Reviewer: Sharky_Girl
Date: 08/29/07 20:53
Chapter: Black

i like it. portarays sirius's thoughts about life in genera,l very realisticly

Author's Response: Thank you, I tried. Sirius is one of my favorite characters and I wanted to get him just right.

Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 08/12/07 15:13
Chapter: Black

Happy Birthday! And great job with this piece. It really is quite dark, from Sirius's agonized final thoughts, to the language you chose to frame them. I especially liked the flashback to his girlfriend, you really piqued my interest there. I think this is some of your strongest writing yet, so keep it up! *huggle*
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Thank you Gina, this was definitely one of my strongest pieces yet. But truth is I wrote it in the middle of July right when the turmoil happening was getting worse than ever. In other words, I poured my soul into this piece. -huggle- Ritta

Reviewer: GryffindorGoddess
Date: 07/31/07 20:27
Chapter: Black

Ritta! Oh, teh sadness....but (I'll say it again) it's so insightful. Who would have known the guilt Sirius felt all those years for everything he and everyone else thought he did wrong? I think the saddest part is where he feels he failed James and Harry...*tear* You really get right down to the emotion succinctly and vividly. The flashbacks are a really nice touch. *sigh*

Author's Response: Thanks GG. XD It just flowed, and it made me happy to know I write so vividly. -huggles-

Reviewer: Red and Gold
Date: 07/26/07 19:59
Chapter: Black

Hey E.G.!

I said it before, but I'll say it again - I really like the plot and story line of your fic. I thinks it's very creative and insightful.

I like the way you brought in your OC, Angelica. She's the kind of fiesty gal that can take on Sirius. I wish they could've stayed together!

This was my favorite bit of the fic:

"As my final seconds in the world came to a conclusion, I understood and solemnly accepted my existence thus far for what it was: a wasted life. I had failed so many for so long - my brother, my only love, my best friend, and his son that my death would be pointless and forgotten. Ironic, isn't it, the last Black - most noble and extinct. "

This was just so bitter and remorseful and just so heart-breaking all at the same time!

I thought your fic was very dark, and definite angst showed itself in Sirius' bitter regrets.

Great job, Ritta! Well done!

*hugs and squishes*

Author's Response: Andrea! Thanks for betaing and leaving such a great review! I loved bringing in my OC into the mix. Yes, that was one of my favorite lines too. I edited it after you had betaed it, but I think it worked perfectly. I'm glad it was dark and angsty since I wasn't too sure to begin, but yes! XD I love Sirius, he inspires me, really. -huggles- -Ritta

Reviewer: laceymoibella
Date: 07/26/07 18:56
Chapter: Black

That was fantastic! I could feel the pain of regret that Sirius was experiencing. Your descriptions of how Sirius was feeling about his life moments before his death, were poignant.

His memory of Angelica was hawt! Too bad Sirius didn't get the girl.

Exquisitely written.


Author's Response: Whoa! I was poignant! XD Thanks Lacey! Yes, I loved that memory of Angelica. XD And who said he didn't? >> -Ritta

Reviewer: Hermione Clone
Date: 07/26/07 15:40
Chapter: Black

Wow, that was amazing. Sirius sure didn't have the emotional range of a teaspoon. I got a bit scared in the scene with Angelica. I thought Sirius was going to hurt her. When I realized what was going on, it was a little better, even though it ended sadly.
Was Angelica from a pure-blood family like Sirius? And were they like Sirius's family? A story on Angelica would be cool.
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks. I've always thought Sirius to be deeper than he was often written. I'm sorry to hear you were scared. But I'm glad it came across as 'dark' XD Yes, Angelica was from a pure-blood family like Sirius, very much like his. I have several drabbles from Angelica's POV - maybe I'll spiffy it up. Thanks for your review. -Ritta

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