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Name: Amazinghpfan (Signed) · Date: 06/22/12 4:26 · For: Cry Boy, Cry
Hi! I really enjoyed your story. I can't wait to read more, especially since you left it at that cliff hanger :). This story is very well written. I hope you continue writing. Please respond! Great job!

Name: BeeKayBee (Signed) · Date: 05/05/09 20:14 · For: Sapphire Wings
Dear FullofLife,
So this has to be my fifth time reading this story, and I REALLY wished it was updated! You have such a good start going and I always have tons of questions when I am finished with these two chapters. For example: Who is Sappire Wings? How does he know the story of Harry Potter? Why can Conner see the dementor if only wizards are supposed to be able to? Was he not allowed to attend Hogwarts for some reason (you mentioned it was September and he was 11 so its not like he wasn't old enough)? What is the deal with Jack Eton and why do him and Patience keep trying to kill Conner? Like I said before...tons of questions! I really hope you update this story soon, even though it has been a long time since it was posted. The story is already intriuging, and you have only posted 3 chapters!
Well, I'm sorry about the novel-length comment, but I just really want to see this story finished!!
Much love, Brittany (BeeKayBee)

Name: NoxSomnium (Signed) · Date: 06/05/08 0:43 · For: Sapphire Wings
Excellent introduction placing us. A few lines tell us where we are without actually telling anything. the summary makes it sound like the story about Harry is the main purpose of this fic, but please entertwine it with Conner's story. I like him too much to not get to see his issues resolved as we go along and not just at the end.

Author's Response: Conner is most definitely a part of this story - a big part. :) I'm glad you like the story - please keep reading! New chapters should be showing up soon now that my exams are over.

Name: NoxSomnium (Signed) · Date: 06/05/08 0:23 · For: Cry Boy, Cry
Fabulous. In one go you've introduced multiple new characters, made them real, enticed us with action, the promise of future action, and thrown in some intellectual mystery just for kicks. Your style is really rich. I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Name: bubblegumpinkhair (Signed) · Date: 03/02/08 11:47 · For: Sapphire Wings
After being uncerimonily cut off last review here is the rest:
......scathingly, as if the word is a curse.“
I pretty much squeed uncontrollably at that part and my sister came into the room and yelled at me to stop screaming ‘OMG! IT’S MALFOY! IT’S MALFOY!’
I also really want to know why the bully especially hates Conner, it's really irking me :[
Also I read this and remembered it from a book that I read way back when and I spent forever trying to remember the title of it while low and behold it’s right in your summary…there are reasons I’m not a Ravenclaw…. Anyways I can’t really remember what happened at the end of “Skellig” and I’m not going to find out just in case it ruins your story for me:].
Can’t wait for more

Author's Response: Don't worry, re-reading Skellig won't ruin the story for you at all - this is a bit different. :) I'm SO glad that you like this story and that you're guessing!! I'd love to tell you who Sapphire Wings actually is, but alas, that would ruin everything. :D No worries though, you'll be finding out pretty soon - before the end of the story, definitely. Eton's hatred for Conner will also be cleared up in a few chapters. Next chapter is from a new POV (we're going to be hearing about Harry and what happened after Voldemort's death - my version of it is rather darker than JK's and I won't change it now since this was started before DH). I hope you keep reading and guessing! Fourth chapter will be up as soon as the queue re-opens officially. Thanks for the great review!!

Name: bubblegumpinkhair (Signed) · Date: 03/02/08 11:41 · For: Sapphire Wings
Okay you know how much I love this story (and if you don't I really do [:) so, OHMIGOD! GIRL! WHEN IS CHAPTER FOUR!?!?!?!?!??


Okay now for my guesses:
It's Ron. (duh) “…from the mouth of the one man who knew him best.”
If not it's Draco: “‘No — no this man was a villain. He was a monster. The hero was the man who killed Voldemort, during a war,’ he says, and when he uses the word hero, he does so scathingly, as if the word is a curse.“

Author's Response: Well I didn't know, I'm glad you've told me now! :) Good reviews are great writing encourgament.

Name: RainbowSmurf (Signed) · Date: 02/21/08 20:40 · For: Sapphire Wings
Omg omg omg omg!!
I think that I know who it is!! It has to be either Albus Dumbledore or Aberforth Dumbledore! The blue eyes, the weight of the world on his shoulders, the long hair, it all makes sense!! Sorry about all the exclamation marks, but I am just so excited! As I said before, update ASAP!

Author's Response: :D I'll be updating as soon as the queue "opens" again. I'd rather not overload the system at this time.

Name: RainbowSmurf (Signed) · Date: 02/20/08 21:16 · For: Sapphire Wings
This story is very good! I already love the plot line, although I am confused about the identity of the mysterious man. You wrote that the colour of his eyes is blue, but the only blue eyed canon character I can think of right now is Ron, and I'm sure Connor would have noticed if his hair was bright red. Harry would be the next most obvious guess, hence the contempt using the word hero, but his eyes are green (obviously). To make a long story short, I love what you are doing, keep it up, and please update ASAP! Thank you very much!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! And being confused about Sapphire Wings is a good thing, it was my intention. You'll find out who he is soon enough. I'm trying to give you clues and red herrings at the same time, so you'll have to do a bit of sorting to figure out which is which. :) Updates soon - next chapter we hear about Harry!

Name: Pottergirl (Signed) · Date: 02/18/08 15:16 · For: Creature
So many questions, so little time!

I'm gonna guess that the guy in the cellar was Remus, 'cause he would need someplace private to transform (But why such a dark and gloomy place?)

The owl was Hedwig, no question!

Is Connor a wizard, since he can see Dementers? But why doesn't he do what Harry did, like force his tormenters into the air, or jump on a roof?

When I heard they were meeting in "Gibbits Alley" and the gallows were mentioned, I thought Eton and Co. were gonna maybe try to hang him or something...Good thing they didn't!

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: So many question, so few ways to answer without giving away the entire plot! I'm glad you're guessing! More soon!

Name: hpheart (Signed) · Date: 02/16/08 13:13 · For: Cry Boy, Cry
I love Sound the Bugle! ITs such a beautiful song. I've read this before, but didn't get round to leaving a review. Its a very good story.

Author's Response: Thanks! Keep reading!

Name: tilli (Signed) · Date: 02/01/08 0:52 · For: Creature
are u planning to update??? its very well written so far...

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, an update is being sent to the queue!

Name: bubblegumpinkhair (Signed) · Date: 01/31/08 17:56 · For: Cry Boy, Cry
Hey thanks for the amswers.. I only thought that Eton was a murder via sidewalk because the one kid called him a murder and he went crazy and I thought by smashing a kids head on the concrete because when he and Patience beat up Conner, they avoided his head, but then you could just say that thats because they wanted to cause him pain and not like give him disabilties and whatever... also YAY YOU KEPT HEDWIG LIVING!!!!!! She was one of the three deaths I cried about (Her, Dobby, and Fred (him especially *tear*)...... and I did get a little chocked up when tonks and lupin died)

I'm really excited for your next update!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm sending in the next chapter today! :)

Name: Wicked_Quill (Signed) · Date: 01/30/08 21:06 · For: Creature
is the man ron?

Author's Response: Maybe, maybe not! :) Analyze the clues... thanks so much for the review!

Name: bubblegumpinkhair (Signed) · Date: 01/30/08 20:31 · For: Creature
Oh this is getting really interesting!!! This story looks like its going to be so good!!! Can I guess somethings? Too bad I'm going to anyways.... Is the "creature" Ron?? Is the owl Hedwig??? Is the reason for the odd weather dementors???? Did Etonkill a kid by smashing his/her head onto the sidewalk????? Is Conner a wizard?????? Do these questions all have really obvious answers that I am wasting my time asking???????

Answer me please in your litte comment thingy bellow!!!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for leaving a review! Well, for the creature, the answer will be coming soon, but I have been leaving hints and your guess that he's Ron is as good as mine. :) I won't say more than that. Is the owl Hedwig? Very good, yes she is. Can't say much about the Dementors, or Connor being a wizard except that you'll find out soon. Now about Eton - I don't know what makes you think he killed anyone by sidewalk! We'll have more about Eton soon too! And you are most definitely not wasting your time! Keep reading, updates soon!

Name: CLL042 (Signed) · Date: 12/14/07 19:55 · For: Cry Boy, Cry
There is nothing in the queue...
I really like this story so far is it posted anywhere else? Are you still writing it?
I admire your work

Author's Response: I'm terribly sorry! I am most definitely still writing this, but when I put it in the queue I realized I had written in a huge plot error. I had to take chapter 2 out to fix the error and I haven't had time to put it back in... sorry!!

Name: CLL042 (Signed) · Date: 08/23/07 15:22 · For: Cry Boy, Cry
I thought it was really good....Are you
going to write any more?

Author's Response: Yup - next chapter in the queue!

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