Reviewer: C_A_Campbell
Date: 12/12/07 22:19
Chapter: The House on Preston Road

I've been meaning to read this story from the moment I saw it's title first appear in the new stories but I never got around to it. Same on me. I've always wanted what would have happened if it had been Neville and not Harry who had been the boy who lived, and thanks to this, we'll soon find out.

At first I was afraid that since this was AU, that it might not be the Neville that I know in love, but as I had hoped, you captured his personality beautifully. And you captured the grandmother's as well. Details were good, and everything was simply wonderful. I can't wait to read the next part of this part of the story!

The Order of the House Elves

Merry Christmas from your fellow 'Claws!

Author's Response:

Wow, a review for PS! I haven't had one of these for a while. Thank you!

I don't like AU fics where AU is just an excuse to change a character's personality or ignore some bit of canon the author doesn't like. To me the best AU fics (and there are several on this site) take one big 'what if' question and play it out retaining the characters' personalities as close as possible. Otherwise it has no link to canon. These fics aren't so much about a different story as how a different personality (Neville's) reacts to the same situations.

Anyway, glad you liked it and I hope you're able to keep reading all the way through to early PoA, where I'm up to at present. Merry Christmas to you too, and Go Ravenclaw!

Reviewer: MaiaMadness
Date: 09/25/07 5:50
Chapter: The Face of the Enemy

This was an excellent story. I too have wondered what the series would have looked like if it was Neville rather than Harry who became the Boy-Who-Lived. I very much enjoyed this. I love how Neville is so much his own person at the same time as he follows Harry's original timeline. And I love how Harry is so much like James. Very confident, bordering on arrogant, but a good person all the same.

This was a very good read, and I'll be keeping up with this series to see what happens next. I'm very curious about how you'll solve PoA. :)


Author's Response: Thank you for your kind comments and I'm glad you enjoyed this. PoA was the first problem I set out to solve when I came up with this idea and I didn't start writing until I had it planned out. It's more GoF (especially the Tournament) and HBP that worry me now!

Reviewer: Pottergirl
Date: 09/06/07 19:56
Chapter: Learning Curve

Even thought it's Neville with the scar, Snape still treats Harry like crap!! Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs strike again!

Author's Response: Indeed, and their influence is even stronger than you might think, as will be revealed as the story unfolds.

Reviewer: Prof M McGonagall
Date: 08/27/07 19:13
Chapter: The Face of the Enemy

Very clever! I enjoyed this very much, and your take on what would have happened if Neville was "the Chosen One" closely matches the characterizations that JKR used. Thanks for a great story!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Keep reading into Book 2!

Reviewer: Kif
Date: 08/25/07 8:12
Chapter: The Face of the Enemy

Awesome last chapter! Can't wait for the second "book". :D

Author's Response: Thanks! It's on its way.

Reviewer: WrackspurtGirl
Date: 08/24/07 9:06
Chapter: Advice from a Hat

Thats really sweet how you have Fred abd George joke about the amount of time Harry spends around their house - yey!

Author's Response: Yeah, it was an fun way of establishing Harry already knows Ron, and typical of what Fred and George would do!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 08/23/07 21:23
Chapter: The Face of the Enemy

nice. a nice variation to PS. I really like it.

Author's Response: This book will actually end up being one of the least altered of the 7, simply because so much has to be set up. Books 3, 5 and 7 are the easiest to reimagine. I have a few good ideas for 4, but no idea for an original plotline for 6 yet!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 08/23/07 21:13
Chapter: The Professors' Tasks

ooh.. do i see a little R/H?

Author's Response: You see the merest hint of the tiniest detail of it! The ships in general won't start sailing until book 4 at least, but this at least marks the first time Ron and Hermione don't absolutely hate each other. More in book 2...

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 08/23/07 17:48
Chapter: The Face of the Enemy

And that's the end! I can't wait for the third, so the second coming out would be a good thing.

Author's Response: There are pointers to the third scattered through the second book, the first big one in chapter 3, so keep reading! First chapter of book 2 now in the queue.

Reviewer: NorthernLights
Date: 08/23/07 9:13
Chapter: The Face of the Enemy

Wow, very nice. I really like how Neville can't say Voldemort. It shows Neville's character tremendously! Good Job, can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: Neville will say Voldemort eventually, I just haven't decided when yet. As a pure-blood he was brought up to fear the name and it takes a long time to fade (look at Ron).

Reviewer: Kif
Date: 08/22/07 5:12
Chapter: The Professors' Tasks

Really good! I've always loved this series. Glad Harry and Ron are getting involved in it now. :)

Author's Response: See below

Reviewer: Kif
Date: 08/22/07 5:12
Chapter: The Professors' Tasks

Really good! I've always loved this series. Glad Harry and Ron are getting involved in it now. :)

Author's Response: I'm easing Harry and Ron into the story gently. They'll never be central characters but they'll always be very important, and more so as time goes on. Keep reading, and the first chapter of Book 2 is now being submitted!

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 08/17/07 9:35
Chapter: The House on Preston Road

Interesting, very interesting to see the whole story from Nevilles oropective. Somehow, I can just picture his gran treating him like this so you did a very good job on her charactarization.=Sammy

Author's Response: I like Gran, she's tough but fair. Neville might not appreciate her, but she's far better than any Dursley and eventually he'll see that.

Reviewer: NorthernLights
Date: 08/15/07 19:30
Chapter: The Professors' Tasks

I liked how you made them flip a coin. This was really good. I can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: I thought Neville needed to learn other people are just as frightened as him, and what bravery means, as this is the first time he actually gets to be brave. Last chapter of PS going in the queue now!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 08/15/07 19:28
Chapter: The Professors' Tasks

Yay! Very good, very good! I can't wait for the rest of this! Oh, and Ron & Hermione were so cute! Yay! Ok, I'm better now. *replaces professional congratulatory face* Good story, keep it going.

Author's Response: Thank you. I can tell you that this is only the very beginning of Ron and Hermione's long journey and there are a few more surprises to come down the road...

Reviewer: JustLikeHermione77
Date: 08/15/07 17:57
Chapter: The House on Preston Road

wow your writing is just like JKR's style! are you sure you're not JKR in disguise?!?! lol

Author's Response: I assure you I am not JK Rowling, I am male and somewhat younger for a start! I am British though, maybe we share a similar British style. If so, I count myself remarkably lucky!

Reviewer: NorthernLights
Date: 08/09/07 20:33
Chapter: A Dragon and Detention

Wow...that was really good.

I was looking for this chapter to come up for like four days and then I had to go away before it got validated! I really liked it though.

Author's Response: Thanks, it was good to finally bring Harry to the fore in a really positive way. More in the next chapter, which should hopefully be up by the beginning of next week.

Reviewer: DanIsRad74
Date: 08/08/07 21:48
Chapter: Past Scars

You did a good job with Dumbledore! Loads of people make him sound like a complete weirdo, but you made him just like he should be.

Author's Response: Thanks! He's not the easiest character to get right, so I'm glad you like him.

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 08/07/07 8:34
Chapter: A Dragon and Detention

ew. stupid ,alfoy. sorry im not saying ew to the story, just to thelikes of malfoys cowardice.

Author's Response: Malfoy is the classic cowardly bully. Of course he does grow up eventually, but we're a long way from Book 6!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 08/07/07 8:27
Chapter: Malfoy's Malice

Yay! Harry! ew i hate malfoy

Author's Response: For some reason, I find writing for Malfoy quite easy. I don't know what that says about me... :)

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