Reviews For A Time to Fall
Reviewer: HPbeauty
Date: 10/26/08 12:40
Chapter: Blossom

I adore this fic! Awesome job!

Reviewer: moldy999
Date: 01/22/08 11:16
Chapter: Blossom

this is incredible

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

Reviewer: go go ravenclaw
Date: 01/15/08 10:30
Chapter: Blossom


Author's Response: Thanks! ~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: moldy999
Date: 12/02/07 19:05
Chapter: Blossom

nice and happy woo hoo
note to everyone: do not tell me about any storys where mione dies, unless u r meanies and want to make me cry AGAIN

Author's Response: Thanks! And okay?

Reviewer: Mind Games
Date: 09/30/07 21:14
Chapter: Blossom

Hey Lindsey! I stumbled across this story while in the SPEW 007 threads and decided to take a look. Even though Iím not much of a Ron/Hermione fan, I remember liking your characterization of Ron, so I thought I would have a look at how you write him with Hermione.

I thought it was very sweet of him to run after Hermione even as the storm is approaching. Iím glad you included this in the story because it shows that he cares about her without it being an obvious romance scene. Ron is very loyal most of the time and itís nice to see this trait brought out in him. I think one important part of romance stories thatís sometimes forgotten is the actions of the characters. Actions speak louder than words in romance, and this is a good example of that.

He had covered his head with his hand-me-down jacket and ran to the back door, eventually throwing it open to find an angry-looking Mrs. Weasley.

Mentioning the hand-me-down jacket was really good. I hate it when authors forget about canon details because then their characters just donít seem as in character to me. I know that you not only had this but also a few other details about Ron, such as when he squeaked after Hermione said Voldemort. I love how you really pay attention to Ronís characteristics. I think thatís one reason why you write him so well. Great job!

I liked how you wrote a scene in the rain, but you avoided the clichť setting. A lot of people write a gentle rainfall, just enough to shower the characters lightly as they have that perfect kiss. Writing an actual storm was great. I really like scenes where an author takes something sort of clichť, but puts their own details and ideas into it, just as youíve done here. Great job!

Iíd like to point out some grammar errors and offer some suggestionsÖ

When she is discovered by Ron, revelations and relationships? are made.

You accidentally added a question mark in the middle of this sentence. Just a small typo I found in the summary.

Ron looked into her chocolate eyes, searching for what she was trying to say.

HmmÖIím not sure about describing Hermioneís eyes as Ďchocolateí. Theyíve never been described that way in the books and it could be considered a canon mistake. What worries me is that is touches on the beautyqueen!Hermione clichť. Once isnít so bad, but Iíd suggest trying to avoid this kind of description in the future.

ďYes, mum,Ē he said, irritated. He hadnít wanted to go outside, it had just happened.

You should capitalize Ďmumí in this sentence because Ron is using it as a name for Molly. You have this mistake one other time in this story.

ÖTake her a jacket-Ē She whipped her wand around and a pink windbreaker appeared.

The hyphen should be a period because the sentence ends here instead of breaking off in the middle.

ď-Thatís a good boy,Ē she said as Ron took it in his hand.

The hyphen here is also unnecessary.

It appeared that he had just come from seeing Ginny. They had made up nearly a month after his and Ronís sixth year. Ron figured that they had both realised that love would make the upcoming Final Battle that much easier.

Quite honestly, Iíd suggest taking this out. The reason I say this is because really isnít that important in the story. You do mention it near the end, but I think you could find another reason that would still express Hermioneís feelings accurately. I donít really find Harry and Ginny getting together very believable at this point in time. Harry pretty much had his mind made up at the end of the sixth book and I donít think he would change it very easily. Iím not saying it canít be done, but it requires more explanation than this and I donít think itís necessary to write into this story.

He ran over to a tall Weeping Willow that showed a human sitting underneath it. As he grew closer, though, he found that it was Hermione.

Iíd suggest taking Ďthoughí out of the second sentence. Itís unnecessary and actually makes it sound like Hermione isnít a human.

It seemed that she was out of breath, and freezing.

The comma here isnít needed.

One thing you never explained was where Harry went. First heís off with Ron, searching for Hermione. After the first paragraph or so he just kind of disappears and then we see him back at the Weasleys at the end of the story. I donít think he would go back to the Weasleys without making sure Hermione was okay. You know how he has that Ďsaving peopleí thing. ;-) It seems like you just didnít know what to do with him. One thing you could have done was have him find Ron and Hermione just after theyíve had their conversation. This way you could have the scene with them alone and Harry wouldnít be forgotten.

Overall, great story! Once again your characterization of Ron has proved to be excellent. Iím not a huge fan of him, but I really liked him in this. Heís sweet and caring without it seeming overdone. You also have a really good grasp of his thoughts, dialogue, and character traits, which is so important when writing a canon character. The ending of this story was really cute, too. I liked how Ron finally got the courage to kiss her. ;-) This is a great example of a fluffy romance story. Youíve avoided most clichťs and kept the characters in character. Nicely written!

~ Katty

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much for this great review of this story Katty! *hugs* I really appreciate the time you took. I am a huge fan of Ron, and he's my favorite character, so I that makes me happy that you like how I portray him and you think that I do it well. Also, I meant to do the Harry thing. It's not as if his friends had forgotten him, it's just that Ron is kind of forgetful himself, and a large event like this, him getting together with Hermione, would allow Harry to slip his mind. I didn't write this part, but I concluded in my head that Mrs. Weasley got Harry back tot he house shortly after with the help of Fred and George. Thanks again! ~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: Germa
Date: 08/08/07 7:10
Chapter: Blossom

Well, why did Hermy run out of the house?

Author's Response: Well, I think what I tried to do was incorporate her feelings, so Hermione was trying to tell Ron she loved him, but she got terrified and ran out of the room--- not necesarilly in embarrassment, but out of fury that he's so thick that he can't understand. I hope you liked it. ~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: Gryffindor Lion
Date: 07/19/07 16:01
Chapter: Blossom

very sweet. sounds like Ron not to know what's going on

Author's Response: :) ~ Lindsey :)

Reviewer: Gryffindor Lion
Date: 07/19/07 16:00
Chapter: Blossom

very sweet. sounds like Ron not to know what's going on

Author's Response: :) ~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: Thoughts on Magic
Date: 06/04/07 21:56
Chapter: Blossom

Ok I only have one thing to say (and listen closely because I do NOT use this often)


Author's Response: Ha ha, awwwww . . . You thought it was good, Shane? I love you, too! ~Lindsey :)

Author's Response: Hang on a sec . . . Now that I've re-read your review, I know that what I wrote . . . you must think it was REALLY good! Ladies and gentlmen, Shane-o liked my story! Whoo! ~Lindsey x 2 :)

Reviewer: tomfeltom lover xx
Date: 05/28/07 18:12
Chapter: Blossom

good job! loved it! XD

Author's Response: Thanks so much! ~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: Jazzbones
Date: 05/25/07 19:38
Chapter: Blossom

Great little story! So cute and wonderful.

Author's Response: *giggles* Thanks so much! It was fun writing it. ~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: Fred the Duck
Date: 05/20/07 18:33
Chapter: Blossom

its wondermous!!! i go to your hug button every time i go on your authors page! you are at the top of my favorite authors list to!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you SO very much! That really made my day, and I'm so glad you like my work! *hugs back times thousands* ~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: leftside1234
Date: 04/22/07 7:18
Chapter: Blossom

Beautiful I love that the weather mirroried there mood at the end

Author's Response: *giggles* Yeah, I enjoyed writing that. I hoped it wasn't too clich'ed, but I am glad you liked it! ~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: FlightofthePhoenix
Date: 04/21/07 18:31
Chapter: Blossom

Aww, Lindsey! This chapter was really sweet and I just loved it! I really look forward to updates!

Nicole :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Nicole! ~Lindsey ;)

Reviewer: Hansolohpfrk
Date: 04/21/07 18:02
Chapter: Blossom

Aww. That's sweet! :) It made me smile.


Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad. ~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: Soccer_rocks_likeHP
Date: 04/21/07 16:20
Chapter: Blossom

Lindsey, this was so beautiful!!!! I loved it. I also liked how Ron couldn't realize Hermione wanted him. This was just spectacular and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Lexi! I'm so glad you liked it! ~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: harry_kissed_ginny
Date: 04/21/07 16:08
Chapter: Blossom

YAY! It's up! I love this Chapter! Good job!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much, HKG!!! I'm SO excited!

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