Reviewer: One Lily
Date: 02/02/11 10:42
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

aaawww! i love the bowtruckles! so creative!

Reviewer: Karya
Date: 07/02/09 2:05
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

Aww!!! So sweet! I absolutely love your stories, these are so cute, I can't wait for the next magical fairy tale!

Reviewer: LunaTheLoony
Date: 06/19/09 10:16
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

Sigh. You did the Disney Sleeping Beauty.

I know the original isn't really appriopiate, but still, it's the better of the two in my opinion.......

Reviewer: ProfPosky
Date: 06/13/09 20:23
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

Anothre nice job of transforming a story Muggles tell into a wizarding tale...

Reviewer: ProfPosky
Date: 06/13/09 20:21
Chapter: Chapter One - The Elves and the Shoemaker

Oh, I like this! I like the idea that the House Elves originally came of their own free will...

Reviewer: grangergurl
Date: 05/30/09 15:20
Chapter: Prologue

Awww, this story is absolutely beautiful and brightened my day so much! Please update!

Reviewer: clabbert2101
Date: 05/21/08 11:39
Chapter: Prologue

update, please? pretty please?

Reviewer: Hermione Lurves Ron
Date: 11/03/07 19:42
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

This is so cute! Pur-lease UPDATE!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 08/09/07 9:32
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

that's awesome! I loved how the forbidden forset grew around the tower! it shows how much the world has changed over the course of many years! This story is leaving me starry eyed!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 08/09/07 9:27
Chapter: Chapter One - The Elves and the Shoemaker

i like the twist. and i [I]love[/I] the poems!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 08/09/07 9:23
Chapter: Prologue

aw... that's cute so far! How old are ron and hermy?

Reviewer: slytherin_girl101
Date: 06/14/07 20:04
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

*sniff* this is great...i love it...keep up the great work.

Reviewer: LadyAlesha
Date: 05/22/07 6:55
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

Another wonderful tale that is just as sweet as the last one. You are very talented in writing enchanting, child-friendly fairytales. I am deeply in love with this story. Using the Founders in this story and explaining how the Forbidden Forest came to be was quite the brilliant idea. Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor were very nicely portrayed.

What I loved most about this tale though were the descriptions of the forest, the tower and all the animals and plants surrounding it. They were beautifully enchanting and created a wonderful and magical atmosphere.

Then, as Gryffindor was about to give his gift when a loud Crack! shook the room. You only need either ‘as’ or ‘when’ in this sentence, not both of them.

“We’ll build her a tower in the grounds,” ‘In’ should be ‘on’ here.

“Sleeping Beauty,” he murmured to himself as her crouched beside her. This should be ‘he crouched beside her’.

I hope there will be more Wizarding fairytales soon, because they brightened my day considerably.


Reviewer: LadyAlesha
Date: 05/22/07 6:38
Chapter: Chapter One - The Elves and the Shoemaker

Aww! That was just too cute, Roxy. I’m absolutely loving this Wizarding Tale. I don’t think I know the Brother’s Grimm fairytale that this is based on, but I love what you have done with it.

This is such a nice explanation of what house elves are and how they came to serve humans. Sure, families like the Malfoys probably wouldn’t let their children read stories like this, because it would most likely cause the children to set their house elves free, but I can just imagine this becoming the favourite story of Ron and Hermione’s child; seeing as how Hermione was all about saving the house elves herself, I believe she would like this tale especially, because the shoemaker sets the house elves free, even though he does it unwittingly.

He sketched how he wanted to the shoes to look and cut the leather ready to be put together in the morning.

The bolded word doesn’t have to be there, in fact it isn’t supposed to be there at all. The preposition ‘to’ that has to follow ‘wanted’ is there after ‘shoes’ and using the prepostition twice is not needed here.

At first, they looked puzzled to find clothes on the bench instead of leather, but suddenly the realized that the clothes were a present to them.

‘The’ should be ‘they’ here, just a small typo.

A wonderful first ‘Wizarding Tale’, Roxy dear, I’m looking forward to reading more of them.


Reviewer: LadyAlesha
Date: 05/22/07 6:22
Chapter: Prologue


When I saw the link to this story in your signature, I just had to click on it. Wizarding fairytales? That’s an awesome idea and I can’t wait to see what twists you can come up with to make our fairytales more magical.

This prologue is awesome! Ron and Hermione are one of my favourite couples and you write them perfectly. I love how Hermione is already collecting books for her child even though it’s not born yet, and the items Ron took out of his trunk before he found his book, the tiny Quidditch shirts and the teddies, tied their preparations back to his childhood and gave the whole prologue a context and warmth. It’s nice to see them carefree and content like this. Ron’s enthusiasm and the complete chaos in his trunk were nice little hints at his character, and the story about his grandfather was heart-warming and showed what a loving family the Weasleys are.

Hermione was surprised that he hadn’t fallen in he was leaning over so much, she was beginning to wonder if the chest had been magically modified to fit so many things inside when a muffled voice called from inside.

This sentence is pretty long and a bit of a run-on. I would start a new sentence before ‘she was beginning to wonder’ and put a comma into the sentence before that after ‘fallen in’, that should take care of the run-on bit.

I love how you said and hinted at so much in such a short prologue, it’s lovely!

*hugs* Ilka

Reviewer: Hermione499
Date: 05/12/07 10:46
Chapter: Prologue

Great prologue Roxy. Really warm & magically. Keep it up!! [= Au revoir.

Reviewer: Hermione499
Date: 05/12/07 10:44
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

Omg! I absoltely looooved this chappie. Read both and there soo great. Keep writing!! [=

Reviewer: Linda_Carrig
Date: 05/07/07 6:34
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

These tales are truly magical. I hope you keep it up!

Reviewer: Linda_Carrig
Date: 05/07/07 6:33
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

These tales are truly magical. I hope you keep it up!

Reviewer: Leahr
Date: 05/06/07 18:04
Chapter: Chapter Two - Sleeping Beauty

This is sooo cute! Fairy tales given a makeover for Potterworld. Your prologue needs a bit of beta-ing, some errors though. The origins of house-elves was a very well-told tale, and I like Salazar as Carabosse. Really good job, I hope you keep this up.

Author's Response: Are there errors in the prologue? It has been betad already and I couldn't find any reading through again, I'll have someone look over it again. I'm glad you liked the stories, there are plenty more to come. Thanks for the review. ~ Roxy

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