Reviews For Time after Time
Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 04/02/10 8:32
Chapter: Time after Time

Don't mean to screw with euphoria, hon, but if some guy came to me and told me that we were future lovers and that he needed help because he'd had a Time-Turner mishap, I'd..well being honest I wouldn't believe the TIme-Turner thing but I'd definitely think he was cool for being a Potter freak ;)

Lovely plotline! Of course I had to check the dates to verify the correctness of them, but you're right. He's a either fifth or sixth year, depending on his birthday; he's sixteen at the time, s'all I know. So whether it was a lucky guess or not, props for correct dates!

Okay, so as I've said before, being someone's lover allows a certain amount of pedophilia. :)

Maybe this is why he and Dorcas broke up. Other than the fact that her name's Dorcas, but then again he ditched her for a "Nymphadora," so...
So the ROR scene was still fantastic!

HAHA. He's old and she's h-not :)

So maybe it isn't weird that she's Frenching a 17 year old boy, and wants to show how that couch'll be put to use someday. After all, she's h-not so old. Hehee. Sorry, I can't get over that line, it was very amusing.

Ahh, the ways of Professor Dumbledore. What an interesting tale!

I just love experiences in time. So sad to think of wiped memories (I'd be horrified to think that I was walking to my memoryless doom) but what's done must be done, as of course, the messing with time is a dangerous thing. She does matter, as Dumbledore said (smart man, now that I think it!) and the tea thing was cute, and I'm glad that it wasn't Dorcas that caught them like I thought it would be. The whole story was great! :)

Author's Response:

Good thing Remus is a wizard at a school for magic. It helped him believe. :D

Yeah, I checked dates, I want readers to be into the story, not thinking, "The dates are all wrong!"

Seventeen is legal age in the wizarding world, so Tonks was robbing the cradle a bit, :P, but it was legal. 

I wouldn't like to realize one day that my memories had been altered, but people give Dumbledore a lot of leeway. 

Reviewer: nymphadora_nat
Date: 07/05/08 21:16
Chapter: Time after Time

This one's awesome..

i just love the idea going back in time and haha..


Author's Response:

Who wouldn't want to rock their lover's world past and present? :D

Thank *you*!

Reviewer: patelnotpatil
Date: 07/31/07 17:28
Chapter: Time after Time

Ok random story, I was watching TV and they were showing a preview of a new show, I think it's called Journeyman. Anyways it's about a guy who travels in time, and then they used the song Time after Time! I was like, "THEY SO STOLE THAT IDEA FROM KERICHI'S STORY!"

lol ok, I'm done being a dork now.

Author's Response: If the show is good, I'll say 'Great minds think alike.' If it's crap, I'll still think using the song is a fab idea! ^_~ Thank you for telling me that! You're not a dork, you're a savvy soul with a great memory!

Reviewer: R_Ravenclaw
Date: 05/26/07 22:00
Chapter: Time after Time

That was so sweet...Poor Remus thinking Tonks would be too young and hot to ever date him...


Author's Response: He doesn't have a very good self image, does he? Guess he'll have to wait to find out just how desirable he is. ^_~

Reviewer: BringPadfootBack
Date: 05/22/07 16:07
Chapter: Time after Time

Awesomeness is overpowering! Yay!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, for that, and your name. Sirius goes through the veil in the next chapter of Moonlight and Shadow, and I feel the exact same way. :)

Reviewer: solemnly_swear73
Date: 05/10/07 21:11
Chapter: Time after Time

So sweet and enchanting! I can't believe it took me this long to read this one-shot but I am so glad I did!

This line alone, "I wanted to tell you that one day Im going to love you for everything you are, with all that I am. instantly brought tears to my eyes. You have an uncanny ability to do that quite often, lol!

Beautifully and eloquently written, as only you can Kerichi!!!

Author's Response: You have a sensitive soul or you wouldn't have been stirred a bit, so thank you for being a reader it's a joy to write for! ♥

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 05/03/07 22:33
Chapter: Time after Time


Author's Response: Takes sweet to know sweet. :)

Reviewer: lily_writes
Date: 03/31/07 15:55
Chapter: Time after Time

That was really cool. I may not have started Moonlight and Shadow yet *slaps hand* but I'm going to. Very soon.

Author's Response: Soon is good, and you reading this was great! :)

Reviewer: ElspethBates
Date: 03/23/07 8:34
Chapter: Time after Time

I really like this story and the whole concept of it! Tonks loving Remus no matter what and wanting to see him and be with him despite his age or the fact that he didn't know her was, as always, an exceptionally good read!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you for that wonderful review! She does love him for all that he is....whenever he is, too! :D

Reviewer: travelgirl
Date: 03/23/07 8:23
Chapter: Time after Time

I luv it. But the question is never answered, does Remus remember ANYTHING?

Very original. At first I feared that it was one of those fics that Tonks went back in time fell in love with Remus, came back and was still in love with him. But you took my fears away. Very good.

Author's Response: It was more like 'went back in time, saw you, couldn't resist telling you that I'm going to love you like nobody else ever has or will and kissed your socks off before I left,' but I'm glad your fears were unfounded!

No. He doesn't remember anything, and in fact, if you read Moonlight and Shadow, in ch 21 you find out that this was a dream. Remus said it 'read like a story' and asked what would have happened if Dumbledore hadn't interrupted. Of course she shows him. ^_^

Reviewer: The Weasley Triplet
Date: 03/22/07 19:41
Chapter: Time after Time

awwww, that was sweet. Tonks and teenage Remus is pretty cool. For once, being clumsy is a good thing for both Tonks and Remus.

Question, how do we know that Mrs. Black's name is Walburga?

Very nice, sweet, fluffy story. All of your stories are amazing. I can't wait for any new chapters or stories you have in store.

Author's Response: I've always liked you, and now I heart you just a little bit more. :D Her name was on the Black Family Tapestry. Appropriately grim-sounding name, isn't it?

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