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Reviews For Hesperides' Apple

Name: mysticmemories (Anonymous) · Date: 05/27/07 6:24 · For: 1. Ashes to ashes, the past relinquished
Why is Ginny in this place? Isnt it a little OOC? I guess I'll find out in the following chappies. I looove ur story, by the way (just in case u didnt know from the way I'm totally gushing =)) neway, I'll read on..and update!!!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'm happy you like it! (How did you find out about the D&G site, btw? lol There are indeed more chapters there because Mugglenet kept deleting my chapters--probably because they, too, found the plot un-Canon-y. Which, I assure you, it is not. Either way, thanks for reviewing! (And I'm working on a website, that would include illustrations, maps, etc. and the mythological / historical data included in the story)

Name: mysticmemories (Anonymous) · Date: 05/27/07 6:22 · For: 2. A journey of discovery
I think that this is an amazing transitional chapter. I love how Ginny is so different but so similar. I looove everything about this story. OK, I'm going to read on..and pleeeeeeease update!!!

Name: mysticmemories (Anonymous) · Date: 05/27/07 6:18 · For: 3. Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous
ok...just so you know..yours is THE BEST fic I've ever read. Like...not even kidding. I love your perfect knowlege of all the characters and legends used in it, the very fact that you used so much allusion in it. Your writing style is also amazingly sophisticated and mature and real; I really love it. OK, here's a few suggestions. Write a bio in your author page, have a personal website and link to it, UPDATE THIS FIC and WRITE ANOTHER!!!

LOVE ur writing and PLEASE UPDATE!!

Name: muggle17 (Signed) · Date: 05/27/07 0:22 · For: 3. Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous
This is a great story. Normally I don't read D/G ships because they seem so unbelievable. I like that Ginny still has some of her spunk. Loved the scene where she is subtly mean to Pansy. Keep writing! Update soon!

Name: shewhoshantbenamed (Signed) · Date: 05/26/07 18:17 · For: 3. Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous
I absolutely love this story.
I have probably read at least 100 different stories, and this is by far my favorite.
I was always a harry/ginny shipper, but this story has me completely converted.

update soon.

Author's Response: Oh wow. Thank you! I'm very flattered, and extremely glad that you took the time to leave it. Thanks!

Name: kumydabookworm (Signed) · Date: 05/09/07 16:49 · For: 1. Ashes to ashes, the past relinquished
Ooh! Are you the same author as the Hesperide's Apple on DracoandGinny.com? I just added your story to my favorites there! I hope you continue writing - this is quite intriguing.

*hugs fellow D/G writer* *runs away*

Author's Response: yup, that's definitely me! i'm glad you're enjoying the story! thx for reviewing

Name: Marietta Mink (Anonymous) · Date: 05/07/07 21:17 · For: 1. Ashes to ashes, the past relinquished
I really like it!

Name: muggle_magic7 (Signed) · Date: 05/07/07 16:40 · For: 1. Ashes to ashes, the past relinquished
I am very intrigued with this story. Please update quickly.

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