Reviews For Changing the Past
Reviewer: shewhomstnotbenamed5
Date: 09/15/07 14:31
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

Millicent Bagnold was mentioned when hagrid was talkign about fudge to harry like "When Millicent Bagnold retired, Dumbledore was offered position, but refused so fudge took it instead" lol probably already answered but i decided to answer it anyway (from the A/N)

Author's Response: Wow, I never knew she was in the books! Which book is that quote from? Anyway, yes, this was answered, but thanks for taking the time to do so anyway. :)

Reviewer: I_LUV_MOONY
Date: 09/12/07 18:55
Chapter: The New/Old Hogsmeade

Wow, very interesting chapter. I'm still a little curious as to why they went into Magical Monster Menagerie, bt it may just be that Lily wanted some privacy.

I liked 'Madame Yvette's Fortune-Telling Shop.' Very creative!

Well, all in all an excellent chapter! I can't believe Harry was so tactless as to say that, but I'm sure he was caught up in the moment and the red hair. :D Keep up the awesome work! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for R/Ring! Yes, they just went into M.M.M. for privacy...I just made up the first thing I could think of. (Same with Madam Yvette's.)

Reviewer: untitlednine
Date: 09/12/07 5:46
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

Millicent Bagnold was actually a minister of magic, as it says here, but i think she took the position before fudge, and just before voldermort disappeared for the first time.

so she wasn't minister when this story is set. i think.

Author's Response: I think she HBP, it says Voldemort terrorized Britian for "nearly four decades" never actually says when, during that period, he disappeared. But thanks for having a keen eye out!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 09/10/07 20:17
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

Millicent Bagnold was the Minsiter fr magic before fudge! good! I can't wait till #17

Author's Response: Yup...can't wait for you to read it, either!

Reviewer: KaileeA42
Date: 09/09/07 13:54
Chapter: In Transfiguration

OMG! That was weird! What is going on! I really like this fic so far and am going to go read more.

Author's Response: Glad you like it! Keep reading!

Reviewer: tiner3682
Date: 09/09/07 13:11
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

She was the minister of magic before Cornelius Fudge was.

Author's Response: you can go read the chapter!

Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 09/09/07 12:40
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

Ron and Hermione are making the arguments I have been making from the beginning. I really hope he listens to them. I know, I know, it is your story, and you will play it out how you want it to go.
The mock exams were a very good addition to the curriculum, and I was very glad to see Harry doing so well. I was laughing about him beating Hermione to the finish on DADA.
Having the Minister questioning them one at a time was really good. I would like to know what Lily told her though. Having Dumbledore coach Harry on what not to say, that was a masterstroke of what I think of as ‘Dumbledore meddling’. Great job!
This chapter was exceptional as always, but I hope you are planning to write the three remaining Marauders back into the story soon. I miss them. Can’t wait for the next one… See you then.

Author's Response: I absolutely LOVE writing Dumbledore...he is so mysterious, and no one knows why he does what he does until he does it (tongue twister), and then it makes sense. Hopefully what he does later in the story will make sense to you. And yes...James, Sirius, and Remus will return; they just weren't relevant to this chapter, so they were left out. Thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: Luna_Lovegood11
Date: 09/09/07 8:01
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

I hope lily finds out about harry soon. this is an awesome story! you dont know how pleased i was when harry and lily split. oh, i figured out your penname! it's the order of operations abbreviation!

Author's Response: Yup, that's my penname! When I joined the site 2 years ago, I was really into Algebra (now it's blah), so I chose PEMDAS. Anyway, glad you like it; thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: TheTrioLivesOn
Date: 09/09/07 7:37
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

What's going to happen to Lupin, now that it's out in the open that he killed Snape?!?!?!

Author's Response: As usual, Dumbledore managed to keep the blatant truth quiet from the press...since it wasn't Lupin's fault, no one will be pressing charges, even if it is out in the open. Thanks for R/Ring!

Reviewer: Wicked Wench
Date: 09/09/07 5:54
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

Fudge replaced her as Minister?

Author's Response: Yup...good job!

Reviewer: mia2223
Date: 09/09/07 5:29
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold


Author's Response: THANX! :)

Reviewer: mia2223
Date: 09/09/07 5:28
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold


Author's Response: It's updated now...thanks for waiting (im)patiently! (jk)

Reviewer: magicalmuggle911
Date: 09/09/07 5:25
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

ok that is sooo weird and a bit disgusting. Harry kissing his mum? ewwww (sorry but i can't help what i feel. otherwise a really good story

Author's Response: Thanks...glad you like it besides those parts, at least!

Reviewer: mia2223
Date: 09/09/07 5:22
Chapter: The New/Old Hogsmeade

plz update quickly

Author's Response: Ch. 16 is up...thanks for waiting!

Reviewer: sweetbee
Date: 09/09/07 3:22
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

i liked it, but i would think Harry really liked Ginny. You'd think he would give it more thought.

Other then that, nice chapter, hurry and update.

Author's Response: I think the answer to that concern is buried in Ch.'s pretty obvious to me, but maybe not so much to others. Anyway, glad you like it!

Reviewer: crazy_person
Date: 09/08/07 22:28
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

I left for school camp on Tuesday and New?Old Hogsmeade wasnt validated, and I get back Friday and didnt come on, forgot to check on saturday, but now you got it up AND a new one!
Gotta love it.

Author's Response: Pretty cool, eh? The moderators are getting faster...

Reviewer: inluvwid_pdft
Date: 09/08/07 12:59
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

Minister of Magic

Author's Response: Yes!

Reviewer: MysteriousMarauder
Date: 09/08/07 10:57
Chapter: Millicent Bagnold

I really have no clue =P =D

Author's Response: You will soon...

Reviewer: Ginny663
Date: 09/07/07 22:49
Chapter: The New/Old Hogsmeade

ok, so first i want to say that i am actually really liking the whole harry/lily pairing. i mean its not that bad cause shes not really his mom yet. plus she is very similar to another favorite redhead of mine =)

this story is really addictive. I am always waiting to see what happes next, and am constantly thinking about how harrys actions will effect his future/present. overall, this is a really good story with a great plot, so keep writing!!!!

5 stars!

Author's Response: Well, this may be the first review that I don't have to try to decode what they're saying...and also the first to actually say they LIKED the Harry/Lily relationship. My reasons for liking it are encrypted throughout the story, and will be further explained later on. So glad you like it (but don't let it drive you crazy with addiction...I'm just doing this for fun, remember).

Reviewer: Pheonix Fire Opal
Date: 09/07/07 19:50
Chapter: Ratted Out

this whole thing is just so weird I have no comment except for that it's a good story

Author's Response: Um...I think that's a good thing, so I'll say thanks!

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