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Name: hogwartsbookworm (Signed) · Date: 08/08/11 21:14 · For: ...will you catch me?
Well, Miss CA, that was adorable. I'm usually rather a canon shipper, but that was done quite believably. And so many great lines! I loved their banter, it was great. The plot was very well done, really fit their separate personalities. And I love how you've developed Oliver into more than the Quidditch fanatic. Altogether, great job!

Name: mhgood (Signed) · Date: 11/05/09 11:34 · For: ...will you catch me?
Oh, so very sweet! I love the casual way the breakup with Ron is described--no heart break or drama to distract from the main story. And the way Oliver turns out to actaully have something in common with Hermione--very nice. And the awkwardness, that made it all believable. I really love this pairing; ever since reading Consequentially Yours by Nyruserra, I've been hooked. It's hard to find a decent Oliver/Hermione story, though, so I thank you for writing this. :-)

Name: KittyCatLover (Signed) · Date: 07/17/08 21:29 · For: ...will you catch me?
Ohhh, that was so sweet! I can totally picture the scene when Ginny drags the boys of while Hermione's talking to Wood at the Quidditch (Don't know how to spell) match, Hermione with a hand over her eyes, Wood kind of going 'Isn't that them...' and Ginny dragging the boys off going 'come on boys, we're laving!'.

The title fit so perfectly (which would be why you chose it, sorry it's late)! But for some reason I picture Hermione having some weired, like, Pride and Prejudice English accent, don't ask me why. I've read several of your other stories, they're all fantastic, and this one's no different!

Name: Binka Fudge (Signed) · Date: 07/07/08 17:16 · For: ...will you catch me?
Aw, yet anot6her of your fics thats left me beaming, and it's funny but i'm not even upset that Ron and Hermione aren't together, I mean Ron seems quite happy and Wood's making sure that Hermione is. Sorry, can't get used to calling him Oliver.

Name: go go ravenclaw (Signed) · Date: 04/30/08 8:49 · For: ...will you catch me?
Very wonderfully and naturally written! A sweet fic, one of the best Hr/OW I've every read!

“Will you hold my hand?” Oliver asked abruptly.

“What, now?” Hermione said, startled.

This part made me laugh out loud! I love you!

Name: Pissenoffanis (Anonymous) · Date: 12/01/07 22:33 · For: ...will you catch me?
haha cute ending! Loving the cheesy lines ;) they add a bit of fluff into the story. Great writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! I'm glad you liked it. Have a nice day! *D*

Name: ember (Signed) · Date: 08/19/07 18:10 · For: ...will you catch me?
sequel please! And make it a long one! (Am I being to demanding?)

Author's Response: Hmm. I don't really have any sequels in mind...this story probably stands best on its own, I think. You could always try out one of my other stories, branch out...I have one coming out soon that you might like, even though it's not Oliver/Hermione. It's almost as scandalous...;) Anyway, thank you for liking it so much!

Name: kamahoo900 (Signed) · Date: 08/11/07 11:54 · For: ...will you catch me?
cute story.

Author's Response: thank you. :)

Name: Ennalee (Signed) · Date: 08/06/07 11:38 · For: ...will you catch me?
While Ron/Hermione is probably the closest thing I have to an OTP in Harry Potter, I do enjoy unusual Hermione pairings a lot, and your story reminded me why. This was a fun read – a nice clean narrative, good dialogue, a fun plot – I enjoyed it a lot. Hermione and Oliver’s characterizations worked very well, and there were a lot of fun little one-liners. Perhaps my favorite: Throughout her childhood she’d believed that witches rode broomsticks — it followed, therefore, that Hermione should ride one too. *giggles* The thought of a wedding on broomsticks made me snort; poor Hermione, surrounded by her Quidditch-obsessed friends!

“We didn’t talk about much, and it was still largely Quidditch-related, so...he hasn’t changed much, it seems.” It’s a little unclear what “it” is referring to – the much they didn’t talk about? Perhaps, “We didn’t talk about much, and what we did say was largely Quidditch-related,” or something of the sort?
I’d like a bit of information in the beginning about where the story is set; I started wondering where she was as soon as we learned that Ginny had lent her the broom: the Burrow? Hogwarts? I was surprised to learn, several paragraphs later, that the war was already over, and had to pause reading in order to reconstruct my ideas of the setting. While it’s perfectly acceptable (and often very effective) to release information about the setting slowly over the course of a story, here I found it distracting me; since the setting isn’t particularly important to the story itself, a couple clues at the beginning might have kept the narrative flowing better, without the distracting question of where they are.

The other thing I’d be interested in knowing is exactly what background Oliver and Hermione have; we have no canon knowledge of their interaction or lack thereof, so it would be helpful to know what their reacquaintance is building on. Is it merely a knowledge of the other’s existence, Harry’s friend and Harry’s Quidditch captain, or did they have some contact as two members of Gryffindor?
He’ll find one that’s prettier than I could ever hope to be, and not so much smarter than him that he feels he’s always three steps behind, and not with our complicated history. The first part of the sentence is perfectly in character – of course Hermione always thinks Ron is looking for prettier girls. I had a bit more difficulty with the second part; Hermione may know that she is smarter than Ron, but would she say it straight out like that? Perhaps you could continue in the self-deprecating vein as she refers to her brains – she could say something about a girl who wasn’t always barraging him with books and facts.

What heavier-than-thou tome have you been toting around lately?” *snorts* Great phrase. *giggles*

This could be wrong, because I don’t have my book to check, but I think it’s supposed to be “Omnioculars,” not “Omniculars.”

I’m nitpicking terribly, but only because the story as a whole is so enjoyable. Now I’m craving Hermione/Oliver, which is quite unusual for me, so good job on that, and on the story overall!

Author's Response: Nan, I love receiving reviews from you. The part about you pointing out all the weaknesses that I tried to ignore is even good. Because...why should I ignore weaknesses? Someday I might go back and take a closer look at the things you mentioned; thank you for bringing them to my attention. You had the same favorite line as my mother. Congratulations. :) Thank you for the review! *D*

Name: Buckbeak rules (Signed) · Date: 07/04/07 22:56 · For: ...will you catch me?
gosh, i'm melting!!! that is soo sweet i think i am in love!!! i know i am a big HG/OW shipper but this is just so sweet and i love the end and everything!!! this is brilliant writing! it really is! it had everything one could want!!!
Very good, bravo!!!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. :) *D*

Name: SomberBallad (Signed) · Date: 07/01/07 23:19 · For: ...will you catch me?

Guh! Leslie, this is so good!

Oliver is adorable, just making want to melt into a puddle over here. I want an Oliver Wood…

Hermione and Oliver were very well characterized to fit the change they’ve made since Hogwarts. I like that while you mentioned the time was after the war you didn’t burden us with all the details of what happened, because so many stories do that when they don’t need to, that’s not what this story is about. So thank you!

My first thoughts while reading the beginning were…”Harry wouldn’t let her practice flying all by herself!” (the H/Hr shipper in me won’t die!) and *sigh* Darn that Ginny and Harry! But H/Hr got banished to the back of my mind while reading this because Hermione and Oliver had amazingly believable chemistry and you didn’t beat us poor Harmony shippers over the head with Harry/Ginny lovey doveyness, so thanks so much :)

Now I shall do my traditional singling out lines to make comments on….

“Oliver Wood,” Hermione remarked. “Well, I’m grateful at least that I’ve seen you before in my life — which has been lengthened by your opportune arrival.”

While I understand what you are trying to say in this line, it seems all confuddled, like you are trying to show you are way smarter than me so you said this line a fancy way…but you might want to dumb it down for simple people like me, because I’d like to think I’m not any stupider than the average fanfiction reader.

…they had the brilliant idea of holding the wedding in the air, on broomsticks…

You are so brilliant, Harry and Ginny would have a wedding in the air. I was so impressed by this idea.

“Oh, so it’s not just your latent inability to accept failure at anything,” Oliver said, chuckling.

This made me laugh, it was kind of mean in a way for having just met her again for the first time in a long time, but it still made me laugh, I liked it.

“Oliver Wood! How is he doing these days?”

Ginny’s reaction to Hermione falling from a broom almost to her death…*blink*…what about “Oh thank God you are okay?” (or thank Merlin, whatever) or “it was a good thing he was there” I don’t know, it seemed kind of completely unsympathetic for being her best friend and all. Then again I think Ginny is kind of mean so….well I would write this…but I don’t think normal people hate Ginny as much as I do.

Someone crept up behind her and traced a thin scratch on her face that she’d tried to hide. “You didn’t have that last time I saw you,” murmured a familiar voice.

*did not melt and blush at the same time* Oh yes…it’s possible. *fans self* So sexy….

So, congratulations girly, this is the first review I’ve written(maybe not spew worthy but not half bad if I do say so myself) and fanfiction I’ve read in a long time…and it was fantastic. It was a well written chemistry and romance and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You should be proud :)

Author's Response: This review is totally SPEW-worthy. And it means a lot to me that you wrote it for me, you have no idea. Sorry it took me so long to respond...*cough*...and this is going to be short too because I keep timing out in the middle of it. Thank you, Ashley darlingest dear. :) *D*

Name: relichunter18 (Signed) · Date: 07/01/07 19:43 · For: ...will you catch me?
Cute, but shouldn't this be in the Hermione/Other group?

Author's Response: Yes. *blush* Thanks for catching that! I used to be so picky about that...

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