Reviews For My Constant
Reviewer: lunafredtonks123
Date: 12/29/07 0:04
Chapter: Chapter Sixteen

Omigosh! What a perfect cliffie! I hate you for writing it like that, but I love you for being such a fantastic writer. I hope its possible to love and hate you...

Anyhow, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year! Can't wait for the next chappie, literally!

P.S. I have to say i love how you make Calvin i dunno, but I like how you write his character even if i dont like him. I like the beginning alot too!!!

Keep on going!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter will be posted once the queues reopen. And I also have strange feelings toward Calvin -- I feel bad for him, because he really does love Lily even if we have to be biased toward him because we're all James fangirls here :D

Reviewer: blah929
Date: 12/28/07 16:07
Chapter: Prologue

Beatiful!!! ( wipes tear from eye!!!)

Author's Response: (: thank you

Reviewer: blah929
Date: 12/28/07 16:03
Chapter: Chapter Sixteen

I sort get annoyed with Lily! I mean she should realize she and James are meant for each other, and that her and Calvin don't have anything and need to break up! If the Veritaserum actually worked, wouldn't Calvin have asked Lily if she loved him or James? Anways, Calvin I HATE, he's just getting in the way of true love. Plus, he's really horrible when he's drunk and would be abusive I think.


Author's Response: Yes, that's what Calvin would have eventually asked. I agree that Calvin would be abusive if he became an alcoholic. And yes, James is pretty awesome isn't he?

Reviewer: aries1996
Date: 12/28/07 14:50
Chapter: Chapter Sixteen

i wonder what happens to lilly! you are a great story writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope the next chapter comes out soon coz im soooo bord!!! but anyway happy new year (for when it comes) and YA FOR 2008!!!


Author's Response: (: Thank you! 2008 FTW

Reviewer: mrsJP4ever
Date: 12/28/07 13:44
Chapter: Chapter Sixteen

i cant wait to read the next chapter!!!! Marly poisoned her best friend! anywho, lily realy pisses me off in this story,im sorry but come on!! she is soooo stupid and then ther is calvin little annoying prick and james... ahh james, whom i love and want to marry and kiss and hug and- well anyways, the point of this message is that lily and james BETTER get together soon!!!!

Author's Response: She didn't mean to! Lily pisses me off too sometimes heh. Calvin ... he's in the way, I agree, but come on - he's something of a nice guy, right? And James is pretty awesome. They'll get together before the end, I promise (:

Reviewer: Wicked Wench
Date: 12/28/07 12:24
Chapter: Chapter Sixteen

I thought it was a great chapter. I feel bad for Calvin.

Author's Response: YES! SOMEONE WHO FEELS BAD FOR CALVIN! :D I also feel bad for him. Poor kid - he really does love Lily, too -- they just weren't meant to be at all.

Reviewer: silleri
Date: 12/19/07 18:14
Chapter: Chapter Two

oohh preetty good one of the best. but i must help you china has too langues cantonnesse and manarin. but manarin the offical langue i think if marly wants to learn japanesse i'm willing to help her

Author's Response: (: Thank you. Yeah I know about Cantonese and Mandarin. And thanks for offering to help Marly :)

Reviewer: lily_death_flower
Date: 12/19/07 15:04
Chapter: Chapter Fifteen

I can actually see them doing that to Regulus I feel so bad for him, i wish that Sirius would go and help him. But it probably wont happen. Update soon. :)

Author's Response: Actually when Sirius finds out he says something like "YAY A MYSTERY!" haha. Thank you and I'll update as soon as MS Word calms down a bit.

Reviewer: Passion For Prongs
Date: 12/18/07 18:20
Chapter: Chapter Fifteen

This is a review to make you smile! Terribly truthful chapter...I can see Rabastan doing something as sinsister as that.

~Passion For Prongs

Author's Response: Yeah, so can I. And thank you, your reviews always make me smile (:

Reviewer: hermione_granger4life
Date: 12/18/07 17:11
Chapter: Chapter Fifteen

YAY! Another chapter! Lol...I really love how you do the different point of views. I think it's harder on the writer because of all the foreshadowing you have to include and stuff but you do a great job at it! Cant wait for the next installment!


Author's Response: Thank you. I actually enjoy it -- I find it refreshing.

Reviewer: NeLLyRaE
Date: 12/18/07 16:41
Chapter: Chapter Fifteen

interesting..nit my favorite chapter but definitly very good writing!! i LOVELOVELOVE this story! i ckeck, i like everyday for please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you (: I'm hoping to get a chapter in before the queue closes for the holidays.

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME
Date: 12/18/07 16:14
Chapter: Chapter Fifteen

Nice chapter poor little Regulus hope hes okay :) I think snape should die or just go up to lily and kiss her and see what ahppens i actually did it once but well the guy i kissed acutally go handsanitizer and disinfected his cheek. Oh that would be so cool if you could put that in! Pretty please =]

Author's Response: That would be a good idea, except in my story Snape isn't in love with Lily -- maybe one day I'll write something about them, but it won't be today as I have too much homework. Sorry and thank you for the review (:

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 12/18/07 10:34
Chapter: Chapter Fifteen

Please update soon!!! Great chapter =)

Author's Response: thank you (: and I'll try

Reviewer: Afifa
Date: 12/18/07 8:36
Chapter: Chapter Fifteen

aww... poor regulus. waiting for the next chapter impatiently.

Author's Response: (: I'll get it to you soon

Reviewer: hermione_granger4life
Date: 12/16/07 20:04
Chapter: Chapter Fourteen

Well I just spent about three hourd reading this whole thing and I LOVE it. I only wish there was more and that it could go on forever. Please please PLEASE update soon. It's probably the best fic I have ever read. Keep up the amazing work!


Author's Response: (: Thank you very much for your dedication and praise. Haha I sound like a speech giver.

Reviewer: hermione_granger4life
Date: 12/16/07 18:18
Chapter: Chapter Three

Well, like I said in my first review, I am reading all of this and I love it so far. I like the difference perspectives because it just keeps the readers attention. Again, excellent job.


Reviewer: hermione_granger4life
Date: 12/12/07 17:57
Chapter: Prologue

Wow...I don't feel like I am worthy enough to even comment on this. I generally don't stray into this particular ship....why I have no idea but I recently decided to delve into the unknown and try out my own james/lily fic and I realized...I have no idea how to begin. So I decided to start reading some to see how the characters acted (since I know virtually nothing about either of them) and this is the first one I read. I have only read the first chapter but I absolutely adore it. "You have excellent syntax and diction" as my english professor has said to me a few times. If the rest of this is as good as the first chapter(which I am sure it is), I will be reading the whole thing. I like the way you throw in some dark feelings towards the war. Again, excellent job and you will be seeing more of my reviews as I continue reading this masterpiece.


Author's Response: (: Thank you very much. :D

Reviewer: LD Noble
Date: 12/09/07 20:48
Chapter: Chapter Six

I think it's really clever how you jump POV's like that. Not just because it gives the reader a broader perspective but because, like you mentioned, it distracts from cliffhangers, guaranteeing people will keep reading. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you (: I think you're the only person so far to like those POV jumps. I'm about to write one from Calvin's perspective actually o_O

Reviewer: aries1996
Date: 12/09/07 4:04
Chapter: Chapter Fourteen

wow wat a wonderful drunken chapter!!!!!!

Author's Response: :D Thanks!

Reviewer: lunafredtonks123
Date: 12/08/07 22:51
Chapter: Chapter Fourteen

OMG! that was soooooooooooo awesome! they kinda scared me a bit when they were drunk, but they were hilarious!! I luved it so so so so much! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: I will (:

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