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Name: moony101 (Signed) · Date: 07/20/08 14:19 · For: The Path of Waiting
remus is right and tonks is proving to be a ditzy airhead

Author's Response:

She's not ditzy, she's just acting in a way you don't like, lol.

Name: moony101 (Signed) · Date: 07/19/08 5:27 · For: The Path of Waiting
am i the only one who thinks this reliance on snape is DANEROUS ?

Author's Response:

Remus isn't too thrilled with it, either, :D, but Tonks' trust in Snape has yet to be misplaced.

Name: LuLu94 (Signed) · Date: 07/18/08 16:44 · For: Someone's Waiting for Me
dun dun dun *funeral march starts* *lulu94 looks around for the source of the music* wow...whatever happened to sublety? Looks like someone got tired of waiting. i honestly have no idea how tonks will react and i'm really anxious to find out! i totally heart this chapter and it's ah-mazingness. and i'm missing Batman to read this chapter!so you should feel very special! i'm hoping cleave doesn't make Ramus do anything stupid and i'm just really excited for the next chapter! update quickly or i'll pop a blood vessel while waiting!

P.S. yay! first review!

Author's Response:

I'm honored you'd miss an early showing of Batman for me! Of course, I'm the "hate opening weekend crowds" type, who likes to watch at odd hours when there's less popcorn munching members of the public to distract me from communing with the screen, LOL.

When I started thinking of what was going to push Jerry into declaring his feelings, I knew it had to be his wizard scout urge to "save" Tonks from herself. I couldn't see him getting drunk and blabbing, or knocking on her door, but now that he thinks she's hurt herself because she's so unhappy, he's going to make his move.

Cleave won't make Remus do anything, but he'll make a choice in Inverness, none the less....

I second your Yay!

Name: LordOfTheTrees (Signed) · Date: 07/02/08 20:59 · For: Loss During Waiting
This was another good chapter! Thanks for updating and i'm crossing my fingers for another update before the 9th when i cannot readily get internet.

P.S Is there another story in the snape/greyback universe because I like it a lot.

Author's Response:

D'oh! I won't have the chapter finished by then, much less up on site, but if you check back when you can, I'll do my best to update regularly! I hope you're going on holiday and it's somewhere exotic and fun, not woodsy and live-off-the-land, :D.

<b>More Than a Feeling, The Potions Master's Apprentice, and Into the Dark</b> are the Eris Greyback/Severus Snape fics, but there <b>is</b> a poem, too, if you're an adventurous soul. ^_~ It's <b>I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face.</b>

Name: LuLu94 (Signed) · Date: 07/01/08 20:02 · For: Loss During Waiting
just out of curiosity, how long does it usually take for a one-shot to be validated?

Author's Response:

I think it depends on the category. I'm not a mod, but I'd guess the "popular" categories with lots of fics waiting in the queue probably have longer waits than the "indie" cats.

If you ever want to email me, it's oxnard9@hotmail.com


Name: LuLu94 (Signed) · Date: 06/29/08 17:07 · For: Loss During Waiting
yay! first review! i believe that it's only fair seeing as how i now have a schedule worked out where i check for updates twice a day. and as i've been harrasing you for weeks =) hehehe. i heart this story mucho. it made me hungry like Remus! LOL. I'm ready to jump off a cliff because of your evil little Cliffhanger! and what will poor little Tonks do when she finds out her lover has left without explanation??? hopefully nothing rash. I'm feeling really sorry for Jerry....poor guy.....jusat doesn't know when to call it quits does he? but, love does crazy things to people....update soon!!! even though i may not be able to check as frequently as i'm going on vacation to Egypt. but i sure as hell will try!!! Ah-mazing chapter ; )

Author's Response:

Yay for you going on vacation to Egypt! May you drink loads of bottled water and never have, er, digestive problems, lol.

Remus won't leave without explanation, but that doesn't mean she'll like being told to go 'home' and wait to hear what happens! :D

Name: LordOfTheTrees (Signed) · Date: 06/28/08 22:54 · For: Separated and Waiting
Great chapter! I was kind of frustrated though that as soon as it sped up it was over. Keep'em comin'.

Author's Response: This was a 'everything building up' chapter. Thank you for not wanting to wait to see how things play out! Now that I've finished my other story, I'll be able to update a lot more quickly, so not too long a wait to go...comparatively speaking. ^_^

Name: LuLu94 (Signed) · Date: 06/23/08 19:13 · For: I've Been Waiting for You
i think i've put in about half of the reviews for this chapter =) but there is simply so much to tell!!! and to ask, like when do you plan on updating? your next chapter had better be very long! and i was thinking yesterday which is when i realized that i've been reading all of your stories for over a year. pretty cool, huh? and i'll be here until the end!!! so hurry up already!!! =)

Author's Response:

Yay for you reading stories! Do you have your account set so they can email you when someone replies to a review? I hope so. I'm working on the next chapter right now (well, as soon as I get off this site, heh) so it shouldn't be too long a wait...in comparison to the ginormous one before... ;P

Thank you for being such a lovely, long-time reader! I heart you for that!

Name: LordOfTheTrees (Signed) · Date: 06/16/08 14:44 · For: I've Been Waiting for You
I just finished the blue moon series up until this point. I really thought that it was very good, and hope that you continue to update as soon as possible please!

Author's Response:

Aw, you've made my day while making me feel guilty as heck for putting off R/T to finish up a post-DH George fic. On the upside, I'm on the last chapter of the other story, so I can soon concentrate on Remus and Tonks and update a lot more frequently.

I still feel guilty, though...sigh...

Name: LuLu94 (Signed) · Date: 06/13/08 0:29 · For: I've Been Waiting for You
i read another one of your reviews for another person and what in the world are chinese finger traps? and if she/he DOES bring theose picthforks i'll be taking one to punish the bad authour for not updating!!!!

Author's Response: Here's the Wikipedia definition: A Chinese finger trap is a gag toy used to play a practical joke on children and unsuspecting adults. The finger trap is a simple puzzle that traps the victim's fingers (often the index fingers) in both ends of a small, woven bamboo cylinder. The initial reaction of the victim is to pull the fingers outward, but this only tightens the trap more.

The solution to escaping the trap is to push the ends inward toward the middle, which enlarges the openings and frees the fingers, before slowly twisting them out of the trap so as not to trigger the tightening reflex again. A second form of escape is to push one's fingers together and then grab the ends of the trap with one's middle fingers and thumbs. The fingers can then easily be pulled out.

I've been doing my best to finish up my George fic so I can get back to making Remus and Tonks' lives angstier. I do appreciate the threat, though. There's nothing like a promise of bodily harm to make a writer feel loved.


Name: LuLu94 (Signed) · Date: 05/30/08 17:01 · For: I've Been Waiting for You
hmmm....didnt you say that last time i reviewed to? how much sorrier can i feel for him? i already want to send him some of those brownies i was making!! and not to meantion strangle the horrible authour who is putting him through all of this misery. not that i'm naming names..... but anyway. i'll give you the short version because i'm in class and i need to finish my english final. when is tonks going to finish learnign to make wolfsbane? how long will it take before Lupin is discovered by the other members of his pack as what he truly is? will jerry ever find a girl to make him happy? is snape up to something? when will tonks finally realize jerry is hoplessly in love with her? how will she react when she DOES find out? am i asking to many questions? i can answer that last one. yes, but i'm going mental from lack of good reading material. so please please please to the 425 power can you add on a majorly long chapter? like say...a million words? or fewer if you prefer. but please just review! i'll give you a brownie...

Author's Response:

You'll see.... ;)

Aren't you nice, wanting to share your brownies!

I hope you ace your English final. Tonks hasn't begun to learn, since Snape's been putting her off, Lupin, well, things will get hairy, heh, and let's just say lots of, er, *stuff* is gonna hit the fan next chapter.

No, you're not asking too many questions! You're showing you pay attention to plot and care what happens, which makes me heart you and want to give you that long chapter. Don't know when I'll be able to deliver, but I'll try. ;)

Name: LuLu94 (Signed) · Date: 05/25/08 23:06 · For: I've Been Waiting for You
poor jerry! i feel so sorry for him...this is horrible!!!! but the chapter is really good. i bit short but absence makes the heart grow fongder! Ah-mazing!

Author's Response:

A 3K chapter seems short when the last one was over 4K, doesn't it? :D

Thank you for growing fonder!

If you feel sorry for Jerry now....sigh....

Name: YouMaySayNymphadora (Signed) · Date: 05/24/08 23:06 · For: While Waiting
Tonks little day dream at the beginning was lovely indeed! I'm a sucker for the popular:

"Lovely view," Remus said behind her.

She threw a cheeky glance over her shoulder. "Are you referring to the
'_____' or my bum?" *

Still lying prone across cream-coloured sheets, Remus smiled wolfishly.
"What '______'?" *

*Fill in the blanks.

I don't care which of them is admiring the other's form, this exhange always makes me giggle and long for a Remus of my own!


The rest of this chapter left feeling cold with a knot in the pit of my stomach and dread creeping up and down my spine. Jerry wouldn't do anything to ruin his reputation as an over~grown Wizard Scout, would he?! Because Tonks is most assuredly halucinating at the end when she thinks Remus is there caring for her. I MIGHT be able to forgive the kiss, but nothing more! Oh no, no, no!! This is very, very bad!

I "gravel" at your feet as always, your humble and devoted fan,


Author's Response:

Every woman deserves to have a man love her as deeply as Remus loves Tonks, so I hope you'll find yours...and your life together won't be be filled with angst and separation to offset the bliss!

Name: YouMaySayNymphadora (Signed) · Date: 05/24/08 22:46 · For: The Waiting Game
Dawlish is such an a#&, always mucking up things for Tonks. And if only Tonks knew that she's feeding Jerry's love for her! I like Jerry, but I could really grow to dislike him or even feel indifferent toward him if he mucks things up between Tonks & Remus! :(

And what about Will moving to Iverness? Is this another bad sign? I don't expect you to answer. I know I'll find out in the coming chapters. I just get impatient while waiting and trying to guess what your plans are! So, I think out loud, as it were. :)

I enjoyed the bit of girl talk you were able to work in with Tonks and Ginny. I always wanted an older sister to share things with. A sister like Tonks would have been a dream come true and then some! :)


As always, my favorite part of the chapter was when Tonks & Remus were finally alone. The comments about her being discreet and even "behaving" in order to keep him safe, were both funny and touching. And the entire final paragraph was just... mmmm... perfection!

I "gravel" at your feet as always, your humble, but devoted fan,


Author's Response:

Dawlish is an A#*, and I'm glad Neville's grandmother kicks his, lol.

Tonks is so in love with Remus she's blind to hints about Jerry's feelings. She won't be for much longer, but even then, she'll try to ignore it, until even that isn't an option.

The alone times almost make up for all the separation...almost, sigh.

Hakuna matata!

Name: YouMaySayNymphadora (Signed) · Date: 05/24/08 3:07 · For: I've Been Waiting for You
Uh~oh! Okay, so I was fairly certain Jerry was in love with Tonks... But did he really have to be?! And how much trouble is this going to cause? I mean, is this a case of serious puppy love, or are we talking real true love?! We are, aren't we?! Honest, true, deep, unrequited love! I repeat, how much trouble is this going to cause Tonks and Remus?!?! Uh~oh?!?!

Jerry didn't really hold Tonks all night while she slept, did he?! He didn't bathe her, did he?!?! I think I'm gonna be sick!! Jerry's a Wizard Scout, for goodness sake! He wouldn't take advantage of Tonks being ill like that! He would find someone to help care for her! Wouldn't he?!?!?! I can't stand to think about any of this anymore! The horrible images you've created in my mind... I'm really gonna be sick!! I wish I had a Remus to snog me senseless!!


You actually use Outlines when you write? Do you use flashcards with notes on them and write several rough drafts out longhand, too? I'm just curious. Although I should be honest and admit that the only time I ever used any of those things... was when I had to turn them in to a teacher or a professor, as
part of an assignment or for an individual mark.

Well, I guess I have written a few rough drafts, here and there, but thats all. The rest of the stuff teachers tried to get me to do just bogged me down and got in the way of my writing. I hate it and never bother with any of it. When they did insist I had to do it for a mark, I just made the stuff up after I finished writing the paper. The only problem was, I could never get my Outlines to fit my papers. My teachers and professors could never understand that.

And just so you know... I AM on the edge of my seat wondering wondering what will happen next!

All my best,

Author's Response:

He didn't take advantage, physically, but he's a guy, so he did enjoy the view. :D Unrequited love is bloody painful, for all concerned...all I'm sayin'...


I'm addicted to backspace and cut and paste options to edit as I go, so no longhand for me unless I'm stuck somewhere without internet. *shudders at the thought* :D I'm not that organized about outlines. :D When I get around to original writing, I'll try to do a step outline and running outline, but never Roman numeral stuff, heh, and for fan fiction, I just draw this big half circle, divide it into sections like an orange, and write in what I want to have happen each chapter. Doesn't mean I'll actually write it that way, but it's nice to have. Some writers go back and outline after the rough draft. If you're an instinctive writer, that might work for you!


Name: Leukhendian (Signed) · Date: 05/22/08 14:16 · For: I've Been Waiting for You
Aarrgh... *frustrated groan*... Am I the only one semi-hating Jerry right now? I can't help it! I know it's not his fault for falling in love, but damn it, the boy could bloody well tell Nym about the whole mess. Graaarh... You better clean this up in 23, mate, or I'm bringing pitchforks for everyone! Especially since I'm double grumpy that I wasn't number one to review this time v_v

Oh well, liked the chapter anyway. Nicely done and all that. But I hate hangiiiing... I don't grip edges that well... *sob sob*... I always end up sliding downhill until the next chapter.

I like triumph dances better than grumbling... Here, have a pouty lip. I'll sulk at you until you set this right!!

Author's Response:

Just pitchforks? No thumbscrews....red hot pokers...Chinese finger traps?

I'll meet that pout, and raise you a reproachful, 'I thought you cared!' stare.

*releases shuddery, trying-not-to-cry breath*


PS Can't set things right when they're destined to go wrong....sigh....

Name: geminiginny (Signed) · Date: 05/21/08 15:08 · For: I've Been Waiting for You
Ah yes...the code of the fanfic brethren. One can break promises to ones' readers as really, it's a fantasy world. It doesn't matter to me anyhoo...I'm not very concerned datewise. Or anythingwise actually. What's the point in stressing? And I'm talking about Tonks here. It's all good, calm down, Remus loves you...but I still want to know what happens next!

Author's Response: All is not good, but you're right, what's the point of stressing. Might as well wait for things to go pear shaped before getting your knickers in a twist, heh.

Name: lioness_of_magic (Signed) · Date: 05/19/08 14:35 · For: I've Been Waiting for You
Awwww poor Jerry! I love the guy but he's fighting a losing battle. Hahaha Remus a "top-lofty" professor...

Author's Response:

In the battle for Tonks' heart, Jerry has no ammunition, lol, but he'll make one last stand.

*remembers the Alamo...winces...*

Remus was chagrined and amused at the same time about that. :D

Name: quibblerfan135 (Signed) · Date: 05/19/08 13:57 · For: I've Been Waiting for You
okay well i've been reading your stories (this one and For Bitter And For Worse) for ages now and i've finally decided to review! So yeah sorry about that because i mean i know how much a review can mean to an author! Anyway i'd just like to say congratulations on writing such great stories-i find it hard to think of Remus and Tonks any way other than that which they are in your stories now! So yeah basically this chapter is another amazing one but i can't wait to see what happens when (and i'm guessing she will!) Tonks and/or Remus find out about what really happened the night she got drugged!=] so yeah well done also for updating regualarly-it's one of the reasons i like reading your stories so much and felt obliged to review-better late than never!=] so basically keep up the great work and i don't mind if you go outside of your guidelines-it just makes for a longer story!xx

Author's Response:

Yay! You've been reading and now you've reviewed! Drinks all round! :D

That's such a wonderful compliment, and you're right, she will, and so will Remus! I can't update this story as much as I'd like because pesky real life and another story gets in the way, but I'll keep trying to do better, and thank you for being piratically minded. You're me heartie, for that!

Name: She (Signed) · Date: 05/10/08 1:28 · For: While Waiting
Poor Jerry, poor Remus, poor Nym...*shakes head and clucks tongue like old lady* I just hope Remus doesn't find out...k now that i've hoped it's definitely going to happen. :(

Author's Response:

Yeah, it's gonna happen, but the details won't come out until the worst possible moment, sigh. Angst and Christmas should NOT go together!

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