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Name: so I die_happy (Signed) · Date: 01/07/08 15:21 · For: "She glanced this way..."
Love it! *sing-song voice*

Name: so I die_happy (Signed) · Date: 01/07/08 14:59 · For: "...I didn't see it there before."
Wait a second.. where's the black hair coming from?!? That doesn't seem familiar...... :) oh well, it's something to learn to love I suppose... seeing as I ThInK that is Lucie. (?) right ? loving it so far!

Name: so I die_happy (Signed) · Date: 01/07/08 6:39 · For: "...But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined!"
So, what? Now he's going to be all nasty because he's got a sister and be mean to Hermione??? That's not cool.. oh well I'll just have to wait and see I guess... Wonderfull first chapter by the way.. at least, i think this is the first chapter...

Name: chrissy_coo_coo (Signed) · Date: 12/20/07 17:13 · For: ...I thought I saw
AMAZING JOB! kEEP UP THE FANTASTIC AMAZING WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL WORK! Great job, can't wait for the next chappy! Keep up the work!

Name: Mnemone Radford (Signed) · Date: 12/15/07 11:38 · For: ...I thought I saw
I love this story to death! "To Love Life Again" was also great, but for some reason, this one strikes my fancy even more. I know everyone has said this already, but I hope you know how true it is- you write so naturally! I don't believe I've read many, if any, Dramiones (or other fics, for that matter!) with this level of...*tries to think of right word* *fails miserably*...naturalness. The dialogue, their actions- it all flows and fits perfectly. I've read canon ships with a ton more OOCness! Despite the admitted improbability of Draco and Hermione falling in love (a fact that causes me much pain to acknowledge, being an avid Dramione reader), you have made this romance subtle and fresh and completely credible. It's a lovely change of pace from the usual trite, rote plots and dull, flat descriptions. So kudos to you! *runs over to read your new Dramione*

-The Order of the Ravenclaw House Elves-

Author's Response: Wow, Emily, thank you so much! Loving this story to death is high praise, if I may say so myself! And this natural-ness thingy, I'll probably have to append this soon as blurb in my summary. I'm not conscious about it as I go along, but it's amazing and lovely that it's what you my beloved readers see and love. *huggles*

Name: groteskq_fatality (Signed) · Date: 11/26/07 1:16 · For: ...I thought I saw
awww thats soo cute.
hmmm kinda crazy and shady.
love it. :D can't wait.

Author's Response: I'm glad you love it, hon. Thank you!

Name: Suika07 (Signed) · Date: 11/25/07 23:05 · For: ...I thought I saw
your writing is just so natural!! the interaction, dialogue, description, everything. brilliant and so easy to get sucked into.
that horse ride was so sweet! :)
i really like lucie, too. but hermione definitally pegged it, there's something off there.
hah, i love how they were expected to share a bed, because of this fiance business. brilliant!
i really love your characterization, and how you shed light on some of draco's insecurities in a believable way.
anyway, cant wait to read more!! :)
keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Oh my, thank you for the compliments, Suika. *hugs* I hope I continue to deliver.

Name: Misdemeanor1331 (Signed) · Date: 11/25/07 21:11 · For: ...I thought I saw
Okay, Draco is the epitome of cuteness. All this 'My Hermione' business. Oh, just makes me giggle. And him being all insecure about Hermione staying with him...it's absolutely charming!

I personally liked how Draco 'proposed'. It was everything you wanted it to be: not contrived and not too suggestive or anything; it was great!
Although I do wonder why you used 'the man' and 'the woman' in the last bit. For the life of me, I just can't figure it out. I mean, it's an interesting device to employ, to be sure. Kinda de-characterizes (although I'm not sure if that's the right word...de-personalizes, perhaps?) the scene. But I would like to know your reasoning, if you're up to sharing!

Hermione is very observant about Lucie. I didn't notice half those things! It worries me, though, because Hermione is right: Lucie needs to be able to laugh and be a child and not so bottled up all the time. Could it be because she knows she's a witch (or different, as it were) and is struggling to hide it? Probably not, but I would like to know.

Anyways, great job! And good luck on NaNoWriMo! I don't participate myself, but I have close friends who do and I've never known them to be more simultaneously stressed and in love with it!

Author's Response: At last, someone hailed the 'My Hermione' thing cute! *hugs Mel* Thanks, hon! And I'm glad I've nailed Draco's 'proposal'.

Here's my answer about my narration shift at the end, which Ruby also asked about. I quote from my reply to her review: "As for the last part, it's a sneaky author tool, reverting to limited omniscient POV there. I didn't want to be in either of their heads (Draco's or Hermione's), so I had us all watching them instead. Hence, I was given free rein to dangle and not give away their intentions and thoughts."

About Lucie, we'll soon know, I promise.

Ugh, my NaNo is hopeless against my MNFF... *grumbles while running off to submit a drabble* ^-^

Name: phoenix_fille (Signed) · Date: 11/25/07 14:48 · For: ...I thought I saw
Awww, that was sweet. And funny too. But I can't seem to figure out why Dina has Lucie if Lucie is La Mott.' sister. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, Laura. And Dina is the Carews' housekeeper. ^-^ The update should come along in two weeks' time at most.

Name: primagirl89 (Signed) · Date: 11/25/07 1:37 · For: ...I thought I saw
I just love this story!!!!!!! I thought it came off very natural...

Author's Response: I'm glad you love it, thanks, hon. I hope I keep it 'natural' to the end. ^_^

Name: La_Rubinita (Signed) · Date: 11/25/07 0:09 · For: ...I thought I saw
AH! *Happy Dance* I loved this chapter. I completely agree with Hermione about Madame LaMott. She's up to something, sneaky little wench. Now, as for the last part, was someone spying on Draco and Hermione? It didnt' confuse me, but I am concerned that Madame LaMott is being even less upfront that we think. I may be totally off base here, though. I loved the scene where they went riding. I rode as a child, and you described it so well. It made me want to go jump on a horse :) You're a genius. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hi, my dear Ruby! You know, I'm getting ashamed now because I haven't checked out your own story yet. *sheepish blushing emoticon here* I'll sure make time one day to do so.

I'm glad you danced to this chappie! Oh, hmm, you might want to read it again, because Hermione's impression about Eunice La Mott is a little teased. *wink*

As for the last part, it's a sneaky author tool, reverting to limited omniscient POV there. I didn't want to be in either of their heads (Draco's or Hermione's), so I had us all watching them instead. Hence, I was given free rein to dangle and not give away their intentions and thoughts. *another wink*

Name: magicfishy (Signed) · Date: 11/24/07 14:42 · For: "She glanced this way..."
you used the name Andrei...are you from Romania by any chance? :D

Author's Response: Hi Ioana. I must say, that's a lovely name you have there. And no, I'm a Filipina. :)

Name: magicfishy (Signed) · Date: 11/24/07 14:41 · For: "She glanced this way..."
you used the name Andrei...are you from Romania by any chance? :D

Name: ssdawn (Signed) · Date: 11/19/07 0:12 · For: "She glanced this way..."
I simply adore Lucie...not the horse even though the horse sounds beautiful also!
I love at the end how Draco declared Hermione his fiancee'! That shocked both of them! That was great!!

I can't wait to see how they are going to get Lucie away from Madame La Mott's clutches!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked Lucie, Sheila! And yes, i love that part, too! *evil cackle* I'm submitting the next chapter right now...

Name: hermybabay82 (Signed) · Date: 11/17/07 2:34 · For: "She glanced this way..."
I would have to say that normally I don't like Dramione fics, however this one and the prequel to it are absolutely fabulous! I love Draco's resentment toward his old life and how he has gradually fallen for Hermione, and she for him. I have spotted a few missed used words here and there, only minor ones like 'his' where 'hers' should be(something to that effect), but they are so few and far between that I can hardly point them out now. Altogether I say a very well written and thought out story! Brava!


Author's Response: Hi Stacy, thank you so much for reading. And I hope you continue to give Dramione the time of day. Some of them are real good! ^_^ About the misused words, do tell when you spot them again, okay? Good luck with your own James/Lily fic.

Name: sophiewalpole (Signed) · Date: 11/16/07 8:09 · For: "She glanced this way..."
i love it, please keep the chapters coming ive saved you in my favourites

Author's Response: Thank you, hon! I'll try to be faster with the updates.

Name: sophiewalpole (Signed) · Date: 11/16/07 7:12 · For: "...and so unsure..."
i love this chapter oh my god, they have finally kissed this has been working up sice the beginning of to love life again im really looking forward to these next chapters

Author's Response: Hi Mary, yes, I agree. ^_^

Name: groteskq_fatality (Signed) · Date: 11/15/07 22:54 · For: "She glanced this way..."
ohhhh merci.love teh update.
gooo draco.he's sooo protective and cute.
fiance?amazing! yay! ha.


Author's Response: I am so happy about the happiness obvious in your review, hon. ^_^ Thanks!

Name: snapefan2007 (Signed) · Date: 11/15/07 20:03 · For: "She glanced this way..."
i liked it!

Author's Response: Another Laura! I'm glad you did! Thank you!

Name: phoenix_fille (Signed) · Date: 11/15/07 16:26 · For: "She glanced this way..."
Interestin, but I got a bit confused at times. Update soon (and I forgive you for taking forever)

Author's Response: Thanks, Laura! You can contact me about the things you couldn't grasp, hon.

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