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Reviewer: LadyAlesha
Date: 06/20/07 6:13
Chapter: To Make Pride

I donít think Iíve ever read a story with Hagrid as the main focus before as he is usually only used as a supporting character and a lot of authors have trouble with getting his accent right. I enjoyed this character study immensely. It was very well thought out and I think you captured Hagrid perfectly. In the parts of the story where he actually speaks or thinks directly, I think you managed to copy his accent as well. Especially the repetition of Ďdadí in his thoughts sounded like something Hagrid would do.

Both of the scenes you chose to show us from Hagridís part were also shown to have had quite an impact on him, especially since he remembers them right before a huge battle. I like how Hagridís only goal seems to be to make his father proud. It ties in nicely with him telling Harry his parents would be proud of him and the importance the picture of him and his dad has for him can be one of the reasons why he made a photo album for Harry with pictures of his (Harryís) parents. So everything you show here ties back in with canon very subtly, which I like a lot.

Two small nit-picks:

Hagrid wasnít aware of his own screams or pleads anymore; his mind had blocked all noise and sense. I believe the noun is Ďpleasí not Ďpleadsí, Ďpleadsí would be a verb form.

No, Dad, I promise, he was my friend, dad, not a murder. Aragog was my friend, Dad. The person who commits a murder is a murderer, so this should read Ďhe was my friend, dad, not a murdererí, because Aragog certainly isnít the crime of murder personified, but the Ministry thought him to be a murderer.

You end your story on a high note with a very powerful sentence and if I had to judge Hagridís actions, I would agree with him completely. Thereís no way he didnít make his dad proud! A very nice story! Thank you for writing it.

Author's Response: Wow - I'm on holiday right now, yet here I am sitting infront of the computer and reading your review. Thank you so much about your comments, they're really appreciated - it really made my day. =) As to your corrections, I'm pretty sure both are the right versions, thanks for pointing them out - I'll fix them in a few seconds. Again, thank you for the awesome review. Senem.

Reviewer: songbook99
Date: 05/28/07 18:22
Chapter: To Make Pride

This was a very original story about Hagrid. It's not very often that people write about him and you've done a great job with it. The moments in his life that you have chosen to focus on are great choices to contrast each other.

His father was such an important part of his life that it is only fitting that any good story about him make mention of his father. You do a good job of showing how his relationship with his father really shaped who he was and what he chose to do. Bringing the picture of Hagrid with his dad into the story was a great way of tying the story to what we know about Hagrid from the books. It really highlighted what a special relationship they had and just what his father's death would've meant to him.

The scene in the hospital where Hagrid's father dies is a very touching one. It is hard not to feel sorry for Hagrid at that point because the one person who really understood him has now left him behind. His father's last request that he make him proud is quite fitting and would definitely give him motivation to do what he has done to help the wizarding world fight against Voldemort.

The ending, though, was one of the best parts of the whole story. He actions would've made any father proud, but especially his dad because he knew what kind of things he had to face in his life. My only hope is that Hagrid doesn't end up shattered like the glass in the frame with the photo. Nicely done.

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review! I've been wanting to write about Hagrid for a long time now; he's one of my favorite characters in HP. He's one of the bravest and noblest people we've met so far in HP despite his horrific past -- his personality is sort of a dichotomy, a little like Lupin. Where he easily could have been bitter and joined the vicious Giants to take revenge. But he doesn't, and I think that shows amazing character strength. I'm really glad you liked it - I tried my best to show what I thought would be Hagrid's motives and feelings regarding his past. Thanks!

Reviewer: ProfPosky
Date: 05/27/07 13:53
Chapter: To Make Pride

Well, it made me cry.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm sorry.. or glad? lol.. I don't know what to say -- I'm really glad you were touched by it though. Thanks for reviewing=)

Reviewer: Nevica5
Date: 05/27/07 10:46
Chapter: To Make Pride

Aww! That was so sad!

Author's Response: Yeah - well.. I guess that's why I personally love Hagrid. Thanks for the Review!

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