Reviews For Grey Suffering
Reviewer: Nagini Riddle
Date: 07/14/12 3:55
Chapter: Chapter 1

Augh! I really liked the story- personally, I think it could have ended without the kiss, and just been a story that showed Narcissa in some good light. I loved that she cared so much for her family, and also that Tonks was willing to save her and tried to help Draco. You did a beautiful job! :)

Author's Response: Not a fan of Harry/Narcissa, huh? Actually, I don't love the pairing. Although I would've found it more acceptable at the time I wrote this. I'm pretty sure I wrote this because someone on AIM told me the pairing couldn't be done... So that's where the kiss came in. Anyway, thanks for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed most of the story. ;)

Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin
Date: 07/16/11 19:32
Chapter: Chapter 1

Well, what are the words I want here. Unexpected? No... The weirdest pair I have ever seen? Maybe. But I liked it. Oddly enough, I really, really liked it! Normally, I stick to the canon pairs, and occasionally non-canon pairs of characters in, you know, the same generation, but this is the first "rare-pair" that I've read, and I liked this a lot. In fact, I I loved this! I wish I was brave enough and/or a good enough writer to write a believable rare-pair like this, because I liked reading this one a lot!

Kudos to you, because that could have just as easily gone very badly, but I really enjoyed this!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I love writing strange pairings. I think it makes things a little more interesting.

Reviewer: MysticalMayhem
Date: 07/30/08 14:02
Chapter: Chapter 1

Wow, I never thought a Harry/Narcissa pairing could actually be believable, but you pulled it off amazingly. I had no idea what ship I was reading, and then when I realized I wasn't sure it would work, but I've got to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. Good job, well done. :D

Author's Response: Lol. I didn't know if it would work either. I wrote it for a class, but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed the weirdness.

Reviewer: SphinxsSilentRiddle
Date: 04/07/08 18:16
Chapter: Chapter 1

I love rarepairs, and I love how you pulled this one off. This was really good! :D

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: PadfootnPeeves
Date: 01/06/08 16:14
Chapter: Chapter 1

Well, this was original! Very odd pairing, Harry/Narcissa! I don't really like the ship, but it was a good story.

'Her once perfect, shiny hair was now matted and streaked with white. Her pale and smooth skin was showing wrinkles and scars from the battle.'
I like how you show Narcissa as a human, not some snotty beauty. I also like how you showed Narcissa's affection for her son. It shows that even people as nasty as the Malfoys can be a family.

'Nothing that felt so good could be wrong.'
That was a nice way to end the story. It was sweet, but not overly disgusting, and had its share of angst. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! This was a really interesting story to write. I really enjoyed it and I'm glad you liked it too.

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 09/19/07 19:06
Chapter: Chapter 1

Bit of a weird pairing, but a good fic nonetheless. I really liked Harry's compassion and feelings of protectiveness. You could really feel sorry for Narcissa. Plus, I loved the little bits on Tonks - it seems so real, and it really shows the differences between Voldemort and the Order - Narcissa getting a second chance was wonderful. A very original fic, too!

Author's Response: A strange pair indeed, but it was fun to write. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for leaving a review.

Reviewer: Dumbledore Prince
Date: 08/03/07 9:49
Chapter: Chapter 1

Ooh, a rarepair! I didn't expect a Harry/Narcissa from the summary, and midway through the story, when I guessed the pairing, I wasn't squicked. I like your ability of writing an odd pairing without making the story seem unbelievable.

And I liked the parts where Harry comforted Cissy. Good job.


Author's Response: *smiles* I didn't want to reveal the pairing in the summary so readers wouldn't go screaming in the other direction. And I'm glad when you realized the pairing it didn't freak you out. :D

And I do love writing rare pairs. Although, this one wasn't my idea, I wrote it for a class I was taking on the fourms, but I did have a lot of fun wiht it.

So thank you much for the lovely review.

Reviewer: Sarakime
Date: 07/31/07 0:16
Chapter: Chapter 1

Elle! Yay! I'm glad to see this story up. It is so great, like I told you before. It's wonderful how they're both so IC, and yet put in this situation in which most people couldn't imagine them being in. It was wonderfully done, and very real. :D

*huggles Elle*

Author's Response: *huggles Sarah*

Thanks so much for the lovely review. This story was particularly interesting to write.

Reviewer: Pissenoffanis
Date: 07/30/07 3:33
Chapter: Chapter 1

You wrote it very smoothly... but i gotta say i think the age gap is rather large! ;) A bit of a strange pairing, but you've written their emotions very well.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: megapotterfan
Date: 07/29/07 20:22
Chapter: Chapter 1

pretty good but slightly disturbing

Author's Response: Thanks. Sorry to disturb you.

Date: 07/27/07 20:06
Chapter: Chapter 1

i am cofused on the ending but otherwise this is a very good story

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Sorry, I confused you.

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove
Date: 07/20/07 10:20
Chapter: Chapter 1

Oh my god. Harry/Cissy! I LOVE IT! Its outrageous but you wrote it in such a believable way. Everything flowed smoothly. I loved the dialouge between her and Harry, something about it seemed so natural. Oh, and I got your reply email by the way. I'm so glad you like Protecting Bella, because i really value your opinion... you're such a brilliant writer! Gah! This is beautiful piece!

....Narcissa/Harry.... Narcissa/Harry. I don't know whether I should laugh or add it to my favorite ships list. lol.

Author's Response: *smiles* I would laugh. And I can't take credit for the ship. I wrote this for a class on the fourms. However, it was really fun trying to pull those two together.

Anyway, thanks so much for the compliments. I love your reviews. *huggles*

Reviewer: hpotterownss5567
Date: 07/19/07 18:43
Chapter: Chapter 1

before reading this i expected to not like it but that was hard to do for because u made it seem beleivable and i actually felt sorry for narcissa malfoy! i like how smooth the ending was too. some one chapter fics end up rather abrupt.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you ended up liking it. :D

Reviewer: the_wind
Date: 07/19/07 17:58
Chapter: Chapter 1

Harry/Narcissa? Now I've seen everything.

Anyway, good story!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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