Reviewer: Pissenoffanis
Date: 11/04/07 23:59
Chapter: No Reason To Stop

Oh dear now comes the part where her body starts to break down *winces* This could get nasty...

Don't worry, I forgive you if you have big breaks between chapters - just don't stop writing! :)

Reviewer: ebonydawnpotter
Date: 11/04/07 21:00
Chapter: No Reason To Stop

I am intrigued by your take on this current issue. I am also interested in how this story shows a different side of not only Ginny's personality, but her character on a whole. Overall, very well written:)! Keep it up! I will definitely be back to finish reading it!

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra
Date: 11/04/07 20:01
Chapter: No Reason To Stop

OMG! she doesn't realise things, does she?

Ginny's too smart for this! Knock some sense into her, please!

Reviewer: SilverLily_13
Date: 11/04/07 15:43
Chapter: All Battles are the Same

I've read the last few chapters a few times, and I think you did a great job in portraying Ginny's thoughts and emotions, even though I'm pretty sure it would take something a little more dramatic than Harry breaking up with her to get her to break down like this, I really like the plot. Update soon, can't wait to read more! : )

Author's Response: It's not just the break up with Harry, it was just that is what pushed her over the edge. Remember there is so much going on around her, the war, half her family in the order, probably stressed with school like every other student. Anorexia is alot about having control and she can't control these things so she has looked towards something else that she can keep control of. Thanks for reading and reviewing. emma x x x

Reviewer: DracosBaby_232
Date: 10/25/07 13:19
Chapter: All Battles are the Same


Reviewer: DracosBaby_232
Date: 10/25/07 13:09
Chapter: Old and New Faces

Keep writing.

Reviewer: DracosBaby_232
Date: 10/25/07 13:05
Chapter: A Blur of Words

I really feel for Ginny............... poor girl.

Reviewer: DracosBaby_232
Date: 10/25/07 12:58
Chapter: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

This is a good story. Keep writing, I'd like to see what happens.

Reviewer: DracosBaby_232
Date: 10/25/07 12:50
Chapter: Realising the truth

That was so sad! Ginny is completely mental for doing this but she's going throughn a rough time so hopefully it will fade. Hopefully.

Reviewer: bite
Date: 10/16/07 9:33
Chapter: All Battles are the Same

Good story. You don't need to tone it down and i will add it to my fave list.

Author's Response: thanks alot. I think its wonderful to know that I am still attracting new readers and also keeping them interested. emma x x x

Reviewer: Nadia Malfoy
Date: 10/11/07 16:24
Chapter: All Battles are the Same

I like it a lot! ITruthfully, I don't think you did a very good job on the last chapter, but this one was back to the norm--wonderful!

Author's Response: I actually felt that this one was bad... and I liked the last one. I actually was in tears when I was writing the bit with Ginny on the train because I just felt like she was so helpless, but shhhh. Oh well. I'm glad you liked it.
emma x x x

Reviewer: Tina_hglover
Date: 10/11/07 14:09
Chapter: All Battles are the Same

You need a better ending !!!otherwise gd!!

Author's Response: I thought the ending was a bit quick, but I tried other things and they all sounded worse. Thanks for reviewing.
emma x x x

Reviewer: moonstonesilver
Date: 10/11/07 13:34
Chapter: All Battles are the Same

Hmmm.. interesting... and you know - i sort of think that sometimes - when i'm depressed and stuff.... it's very realistic and very well written. I'm sure my favorite teacher (or English - of course! :D) would say that you have a very good 'flow' in your writing - that means everything follows each event smoothly without a single disruption. :D :D But why does Ginny just jump to the conclusion that Harry thinks she's fat?! Well... I come to that conclusion too, sometimes... But that doesn't mean she should starve herself!

Author's Response: Ginny justifys what she is doing by saying she is doing it for harry's sake and because she thinks that in the end it will improve everybody's lives. Of course there are many more factors that contribute to Ginny's anorexia: being the youngest in her family, being possesed by voldemort when she was so young, being so worried about the war going on and not being able to help. Harry breaking up with her was the thing that pushed her over the edge.
thanks for reading and reviewing. The nest chapter shouldnt take too long to get posted. emma x x x

Reviewer: moonstonesilver
Date: 10/11/07 13:28
Chapter: Old and New Faces

Well... I just hope that Ginny sees sense. I hope your disorder's getting better! :)

Author's Response: oooooooooooooooooh, I feel that I should explain this. I don't actually suffer from anorexia... I just understand how someone could get caught up in it.

Reviewer: moonstonesilver
Date: 10/11/07 13:24
Chapter: A Blur of Words

Wow! Aww... your grammar can't be as bad as my mum's - and hers is pretty bad... :S But the story's really surprising, I really like it! :) :D :D B-D m/ hehe.

Reviewer: moonstonesilver
Date: 10/11/07 13:19
Chapter: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Well, when you're talking about 'addressing the issue' - it's pretty good - but right now i'm a little confused... I thought you don't care about the commercials? Cuz by the looks of it - Ginny sure as heck does... Could you please explain? Me is getting very confused.

Author's Response: but right now i'm a little confused... I thought you don't care about the commercials? I don't quite understand. If you explain what you are confused about I'd be happy to try and explain.
emma x x x

Reviewer: moonstonesilver
Date: 10/11/07 13:05
Chapter: Realising the truth

Awww... poor Ginny! Why is she thinking all this nonsense?! And I'm really sorry for you, emmaholloway... Don't take that as offense or anything. :blush:. I think you wrote this story on a good basis, and it's going to be worth reading it! I can FEEL it! :D :D

Author's Response: you feel sorry for me??
anyway, thanks for reading and reviewing, I'm really glad it's appealing to more and more people.
emma x x x

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra
Date: 10/11/07 12:48
Chapter: All Battles are the Same

I'm so nervous with all this. It scares me what people can do when their minds are twisted by the wrong conceptions.
Please update soon!

Reviewer: voldy_mort
Date: 10/11/07 12:25
Chapter: All Battles are the Same

Ooh, I do! I like how its going; quite interesting

Reviewer: voldy_mort
Date: 10/11/07 12:14
Chapter: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Still good. I think you seem to be prtraying well.

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