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Reviewer: TheHarryPotterGirl
Date: 11/18/07 16:42
Chapter: Chapter 5: Haylie's Rival



Author's Response: YAY!!! Thanks Anna!!! :D

Reviewer: hufflepuff_dancer_17
Date: 11/07/07 16:34
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Transfer

Wow I LOVE your Story!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited t read the next chapter! And btw this Aly girl........ she seems AWESOME (hint hint) lol Keep doing your thing you ROCK!

Author's Response: Haha....thanks Ali. (yeah, I know this is you, I'm not stupid) Thanks for loving it!

Reviewer: flossingstringmint
Date: 11/06/07 20:36
Chapter: Chapter 5: Haylie's Rival

This story is absolutely wonderful, and I can't wait until the next chapter! You rock, Amelia!

(this is Cathy)

Author's Response: Awww....thanks Cathy!!! I'm really happy you love it!!! I'll try and get the next chapter up faster!

Reviewer: peevesismyhero
Date: 11/06/07 6:06
Chapter: Chapter 5: Haylie's Rival

yayyyy! another AWESOME chapter! update soon please! (yes im a very needy reader) :-D

Author's Response: thanks, I'm honored! I'll do my best for another update!

Reviewer: peevesismyhero
Date: 11/06/07 5:59
Chapter: Chapter 3: Breakfast Discussions

great chapter! i loved how when amelia gave james good advice he was just completely baffled. that is SO true. and hollie is a great character. i love to hate her!

Author's Response: Yeah, I really like that part too. And yeah, I completely love Hollie because she's like an overly-done prep, as we call the mean people in my school. Glad you like it!

Reviewer: peevesismyhero
Date: 11/06/07 5:43
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Transfer

this is a really cool idea for a story....i cant wait to hear more about the magical disease as that sounds really interesting. i like the character of amelia too. my favorite part was when haylie and mickey were laughing about lily and james...tee hee! :-)

Author's Response: Thanks!!! It's really fun to write! I'm glad you like it!

Reviewer: jkr_fanno1
Date: 10/25/07 20:53
Chapter: Chapter 4: Problems in Potions

if u dont submit the next chapter soon then i'll cum 2 ur hous en shoot u!
plz plz plz submit the next chapter

Author's Response: *gulps* Umm......if you shoot me, then you'll never get any more chapters!!! lol My beta's got the next had some issues, and they've been taking awhile to work out. I'm hoping to have it to you all soon though! So please don't shoot me!!! (although I do appreciate your enthusiasm!) :)

Reviewer: fire_whisky_padfoot
Date: 10/24/07 2:14
Chapter: Chapter 4: Problems in Potions

pleaaaaaaaaaaaase get the next chapter up t hat was really good!

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I'm working on the next chapter...sorry it's taking so long!

Reviewer: fire_whisky_padfoot
Date: 10/24/07 2:10
Chapter: Chapter 3: Breakfast Discussions

snap him up quick amelia

Author's Response: She's working on it! :)

Reviewer: fire_whisky_padfoot
Date: 10/24/07 2:05
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Sorting Ceremony

go on Amelia go out with sirius before that annoying girl Hollie takes him!
loved it!
check ye grammar!

Author's Response: Haha....niiice! Don't worry, Amelia's just taking her time!

Reviewer: fire_whisky_padfoot
Date: 10/24/07 1:51
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Transfer

sirius and james must really need a girl!
i know what its like with ye first story
and you rule mines so bad oh yeah i have actually read this before and i love it but then i couldn't review! but well now i can! from fire_whisky_padfoot

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Pixie_Lover18
Date: 10/20/07 23:28
Chapter: Chapter 4: Problems in Potions

OMG!! This is the best fan fic EVER! I love it, and I can't wait to see what happens to Hollie. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks!!!

Reviewer: Tina Tissue
Date: 09/12/07 6:44
Chapter: Chapter 4: Problems in Potions

This fic is awseme! You have me hooked. Maybe for a later chapter, you should do the Keeper-Try-Outs and some more Mauraders pranks. Other then that you have my vote!

Author's Response: Thank you! Keeper tryouts are the next chapter, but I'll keep your Marauder prank idea for later chapters...I may need to throw in a filler one later on!

Reviewer: the_antalope_slayer
Date: 08/31/07 10:45
Chapter: Chapter 4: Problems in Potions

I really liked it, although it would have been funnier if she actually did pass out from the burnt rubber fumes emitting from her cauldron.

Author's Response: haha...that would have been funny! But, then she would've had to go to the hospital wing, and that wouldn't have been good.

Reviewer: Gin_Drinka
Date: 08/30/07 18:40
Chapter: Chapter 4: Problems in Potions

Don't ever neglect this story! Please! I'll send e-mails of reminder, if you do. I hope you don't find that annoying. I always like to have fanatic reviewers for my stories, it motivates me...hope it does you too! Love it and hurry with mroe! Please!

Author's Response: That's ok, I like getting reviews! I got really excited when my email said I had 4 new reviews!!! Keep up the reviews, cause I love feedback!!!

Author's Response: I'm responding to this twice... This is really random and has nothing to do with fan fiction, but your nickname is Mia! My real name is Amelia (Like the character) and I have a friend who calls me Mia! Kind of ironic, isn't it?

Reviewer: Gin_Drinka
Date: 08/30/07 18:35
Chapter: Chapter 3: Breakfast Discussions

This wasn't boring. NOthing in this story is boring. Lol, I mean it. I really really like it!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Gin_Drinka
Date: 08/30/07 18:34
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Sorting Ceremony

I am really liking this story, and hope for more. I like that she hasn't instantly fallen in love with sirius, as that is cliche.

Author's Response: Yeah, cliche isn't a good thing! They fall in love gradually, she's slightly intreseted in him the whole time, but he only sees her as a friend until later chapters...but I won't spoil that one!

Reviewer: Gin_Drinka
Date: 08/30/07 18:32
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Transfer

I really like this. I am a HUGE sucker for stories that involve an OC getting with Sirius, and I like your writing. It is sweet, and I am already fallin in love with Amelia's character. ONto the next chapter!

Author's Response: YAY! Thanks! The next chapter is already being beta'd, so it should be out soon! Thanks for the love on Amelia's part! I based her kind of after me (yeah, I'm a loser like that), so I'm glad that you like her!

Reviewer: emuphobia
Date: 08/30/07 5:37
Chapter: Chapter 4: Problems in Potions

I really like this story, keep going your doing great. Chapter 4- 3rd to last paragraph shouldn't it say "Haylie and I fight" not Leah and Haylie as its Leah talking

Author's Response:'re right! It should be Lily who's talking there, I get their names confused sometimes, but I'll see if I can change that! Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for the review!

Reviewer: the_antalope_slayer
Date: 08/27/07 14:52
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Sorting Ceremony

think of something happy, think of something happy!

Author's Response: Alright Carmen, let's just stick to one review per chapter! (Are you thinking of something happy? Make sure it's really happy!)

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