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Name: ginnyrulz13 (Signed) · Date: 02/18/08 12:30 · For: Arguments Ensue
lol!! harry....

Author's Response: :) ~Lindsey :)

Name: go go ravenclaw (Signed) · Date: 01/15/08 10:35 · For: Arguments Ensue
Good, but Ginny, being a mere fourth -year, used an incantation?

Author's Response: Well, Ginny would have been going into her fourth year, yes . . . why wouldn't she have been able to? Harry fought Voldemort in his fourth year, and while Ginny is not even near as advanced as him, this should give you a broad view on what they could have used. Now that I think about it, she wouldn't have been able to use magic, (and actually, neither would have Harry to clean with), but I guess it still got a validation, obviously, and it slipped past my beta and I while editing. Thanks!

Name: wrockfan (Signed) · Date: 06/01/07 20:43 · For: Arguments Ensue
Loved it! Very sweet. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! ~Lindsey :)

Name: Fred the Duck (Signed) · Date: 05/22/07 21:05 · For: Arguments Ensue
why does it have to be a one shot! it was a very sweet story.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! it was only a one shot because it was a class assignment, and i didn't want to rewrite any other stories that some people had already done . . . And i really didn't get any ideas, so yeah. :) Thanks so much for reviewing! ~Lindsey :)

Name: Ritter (Signed) · Date: 05/15/07 22:49 · For: Arguments Ensue
Aw, haha, very cute story:D good job!

Author's Response: *giggles* Thanks! ~Lindsey :)

Name: I_LUV_MOONY (Signed) · Date: 05/11/07 16:45 · For: Arguments Ensue
Of course Harry would come up with a devious plan to get them together. I really liked this one; definitely an attention-grabber. Nice work!

Author's Response: I know, I know . . . Devilish Harry . . .Thanks so much! ~Lindsey :)

Name: Jazzbones (Signed) · Date: 04/26/07 19:03 · For: Arguments Ensue
Very good! One wonders what happened before Ginny found them - *wink, wink - nudge, nudge* ;-)

Author's Response: LOL, *wink wink* *nudges nudges back* *giggles* Thanks! ~Lindsey :)

Name: hpfreak101 (Signed) · Date: 04/25/07 14:24 · For: Arguments Ensue
I adored this story. I particularly liked how you took it nice and slow and how it wasn't told from just one person's perspective. Fantastic job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked it! ~Lindsey :)

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