Reviews For Midnight Chills
Reviewer: GinnyPottterGranger
Date: 05/07/11 13:56
Chapter: Midnight Chills

i didnt get the point of this...

Reviewer: hp_7_rocks
Date: 05/05/08 18:07
Chapter: Midnight Chills

thats a dum story, and its not so funny. its not funny at all!!!

Reviewer: KooKoo
Date: 02/13/08 19:14
Chapter: Midnight Chills

A little bit of a fowl mouth, don't you think?

Reviewer: KooKoo
Date: 02/13/08 19:14
Chapter: Midnight Chills

A little bit of a fowl mouth, don't you think?

Reviewer: lunaandneville
Date: 11/30/07 23:50
Chapter: Midnight Chills

wow it was a good read i liked it. poor shrivellis... i mean... snape.

Reviewer: Lucielle_Malfoy
Date: 11/22/07 22:11
Chapter: Midnight Chills


Reviewer: Phoenix Queen
Date: 11/20/07 14:10
Chapter: Midnight Chills

OOhhh harsh!! Love it but I can't help feeling a bit sorry for Snape.

Reviewer: Fantasystar
Date: 07/14/07 21:38
Chapter: Midnight Chills

Ahahahaha...I could not stop laughing at that last line. xD
Mean..? Yes, but it is Snape after all.
It's not as if he didn't deserve that.

Reviewer: Furuba2011
Date: 06/29/07 19:01
Chapter: Midnight Chills

Lol! This story was AH-mazing! Very funny. I loooved it. You're an amazing writer, Narcissa!!!! :D

Reviewer: csoup1414
Date: 05/24/07 19:43
Chapter: Midnight Chills

hah, that was one of the funniest stories of poor Snape i have ever read

Reviewer: hufflepuffjewel
Date: 05/10/07 16:33
Chapter: Midnight Chills

ok, i didnt really like that one 2 much. it didnt make much sense 2 me. sorry!

Reviewer: bubble
Date: 04/21/07 22:05
Chapter: Midnight Chills

Poor Snapey!!! :-[

Reviewer: leotolstoy99
Date: 04/15/07 10:42
Chapter: Midnight Chills

ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!god,this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: mrsdan
Date: 03/31/07 11:21
Chapter: Midnight Chills

How did that have Sexual Sitiuations in it?

Reviewer: SugarxSpunxQuill
Date: 03/26/07 11:21
Chapter: Midnight Chills

Thats a great story, i can actually imagine this being one of the many senarios snape went through when he was a child. Its kinda sad really...omg, i think i just felt a wee bit sorry for snape!

Reviewer: Mrs ginnypotter108
Date: 03/08/07 18:33
Chapter: Midnight Chills

oh my!!!

Reviewer: j2kool3816
Date: 03/02/07 19:21
Chapter: Midnight Chills


Reviewer: j2kool3816
Date: 03/02/07 19:21
Chapter: Midnight Chills


Reviewer: Ginny117
Date: 03/02/07 16:43
Chapter: Midnight Chills

This should be pretty good. I can't wait for more!

Reviewer: DogLover4Life
Date: 12/17/06 18:31
Chapter: Midnight Chills

*GASP* That is so mean! *snickers*

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