritchen (Signed) · Date: 12/14/07 21:19 · For: Lips of an Angel
Wow, I never even thought of this relationship before but you gave it a very believable twist. I could see this happening and it almost makes me want to change the OC in my story to Lucius but I won't. lol. Excellent song fic. :]

Author's Response: Heehee. Thank you so much! :D

Name: HorcruxHunter14 (Signed) · Date: 09/08/07 2:17 · For: Lips of an Angel
Very interesting. I loved this fic; it's one of my favorites by you, actually. It's very different and I actually didn't know about this ship until I read this.

The beginning is very light-hearted and cute. You manage to bring the phone into the story in a very clever and humorous way, without making it seem too far-fetched or random. I also like how you portrayed Lucius in this very first scene: he is so desperate to talk to his son that he will sacrifice the values he had been raised with and raised his son with his entire life. I've also read Shadows of Hope, and I like how you've brought the theme of family bonds with in the Black/Malfoy family into both fics. The Blacks are very interesting when it comes to family. They only accept people within their small group, but as a result are strongly connected to each other. Here you have Lucius learning about Muggle technology, scoffing at the tracking systems and questioning the plan, just like he’s been taught to do. That’s great. It keeps Lucius very in-character in a situation that would be very rare for someone like him, and strengthens the plot.

I love the scene where Lucius has to deal with the ringing phone. He doesn’t really have moments like that in the books, but I thought that the scene was very well-written and fun to read.
The fic quickly becomes much more serious, and you made a very smooth transition. It didn’t seem forced at all, again, making it more believable. I also love the way you brought the lyrics into the story. I liked that you introduced them when you did rather than at the very beginning of the story. They fit perfectly with the story without being reinforced too much, and I thought that they added more depth and emotion to the story.

“How did you get this phone number?” Lucius asked her. “How did you even know I had a phone number?”

“I have my ways,” Andromeda replied mysteriously.

“Such as?”

“This is war, Lucius. We do what we can to achieve our purposes, and to win.”

This bit does a great job portraying both Lucius and Andy. Your fic definitely does show a softer side to both of them, and this shows the side we see most often in the books; it’s a very nice way to show just how strong they are. Also, I had been wondering when I read this why Andromeda had a phone and how she got one, and this response seems fitting of her character.

I liked your incorporation of the idea of the arranged marriages. Even though marriages in canon didn’t seem to be arranged (though they practically are arranged since there is such a limited number of pure-bloods), it makes perfect sense that pure-bloods would do something like that. You did a great job of characterizing Andy throughout the entire fic. I like the way you showed her rebellion and fear, and then the confusion that comes naturally along with that.

Author's Response: *squeeeeeeee* I love getting reviews for this story. :D

Anyhow. I'm so glad you liked this. It's one of my personal favorites too actually, just because there aren't many instances that you get to write a phone call between two purebloods. :P

As for the family bonds, I've always thought that Lucius and Narcissa are both very caring parents (and was very pleased to see this come true in DH!). Just because someone is shown as "evil" in canon doesn't mean they don't feel emotion or love anyone. This, of course, does not excuse their prejudice against those of "lesser" blood, merely makes them more human.

Luci dealing with the ringing phone. That seems to be a bit of a favorite part with people. :D I did like writing that, he's certainly not as confident as he usually is right then. As to the lyrics in the fic, I actually wasn't sure whether to include them or not. When I originally wrote the story they weren't in there, and I was just going to say that the fic was inspired by the song. But when I looked it over again, those lines just really seemed to fit, so I added them. :)

And, I'm glad you liked the characterizations. I had a few doubts about parts of their exchange being believable. As for Andy having a phone, I figured that since Ted is Muggleborn that they would just have one lying around. So he could call his parents or Muggle friends or something. :P

And, yes, I do think some of the purebloods had arranged marriages. They seem very old-fashioned and traditional, so I could definitely see them doing something like that.

Thank you so much for the lovely and in-depth review!! :D

Name: beautyfades (Signed) · Date: 09/06/07 19:36 · For: Lips of an Angel
That was good. Very depressing (lol) but good. It was almost weird to see Lucius have a sensative side but eh... it still worked. You did a good job of making it fit to the story-line of the song, as well.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed it. Perfect one shot.

~Beauty Fades

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed, even if you found it rather depressing. :) As for Lucius, I think he's got a much squishier and softer side than we usually see -- we got a glimpse of this in DH, which pleased me. Sure, Harry might think the Death Eaters are just evil and malicious gits, but they've got to have other sides to them too. /mini rant

Anywho, thanks for reviewing! :D

Name: hood_princess (Signed) · Date: 08/16/07 6:00 · For: Lips of an Angel
Great story.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Name: BloodRayne (Signed) · Date: 08/06/07 8:31 · For: Lips of an Angel
I absolutely loved this story! It was really sweet, and I find the idea of Lucius/Andromeda very appealing for some reason...even more appealing than Lucius/Bella, which is what I usually support, although I have yet to find a fic with that pairing. Anyway, I found Lucius a tiny bit out of character - but I suppose he woud be different when speaking with the woman he truly loves. Andromeda I also found OOC - but that's okay. It was a hilarious and really very sweet story and I enjoyed it a lot.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm glad you liked it! I have fallen in love with this pairing myself. :D

As for Lucius being out of character . . . I did worry about that. It's definitely a side of him we don't usually see, so I tried to keep his aloofness present for at least the first part of the story. And Andromeda, I suppose she was a bit OOC, but on the other hand we've barely seen her in canon. But, yes, from what we've seen she's a bit different. Regardless, I'm glad you liked this, and thanks for the sweet review! :)

(and the lovely Sly Severus has several great fics featuring Lucius/Bella, if you are interested in them :D)

Name: Sly Severus (Signed) · Date: 08/05/07 16:58 · For: Lips of an Angel
Hehe, I still snicker at the idea of the Malfoys even coming into contact with a phone. Ron had a horrible time when he tried to call Harry and he was open to the idea of using Muggle technology. I must say, Lucius did better than I would have expected.
And now here he was, his newly escaped-from-Azkaban self sitting in a comfy chair in his manor, twiddling the phone in his hand.

Okay, I have to ask. If Lucius just escaped from Azkaban, why is he calmly setting in his home? Isn’t that the most likely place for the Ministry to look for him? I would think he would be on the run, as well as his son.

It was the little phone! What did that noise mean? Was it bad? Good? On top of that, the thing was vibrating! What did that signify?

I loved this. It was so cute to see Lucius attempting to understand a phone. Didn’t he expect that it would make a noise? The vibrating was a nice touch though. The poor guy. I think he needs a hug.

“No one’s here to speak to you,” said Lucius in a cool voice barely above a whisper.

I also really loved this line. I knew he was talking to as soon as I read it. Not that I had any idea why she would call, but the way he spoke to her it was so clear that it was someone who had been cut from his life.

And I love the way you show the relationship between Lucius and Andromeda. It’s very much like Lucius to pretend that he wants nothing to do with her, but the second he realizes that she’s hurting, he can’t pretend anymore. It’s clear that they once had a very strong bond, a bond that has not been fully broken.

“I never told you the truth, but I — I didn’t fall in love with Ted. That’s not what changed our relationship. I fell out of love, not in love. I didn’t love you anymore . . . or, couldn’t, at least.”

I found this part pretty shocking. I actually will admit that I found it even a bit OOC. Andromeda gave up her whole life for Ted, her whole family. I have to believe that she truly loved him from the start. Otherwise, it doesn’t really make sense. However, I can see her falling out of Lucius because of what he became.

I also have a tiny nitpick: But in the end, their desperateness won over, and they agreed to his plan. I think desperation fits in this sentence better than desperateness. It just read awkward to me.

Anyway, overall, I really loved this story. I liked the idea of Andromeda/Lucius. As you know, I have played with the idea of Bellatrix/Lucius on many occasions so the pairing didn’t shock me. I think you made them reasonably believable as a couple, which is an accomplishment. And I really did enjoy reading this little tale.

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks so much for this lovely review, Elle. I'll do my best to reply to everything . . .

Well, first, I completely didn't think about the fact that the Ministry would look at Lucius' house first after the break-out. Heh. That is a very good point. :P But on the other hand, the war is fairly far along at this point, and the Ministry might be pretty terrified to visit the house of a notorious Death Eater. That's the only reason I can think of. ^.^

Haha, yes, it was so much fun to freak Lucius out with the phone. I'm glad you liked that part. I think he needs a hug too. He didn't escape from Azkaban just to have strange Muggle devices make noise at him! :D

As for Andromeda. She didn't leave her family just because of Lucius, she also left because she couldn't deal with her family's ideals of pureblood and such. Actually, there is a fic currently stewing on my computer that goes into their history and the reasons behind Andromeda's departure more in-depth (Lucius certainly being one of the primary reasons) -- hopefully it will be posted someday. :) But anyhow, Andromeda DOES love Ted, but she still always had lingering feelings for Lucius.

Anywho, thank you so much for the lovely SPEW review! :D I'm glad you enjoyed the fic and the pairing. And I agree, desperation fits better, I will have to fix that (sometime or another ;)).

Name: Sly Severus (Signed) · Date: 08/03/07 16:05 · For: Lips of an Angel

I'm so glad this is up. I really enjoyed it. *runs to add to favorites*

Author's Response: *squees back* Yay! I'm pleased you still like it. Thanks for all your help with it, Elle! :D *huggles*

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