Reviews For Changing the Past
Reviewer: FullofLife
Date: 08/19/07 2:43
Chapter: Zero to Hero

I hope your plan is good - because as far as I can see, Harry's existance is already in jeopardy. I told you I love this story - can't get away from it (though, I admit those pictures of Harry and Lily in the album made me feel a little queasy). Just be careful - time-travel is a tricky thing to mess with. I liked Hermione's line, by the way. Something I've wondered for a long time too!

Author's Response: Thanks! And yes, I have a good plan laid out...or at least, I think so, and hopefully you'll all agree with me. But obviously can't tell you what happens, because telling you that the giant squid is mutated by a stray curse and swallows all of Hogwarts wouldn't be smart. (Oops!) Thanks for R/Ring! Glad you like it!

Reviewer: omega13a
Date: 08/19/07 0:11
Chapter: Zero to Hero

I think I have a hunch on how you're going to get Harry's parents together. I think a few memory charms are coming up...

Author's Response: My lips are sealed! (lol)

Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 08/18/07 19:55
Chapter: Zero to Hero

Absolutely wonderful, as you should already know. I really liked this chapter, with James and Harry fighting, and Ron and Hermione being left in the background more than usual.
All of the comments about Harry and Lily dating are the ones we have all been saying to you. I hope the future Harry is starting to see in the album doesnt sway him to try and stay.
He has a world to save and a girlfriend to go back to. I know they are broken up, but when has that stopped him from still loving her and wanting to be with her?
McGonagall didnt give the two of them detention? Wow. I thought she would have at least taken points for duelling.
Cant wait to see what happens in Hogsmeade, and how James gets his revenge. You have to let James get a little revenge, right?
Great job, and see you next chapter.

Author's Response: Would James really be trying for revenge? Think about it...Harry has already got all of James' friends on his side, and proven that he can do twice what James can. He may be feeling a bit left out now. Thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 08/18/07 18:39
Chapter: Zero to Hero

Erm, I don't think I like the idea of Harry marrying his mother and then, having a child. What if the kid had mutated genes or something? This is all turing out to be very disturbing. How would you feel if you met your dead dad or mum? Would you want to fall in love with them and marry them and have their children, which would techniqually be your siblings and children at the same time? It's all a little weird.

Author's Response: I will, once again, say this: I HAVE A PLAN. I AM GOING SOMEWHERE WITH THIS. But anyway, thanks for reading...hope you'll continue reading!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 08/18/07 18:25
Chapter: Requests

OK, I avoiding eww and gross and I will replace them with a different word. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. That is very disturbing actually. She is still techniqucally his mother. And if something happened to where James and Lily wouldn't get married, Harry would just dissapear, because he never would have existed. This is all to weird.

Author's Response: Don't worry...I will say it again, as I have said countless times...I HAVE A PLAN. I'm going somewhere with this! Well, anyway...thanks for reading!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 08/18/07 17:58
Chapter: Holding Back

Wow. How's Remus going to react when he learns that he killed somebody? How is all of this going to work out? Wow, I never thought they would actually kill Snape.

Author's Response: It's not Remus' fault. Sure, he may feel a little bad, but hey, he can't control himself as a werewolf, so he won't be like depressed over it. Anyway, thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 08/18/07 17:41
Chapter: Slip-Ups and Confusions

Ah, I don't like the idea of him falling so easily for Lily. What about Ginny? Doesn't he still love her? Harry never struck me as the type of person to fall in love so quickly. He shoulnd't be having these "feelings" for Lily. It's just wrong.

Author's Response: All will be explained soon...thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 08/18/07 17:41
Chapter: Slip-Ups and Confusions

Ah, I don't like the idea of him falling so easily for Lily. What about Ginny? Doesn't he still love her? Harry never struck me as the type of person to fall in love so quickly. He shoulnd't be having these "feelings" for Lily.

Author's Response: (see above response)

Reviewer: TheBlackSister
Date: 08/18/07 16:54
Chapter: Zero to Hero

This is getting better and better! I think this is one of the most unusual stories I've ever read. Congratulations, you make it sound rather convincing. In fact, I'm having as much trouble to decipher how it will end as I did with DH!:)

Author's Response: Yeah...the ending of "Deathly Hallows" was hard to predict, which is what makes Harry Potter such a great series...JKR throws all sorts of twists and turns in to keep us interested, which I try to do in my fics, although I know I'm not nearly as good as her. Thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: I_LUV_MOONY
Date: 08/18/07 16:23
Chapter: Zero to Hero

Oooh, great chapter! You've got the characters captured perfectly. I don't know what else to say except that this story is great! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm just so happy that everyone seems to enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoy writing it. I guess it helps to reread the books a million times to know the characters pretty well, although the Marauders sometimes present a bit of a challenge, since they don't get much "air time" in the books. Thanks for R/RIng!

Reviewer: magicalmuggle911
Date: 08/18/07 16:12
Chapter: Zero to Hero

oh my god it's a really wierd story but if all stories were the same they would be boring. I'm not really sure were you're going with this. I really hope that the story doesn't end with Harry not making any changes and going back home to his normal world

Author's Response: As you can tell, it won't end quite that way, since Harry is already making some mistakes, as you can tell, what with killing Snape and getting Peter sent to jail (although that wasn't his fault). But although it may be a bit confusing right now, it will get more clear as we go along. I have it all planned out. Thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: A Excess of Phlegm
Date: 08/18/07 14:58
Chapter: Zero to Hero

I'm seriously starting to completely hate Harry.
He's being such a donkey.
And I'm not an expert on time travel or anything, but if Harry really did screw up James and Lily's future relationship, he wouldn't exist in any time, not just his own.

Author's Response: Many people have reviewed to tell me that, and I'll say it again...I have a plan. I know the consequences; I've thought it all out already. Yes, he is being a complete "donkey" (lol), isn't he? Thanks for R/Ring!

Author's Response: P.S.-I like your name! :)

Reviewer: A Excess of Phlegm
Date: 08/18/07 14:57
Chapter: Zero to Hero

i'm seripusly starting to completely hate Harry.
He's being such a donkey.
And I'm not an expert on time travel or anything, but if Harry really did screw up JAmes and Lily's future relationship, he wouldn't exist in any time, not just his own.

Author's Response: (see above response)

Reviewer: tiner3682
Date: 08/17/07 23:20
Chapter: Requests

I won't say eww or gross. Instead I'll go with awkward and ugh. I have been continuing to hope that the Harry/Lily thing would find it's way to an end by now. I just keep thinking about Back to the Future (the movies) when Marty McFly realizes the dire consequences of his dating his mother. Does Harry realize that with no James/Lily connection, there is no Harry? I'd hate to see an "Earth Angel" scene in this story with Harry slowly becoming weaker and disapearing.

Author's Response: Nope, no "Earth Angel"-type thing here. I have thought out the subject of having no J/L relationship well, and it's all explained near the end of the fic. Time-travel is tricky to write about, isn't it? Thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: peevesforever
Date: 08/15/07 23:19
Chapter: Requests

great story so far but harry and lily is a little sick. i'm sure it'll go somewhere so it's not as bad

Author's Response: Glad you think so...the last part, anyway. Not to worry! Thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: LilyFaePotter04
Date: 08/15/07 17:01
Chapter: Requests

wow... i cant wait to see how James takes this... he already got mad at Harry for just liking her! (Lily i mean) you're evil... but surprisingly talented. Keep writing!!!!!
-Lily Fae

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment...I'll take it to heart! (Not the evil You'll see James' reaction in the next chapter (which is in the process of being validated right now). Thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: DracosBaby_232
Date: 08/15/07 8:04
Chapter: Ratted Out

Awesome! can't wait for an update!

Author's Response: Neither can chapter in the queue!

Reviewer: DracosBaby_232
Date: 08/15/07 7:57
Chapter: Requests

It's.........................unusual I'll give it that. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Unusual is for R/Ring!

Reviewer: red_eyes101
Date: 08/15/07 5:04
Chapter: Requests

hey umm thats a bit weird i mean shes his mother but hey im nto writing the thing am i!!! its really good i like it keep it goin...

luv red eyes

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! As I've said many, many times before, I am going somewhere with this, and I wouldn't be writing Harry/Lily romance into the fic if it wasn't for a reason! Thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: cyt_potter
Date: 08/13/07 20:44
Chapter: Requests

*Giggles* this could be interesting! Think of the fireworks! And I'm thinking of James here, not Lily and her future son!

Author's Response: Yes, it IS about to get interesting...the next chapter highlights upon the subject of James' feeling toward the subject. Any day now...thanks for R/Ring!

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