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Name: Lily Roxy (Anonymous) · Date: 08/11/07 23:38 · For: Chapter 1
Soon he would be returned to Azkaban, or worse.
Ahh. This is a really interesting time for Rodolphus. It's definitely material for fanfiction, but for some reason nobody else seemed to have thought of doing this. Well, this promises to be good!

His life had gone so bad that returning to Azkaban would almost be like returning home.
This reminds me of a movie I saw in English class... something like the Shangshaw Redemption. Well, prisonners were known for doing something stupid on purpose and landing themselves back in jail because they couldn't stand being free. I like the psychological side of this.

He had survived his years in Azkaban by clinging to the belief that the Dark Lord would save him.
This is very perceptive, Elle. I'm impressed. It's a very good point.

Accidentally, he caught Lucius’ eye and saw a spark of fury. His brother-in-law was clearly feeling degraded.
For reasons unknown, I've never felt pity for Lucius. I've been capable of feeling that for Bella and now Rodolphus, but it never seem to come for Lucius. So this made me smirk evilly:).

Finally, his thoughts could roam free and there was no Dark Lord to invade his mind and punish inappropriate ideas.
This definitely made me laugh. He seems pretty attached to Bella in this one, Voldy would probably be less than appreciative to see a lot of Rodolphus' and Bella's... quality time.

She was sullen, withdrawn and sometimes she even appeared insane.
Bella, insane? *gasp* No way!!! I'm surprised at how many laughs I'm getting out of this gloomy fic...

Relief flooded through him. Perhaps Bella would get her second chance after all. He hoped that she would. She was all he ever had. He didn’t want to go to his grave knowing that he destroyed her.
Great ending. This was a very emotional story and it was done beautifully and uniquely. I'm still trying to figure why I hadn't R&Rd this before now and why the rest of them haven't done the same... but, in any case, rest assured that it isn't because this fic is deficient in any way!

Author's Response: *smiles* Yes, this is one of my neglected little fics. It hasn't had many reviews, but the reviews it has gotten have been amazing.

And writing about Rodolphus during this time in his life wasn't entirely my idea. This was written for a challenge on the fourms, but I forget what the prompt was...

Also, I suppose it's okay that you laughed at Lucius. This story wasn't meant to endear him. I think I might have laughed at him in this fic too, now that I think about it. However, if your looking to warm up to him I do have one Lucius fic.

Anyway, thanks again for another lovely review. *huggles*

Name: Hermione_Rocks (Signed) · Date: 06/23/07 12:36 · For: Chapter 1
Aw. . .poor Rodolphus. I really liked how you showed him reflecting over what Bellatrix had become, and how he would still always love her. It was really sweet, and I thought it was a nice one-shot. Great job! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Anna. I'm glad you enjoyed it. *huggles*

Name: crazy_purple_hp_freak (Signed) · Date: 05/06/07 17:28 · For: Chapter 1
Ohh wow! This story is like the Anti-Elle! :p As in *OMS Rodolphus isn’t an abusive axe-murderer!!*
*cough* And I loved it. :D It’s really refreshing and different to see this aspect of Rodolphus – we don’t get enough of these stories.

I love your characterisation of Rodolphus throughout this story; it’s powerful and consistent. His mood and his opinions of others dominate the atmosphere of the story and it’s just amazing. I love the fact that Rodolphus begins the scene completely resigned to his fate and completely hopeless about everything. I think he remains this way about his own situation throughout the story, but in parts he seems to live through his wife – he finds consolation when he thinks about her, and though he does not seem to agree with some of the things she has done/how she has changed, he is grateful that she is free. Even at the end of the story when he implies that he is going to die, he does not seem to care nor mind, as long as his wife is still free.

He went from prisoner to slave; there was little improvement. If only he had known what the Dark Lord truly was when he was young, perhaps his life could have been different.
Wow. What a mood! There’s such a contrast between Rodolphus and Lucius in this – though they are both Death Eaters relatively high in the Dark Lord’s favour, they could not be more different in this situation. Lucius will do anything he can to get out of prison, whereas Rodolphus no longer cares. I love the first sentence above and what it implies – to me “slave” sounds even worse than prisoner. I think that in a way Rodolphus knows this; the terror of prison has gone, there is only a slight unpleasantness perhaps. And this does not compare to being a slave under Voldemort, something which is permanent. I kind of sensed regret here as well, whilst I was reading. It seems as if everything hinges upon Rodolphus and Bella joining the Dark Side; it makes us wonder what it would have been otherwise – perhaps their lives could have been different and Bella may not have ‘died’ inside.

They could take him. He would not fight. There was no need. … In one way, it would be like going home, but in another, it would be much worse than before.
This part sounds really dry, as if Rodolphus has seen it all before and no longer sees the point in kicking up a fuss. I can just imagine his resignation at being caught by the Aurors, knowing that there was no point in fighting, laughing at Lucius for even trying. The second part of that – wow. It’s almost like those criminals you see that spend their lives in and out of jail, so much so that it almost feels like ‘home’.
That whole paragraph I had to read several times before it really sank in, and when it did I was like, “aww”. I feel so sorry for Rodolphus now, having waited years on that false hope that things would improve, and then gradually realising that it never would, so much so that all of the hope has gone. ;(

She was the woman he loved and he had waited for the last fifteen years to have her by his side again. Is this a reference to their time in Azkaban? I’d always pictured that they were in the same cell…lol maybe that was just me… Or maybe neither of them could functionally think under the Dementors, so only realised how much had changed when they were capable of rational thought?

His wife would go to the end of the world for him, but if asked why she wouldn’t have an answer. The part of her that loved was gone; she was forced to live by pure instinct.
Wow. That is just … such an EXACT way of describing it. I can imagine there to be something like ‘love’ of sorts which is there – Bella doesn’t dislike her husband, and she would do anything for him like you say, but there’s no EMOTION involved. Sigh.

She escaped, he told himself, she had to.
There’s so much desperation conveyed in this short line. Just the expression ‘she had to’ is like Rodolphus wouldn’t be able to bear it any other way – that thought/consolation is the only thing that he can cling onto and relate to and he can’t bear to have it taken away…which all relates to the hope that he felt he lost earlier. Wow.

The ending of this story too, is really powerful. The idea that Rodolphus is blaming HIMSELF for what has happened to her… *sob* Like I said before, I felt like it’s almost as if he is living on through her and she is all that matters to him. There’s love of sorts on his side at least.

Elle, this is such a powerful story. It has so much EMOTION and so many undertones; so fantastically written! *loves* It was nice to see this different perspective of Rodolphus too. :)



Author's Response: OMS, Suzie! Thanks so much! This review was awesome. *huggles* *huggles some more*

*Will now attempt to respond coherently* You should think about joining SPEW, dear. You’re reviews are always so detailed and wonderful.

“Ohh wow! This story is like the Anti-Elle! :p As in *OMS Rodolphus isn’t an abusive axe-murderer!!*”

Haha! That really made me laugh. I loved that line. But I would like to point out that Rodolphus did not have an axe in any of my stories. :p However, I have certainly written him as an abusive murderer before. I really can’t wrap my head around him, so I have experimented with his character a fair amount. I haven’t really decided which version of him I like to work with better, yet.

In this story, Rodolphus really loves Bella. He feels that he coerced her into becoming a Death Eater and her bleak end is because of him. However, he understands that she can have a fragment of happiness outside of Azkaban serving Voldemort. He wants her to have that happiness. He loves her, and he wants her to have anything that can improve her life in anyway.

However, Rodolphus, himself knows that he will be no happier outside of Azkaban. All be wanted was to be reunited with Bella. She’s not the same person anymore. She no longer brings him the joy she once did. He doesn’t want to remain at the Dark Lord’s feet. He is just as content to sit in a cell.

And the fifteen years was a reference to their first stay in Azkaban. I didn’t think anyone was in the same cell there. To me, prisoners are left alone with their misery. They certainly wouldn’t allow a husband and wife to remain together so they could offer each other comfort. Or that has always been my take on it.

Also, yes, you were right. Rodolphus would not have been able to bear it if Bella had lost her freedom. He needed to know that she was safe. In a way, he was living through her, but he also felt guilty, blaming himself that she was in that condition in the first place.

Again, thank you so much for the utterly wonderful review. *more huggles* I’m glad you enjoyed the story. :D

Name: laurskii (Signed) · Date: 05/06/07 14:57 · For: Chapter 1
That is such a sad story! Bellatrix once being nice, beautiful, loving? I loved the descriptions of her at her wedding, and I love that you've portrayed a Death Eater that can still love. The ending was phenomenal- "He didn't want to go to his grave knowing that he destroyed her." Ahh.. So good!!

There's nooo reason anyone else shouldn't've reviewed this! Get to it people!

Author's Response: *huggles Laur* Thanks so much. I love my Bella. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. And thank you for being my very first reviewer. *more huggles*

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