Reviewer: Marinka
Date: 12/24/12 22:32
Chapter: Butterfly Wings

I loved the story, there so many loose ends left to deal with so i hope you can come back and finish it at some stage. I think you would get much better review rate if you move it to FFNet.

Reviewer: Tash96
Date: 11/24/10 20:12
Chapter: Old Enemies and New Friends

Hey, I loved this story! And you MUST MUST MUST continue it very very soon! Please don't just leave it, k? Thanksss :D

Reviewer: JustAPlainPureBlood
Date: 11/10/10 16:20
Chapter: Butterfly Wings

This story is so good! I can't get enough of it! Please keep updating! :)

Reviewer: Twilight468
Date: 09/24/09 20:13
Chapter: Butterfly Wings

Ahh... I was sucked in! I love this story. Keep it up! I just kept clicking next but now it's finished :( keep on writing! It's awesome. Such a climatic way for the end of the chapter. Love it

Reviewer: Marauderess_Gryffin6
Date: 05/27/09 19:16
Chapter: Butterfly Wings

Hey i do not review a lot but this story is really good and you really need to update! Please!

Reviewer: ZomgShaylex
Date: 03/08/09 23:38
Chapter: Butterfly Wings

Fantastic chapter! I love your characterization. Your version of the future is also very believable. I can't wait for more. :)

Reviewer: rainwet_memories
Date: 12/08/08 21:07
Chapter: Back to School

yeah i realize that chapter was pretty short. sorry about that. thanks for the input, its nice to hear that people notice things...
more chaps coming up!! juciness has unfortunately been delayed due to plot advancement but it will come eventually :D

Reviewer: cullen8
Date: 12/08/08 20:36
Chapter: Back to School

Short...interesting, but short...i can't wait to hear more. i'm hoping for longer chapters but you are the author and i fully respect you decision of chapter length. This was a good lead in to what's coming next and I hope the next chapter is really juicy! thank you for writing a good D&G romance fic that's not sappy.

Reviewer: Flying_Pheonix
Date: 09/26/08 10:59
Chapter: The Other Malfoy Boy

can i just say:
PleasePleasePlease can you update soon!!??
i really love this!

Author's Response: so sorry to everyone waiting for an update: my account is having problems, and wont let me add a new chapter. I've contacted a moderator, and hopefully we'll get this all sorted out. I hope you'll check back in, because hopefully updates will be coming soon! Thank you soooo much for your love and support!!!!!!! I am endlessly grateful to everyone who reviews!!!!!!!! xoxoxxx rainwet_memories

Reviewer: twilight_mistress
Date: 08/22/08 20:47
Chapter: The Other Malfoy Boy

that's it? i was so into the story that i didn't even realize that it was the end, it's amazing writing and i think i like malfoy after this.
good job

Reviewer: pizza123
Date: 07/15/08 15:58
Chapter: The Other Malfoy Boy

ahhh poor harry great story tho!!

Reviewer: cullen8
Date: 07/05/08 16:19
Chapter: The Other Malfoy Boy

Oooooh...I LOVE this chapter!! It was great. I especially loved the title, a play off The Other Boleyn Girl. Very Clever :) I've been waiting for this update for a while... I hope the next chapter doesn't get lost too. Keep on going...the story is awesome!

Reviewer: mathgirl365
Date: 07/03/08 21:04
Chapter: Old Enemies and New Friends

What an interesting way to percive harry and Draco....................................................................................................................................................................................................I LOVE IT!!!! keep writing!

Reviewer: Luna_Lovegood11
Date: 07/02/08 13:42
Chapter: Old Enemies and New Friends

Wonderful, but, because that's just how picky I am, the small grammatical errors drove me crazy. Awesome job, though! It's stories like these that make me realize why I don't mind draco/ginny fics.

Author's Response: thank you! sorry about those errors... some of this is stuff I wrote a LONG time ago, so hopefully it'll get better...

Reviewer: cullen8
Date: 06/26/08 13:46
Chapter: Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger

I really like ur story! It's my favorite Draco/Ginny fic. Plz continue to update...I CAN"T WAIT TO C WAT HAPPENS!!

Reviewer: NorthernPhoenix
Date: 06/01/08 5:36
Chapter: Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger

Wow great chapter. Loved the heat between Draco and Ginny. But what was up with Vanessa letting Draco go, wasn't she on the other team? Or does everyone want Draco. Also, who are the chocolate frogs for? Looking forward to the next chapter!

Reviewer: NorthernPhoenix
Date: 06/01/08 5:21
Chapter: Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Interesting chapter, looking forward to the next one!

Reviewer: cullen8
Date: 04/16/08 22:17
Chapter: The Burrow

AAAAHHHHH!!!! I LOVE this story! Seriously, WOW! Plot: perfect - Characters: love 'em - Writing Style: perfectly paced - Anything and Everything else: awesome! PLEASE get a new chapter up soon.

Author's Response: yes, new chap coming *hopefully*! i'm editing my novel right now... lots of work!

Reviewer: NorthernPhoenix
Date: 02/13/08 5:46
Chapter: The Burrow

Wow that was a great chapter. Very nice to see how everyone is doing after a few years.

Feeling bad for poor Harry though... he seems rather lost. Maybe the pressure of being the "chosen one" has finally got to him. Also, even if Ginny is still technically with him, her heart is definitely not so that's not good for either of them. Hoping Harry can find some peace and happiness without Ginny as she is too good with Draco here.

Really liked your description of Draco uncovering that Harry and Ginny were still together and how he felt about it.

Can't wait till the next chapter.

Reviewer: NorthernPhoenix
Date: 02/13/08 5:17
Chapter: An Auror in the Making

Great writing but I'm not sure how I feel about the Aurors killing mission.... not liking that part.

Really liked how Draco explained how killing an order member really affected him. However, that story made me feel more strongly that the Aurors should not be out to simply kill the death eaters, unless necessary to save their own lives, but instead just capture them, when they can.

Found the details of what Ginny said to Regi somewhat disturbing. Also, even though I do not like Pansy its sad that her little brother was killed like that. Especially since he was so young and might have been dragged into something he didn't really want to be in.

Even with the high death toll, another good chapter.

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