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Name: pinktat (Signed) · Date: 05/19/07 12:32 · For: Box of Memories
That was wonderful..the warmth that Tonks showed Bella was beautiful..very well done! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. I'm glad you liked the chapter.

Name: Hermione_Rocks (Signed) · Date: 05/19/07 11:45 · For: Box of Memories
It's interesting how in love Bellatrix and Rodolphus were. Not that I read many stories involving them, but usually they don't seem to care about each other to that extent. But it's sweet, and certainly gives Bellatrix more history.

*giggles* Oh dear, this is going to be an -- interesting -- dinner party... ;D

Author's Response: Bellatrix and Rodolphus are actually one of the more interesting couples to read. Sometimes they written as being madly in love, sometimes they married out of duty, but get along all right, sometimes they plain out hate each other. I've also written their relationship many different ways, but I usually get the best response from readers when they're in love.

*smiles* The dinner party. Well, there are no attempted murders or anything like that. No, actually, everyone is pretty well behaved. But you'll see for yourself, as soon as the next chapter appears. ;)

Anyway, thanks so much for the review. *huggles*

Name: Iheartsiriusblack (Signed) · Date: 05/17/07 18:51 · For: Box of Memories
omg i love this story. somehow i never imagined Bellatrix like this, but you made it seem soo real. At one point i felt like crying. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Name: The Weasley Triplet (Signed) · Date: 05/17/07 18:26 · For: Box of Memories
Hi again Elle.

This chapter is really great. I love how you write Bella and Rodolphus as happy people who are in love, but I can't understand how she could love Rodolphus so much and yet still torture and kill people.

lol, the cheesecake scene was very funny. I bet sugar really IS a Black family weakness.

and now we have Hermione and Snape coming for dinner. oh dear. what will Bella's reaction to Snape be? because he was a spy, will she be angry?

I really can't wait for more chapters for this, it's a really good story, you're a very talented writer.


Author's Response: *smiles* Thanks so much for another lovely review, Will.

I never really thought of Bella and Rodolphus as being overly happy, at least not after Voldemort. They were in love, and they were certainly happy on their wedding day, which I would envision as being before they were deeply involved with Voldemort. However, regardless of how much they loved each other, their happiness would have been shadowed by what was going on around them.

The Blacks are certainly fond of sugar in my story, anyway. ;)

As for Snape and Bella, time will tell. ;)

Thanks again for the lovely review!

Name: Nairobidawn (Signed) · Date: 05/15/07 12:56 · For: Coming Home
I was wondering where Ron and Ginny were...anyway, great updates!! I love that you added Snape into the mix now too! I wonder if the benefactor is Narcissa Malfoy? Just a guess, although probably a poor one. I also wonder what happened to Draco and Lucius, were they turned into slaves too? Anyway, great storyline!! I love how there are so many things going on at the same time, so many subplots! Keep it up, I am really enjoying this story!

Author's Response: Yeah, introducing Severus and Hermione was fun. And there are a few more familiar faces to come. ;)

As for the Malfoys, you will find out what happened to them. However, it already said that Lucius died during the final battle. It's in the second chapter. ;) As for Narcissa and Draco, time will tell.

Anyway, thanks so much for the review and I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the story!

Name: Hermione_Rocks (Signed) · Date: 05/11/07 17:31 · For: Coming Home
Hmm, I had kinda thought the benefactor was Ginny up until now, but I guess not. >.> I'll just start making new predictions...

But, poor Harry, it certainly is hard to let things go...or, at least, not be so angry about them. Hermione has her work cut out for her.

*reads Elle's response to Will* Romance for both Hermione and Severus, but not with each other? *is curious* Interesting...well, I'd tell you to update soon, but I already seen the next chapter in the queue! :)

Author's Response: Nope, Ginny can't be the benefactor. ;) There have been a couple of minor hints, but I don't know if anyone will be able to guess before it is revealed. Obviously, there are some new back stories and plot twists when the idenity is revealed.

Harry is struggling and Hermione wants to help him. But he needs to come to terms with this on his own. Being told that he's wrong isn't going to change his view.

*grins* Yep, Hermione and Severus will both have a little romance before too long. Although, there will be more about Severus than Hermione. ;)

Thanks so much for the reivew. I'm glad you're enjoying the fic. *huggles*

Name: pinktat (Signed) · Date: 05/11/07 11:57 · For: Coming Home
Another good chapter, she certainly has her work cut out for her. I can see why Harrys finding it harder to let go. I'm wondering if the benefactor Is a certian person, but I know I'll have to wait and see :)

Author's Response: Yes, Hermione would have a hard time convincing Harry that he's wrong about Bella and his views in general. However, it's not really her job to convince him of that.

And I am wondering who you think the benefactor is. You know, it's a lot more fun for me when you guys tell me who you're guessing. ;)

Anyway, thanks so much for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

Name: The Weasley Triplet (Signed) · Date: 05/11/07 9:51 · For: Coming Home
*sigh* just as stubborn as always, that's Harry.

I can see he has a good point about Bellatrix, but still, Remus and Tonks are good to her because, as Hermione said, they let go of their pain.

Harry and Neville should learn to do that. it will be harder on them because they lost loved ones to Bella, but so did Hermione, and Tonks, and Lupin. but Harry and Neville have spent their whole lives hating Death Eaters and that hate is still building up.

...you know, Harry should play a game of Quidditch, that'll cheer him up. just a random thought.

as usual, this is a wonderful chapter. Hermione's interactions with Severus are really cool because, while there is no romance blossoming (or is there?) they are still better acquainted than they were when Hermione was at school. and who is this mysterious benefactress?

hopefully things will get revealed soon, because I can't wait.

nice job Elle!


Author's Response: Wow, Will. You're reviewing my chapters before I even know that they're validated. :D Thanks so much. It was funny to log in here and see a review for a chapter I thought was still in the que. :D

Anyway, you're absolutly right about Harry and Neville. They need to let go of what happened in the past and accept people for who they are now. However, that is easier said than done, especially after all they have been through.

About Severus and Hermione, there will be romance blooming for both or them, but not with each other. ;)

And the benefactress will be revealed soon. I would tell you what chapter, but I'm not home and I don't have my notes with me.

Anyway, thanks so much for the lovely review, and I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

Name: pinktat (Signed) · Date: 05/10/07 8:51 · For: Confrontation
I had an idea that frank would turn on her, I can see why. He's taking it to heart whats bella did only in a different way than cassie. I do hope they'll become freinds again...soon. Great chapter :)

Author's Response: Yeah, Frank's angry. However, you need to remember that Cassie was angry too. She had her father to explain things to get. When Neville explained things to Frank, he would have made it sound as bad as possible because he wanted his son to hate Bella.

Anyway, thanks so much for leaving a review.

Name: ForbiddenLove (Signed) · Date: 05/08/07 19:44 · For: Confrontation
Ahh, I see Frank's got the old Gryffindor prejudice? Ah well, it was expected. I didn't think Frank's parents would have explained it the way Cassie's did. Neville probably even made it a bit worse than it actually was. I loved the bit about cheesecake. Tee hee. Cheesecake... Well, anyway, wonderful chapter as usual. But there's one nitpiick She belonged at Hogwarts, rather she liked it or not Well, I think that was the gist of it. It should be whether she liked it or not. All in all, lovely chapter and I'm looking forward to reading the rest!

Author's Response: Hehe, glad you liked the chapter. And, no, Neville wouldn't have explained things as Tonks ans Remus did. I'm really glad your enjoying the story and thanks for the review.

Whether and rather, I do that all the time. I have no idea why. *shakes head at self*

Anyway, thanks so much for the review. I'll try to remember to fix that tomorrow. I'm way too tired tonight.

Name: Hermione_Rocks (Signed) · Date: 05/08/07 19:33 · For: Confrontation
Teehee! You call him Sevy too! I thought I was pretty much the only one who did that. ^.^

Anyhow. Poor Cassie, how Frank turned on her. But I don't really blame him, he couldn't have really reacted any other way once he found out what Bellatrix did to his family.

And Harry. Wow. He's so...I don't know, just so transformed. What Lupin said, how he thought he knew him better than that, sums it up perfectly. Hopefully Hermione (and maybe even Severus? :)) will knock some sense back in him. Excellent chapter! :D

Author's Response: Yep, I've always called him Sevy. I have a little crush on him, so...you know.

*huggles Cassie* She is having a bit of a hard time. Frank's reaction is based more on his father's opinion than his own. Obviously, Neville was trying to turn Frank against Bella.

Knocking sense into Harry isn't an easy task at the moment, but Hermione will certainly give it a try.

Author's Response: Oops, I forgot to say Thanks for the review. :D It's been a rough day.

Name: vigal (Signed) · Date: 05/08/07 2:36 · For: Confrontation
Hi I don't think I've reviewed this story before. I think it is interesting and being made a slave is something I wouldn't have thought of... I can't say I like the idea of slavery your explaination of azkaban was good. And snape omg!!! now that was interesting...

continue to update and I can't wait to read rest of story.

Author's Response: *smiles* Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review. I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

Name: The Weasley Triplet (Signed) · Date: 05/07/07 19:50 · For: Confrontation
Elle! lovely as usual! I'm loving your characterization of Bella.

you know, in MY opinion, Harry is even more of a monster than Bella. because when Bella and Crouch tortured the Longbottoms, they were able to defend themselves. Bella can't even THINK about retaliation.

and now Frank is brainwashed about Bella and hates Cassie. will Cassie make a new friend to comfort her? in Ravenclaw maybe? just an idea I had. just random. will she finally make a 'special friend'? hehehe.

I will be on the lookout for more chapters in future.

Author's Response: Will! Thanks so much for reviewing.

Harry is even more of a monster than Bella? I think you're the first person to say that, but you most certainly have a point. At least when Bella attacked the other side had fighting chance. Harry can do whatever he wants to her and there's nothing she can do about it. Sadly, she was completely at his mercy. However, I don't really see either of them as monsters. But I certainly like Bella better. *huggles Bella*

Yeah, Neville made sure that his son would hate Bella and anyone who showed her an ounce of kindness. As for Cassie, she will find a new friend-of sorts. At least, someone new to keep an eye on her.

Thanks again for the review. :D

Name: ForbiddenLove (Signed) · Date: 05/06/07 9:45 · For: Unexpected Events
Wow! Hermione buying Snape. SHOCKER!! but that's a good thing. Also, its interesting and refreshing that you would put Hermione as isolated from everybody else as she is. In most other fics she is still living in the Borrow long after she graduates Hogwarts. But I think your version makes sense, Hermione is very independant. This makes perfect sense to me. Oh, I can't wait to see what happens. Great chapter, as usual. I loved the bit aboout 'dunderheads' at the beggining. Yay! P.S I've just submitted the second-to-last chapter of SMP.

Author's Response: Like everyone else, Hermione struggled with what happened during the war. She decided to deal with her grief by leaving London and trying to put it all behind her. Naturally, that didn't really work.

And yes, she bought Snape. She would never have the heart to leave him there. Besides he's much more useful to my plot in London than he is in the States. :D

Thanks for another lovely review.

And the second to last chapter of SMP? How is that story going to end in two chapters? I'll be so sad to see it finish. I've been reading for months. *cries*

Name: ForbiddenLove (Signed) · Date: 05/06/07 9:36 · For: Deep Dark Secrets
Awwww! Cassie's relationship with Bella and the trust in her, almost made me cry. And of course, I hate seeing Bella *huggles favorite character* in agony. I love how Remus is so forgiving because I've always seen him as a forgiving person. The other Marauders... no. They had too much fire for that. But I always saw Remus as calm and cool, and you've portrayed him wonderfully. I loved how he said that Bella was a desperate woman fighting for her life. And when you think of, its true. Both sides did horrible things, but one side (the Death Eaters) were demonized because of their master. I'm not saying what Bella did is right. All I'm saying is that there's a human under there and you've written that human perfectly. Wonder chapter, my faovrite so far actually!

Author's Response: Cassie truly loves her aunt. She's very attached to her. Bella was the one who talked Cassie through her problems at school, when there was no one else to turn to. And she saw Bella, at her weakest, knowing how much her friend needed real help. Bella did her best to help Cassie with her problems. Cassie did her best to take care of Bella because Harry wouldn't. They developed a close bond.

As for Remus, I have always considered him a forgiving person as well. He's always so calm and understanding. And I totally agree that the other Marauders were not so forgiving. I think James would have responded to Bella similarly to Harry--with as much cruelty as he could. Not that I think James is a bad person, he's just harsh and I don't think he always understands the consequences of his action. Again, very similar to Harry.

Ah, and you don't really want to get me started on the it's a war thing and both sides did wrong. Yes, both sides did wrong and only one side will ever have to pay for it. The Coles Notes version: it drives me nuts.

Thanks for more compliments and another lovely review. *huggles*

Name: ForbiddenLove (Signed) · Date: 05/06/07 9:24 · For: Second Chances
OOOOH, CLIFFIE! DAMN THAT CLIFFIE!!! Again another wonderful chapter, and of course Remus's tension is understnadable. Even if it was an accident, Bella still killed his last living (because I don't consider Wormtail as alive) best mate. Your character description is amazing. Great work, lovely chapter, and intriguing (i.e. annoying) cliffie. just kidding, cliffies can be good things in writing. You rock!! I think that sums it up.

Author's Response: :D Well, this cliffe should be easier to guess then the one about who Ella was. But actually the chapter that tells you who Remus owled is up now, so I guess this one isn't really a mystery anymore either. ;)

I giggled when I read what you wrote about Wormtail. Canonwise, I consider him alive, but I don't consider him Remus' best mate. For the purpose of this fic, he's dead, although he will never be mentioned.

And Remus' reluctance is to be expected, but has a very kind heart. Bella may not be his favorite person, but he couldn't turn her away when she was so weak and his family was so attached to her. He really had no choice but to forgive, and being Remus, he was able to do that.

*huggles for compliments* Thanks for leaving a review!

Name: ForbiddenLove (Signed) · Date: 05/06/07 9:21 · For: Eye Contact
Another fabulous chapter to a fabulous fic! I love how you portrayed Tonks especially, and I feel so sorry for Bellatrix. Your writing is very fluent, which is often the hardest thing for a writer to accomplish and you've put a detailed picture in my mind. Great job! I'm off to read the next chppie then!!! YAY!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I love writing Tonks with Bella. It's such a strange relationship that could really go just about anywhere.

And thank you so much for the compliments. I'm glad you're enjoying the story. :D

Name: pinktat (Signed) · Date: 05/02/07 7:25 · For: Unexpected Events
Well its good to see hermoine hasn't lost her flare. Though I am surprised she wants to take snape with her. I'm know she wants him to be treated as a person, with rights instead of a slave and she could do that without taking him surely that will fan harrys flames more, rather than than cooling them. Great as ever :)

Author's Response: *giggles* Well, she doesn't take him to see Harry. She just takes him to London. Also, as Hermione said, they know which side he was on. Harry's resement for him has decreased.

Anyway, thanks so much for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

Name: The Weasley Triplet (Signed) · Date: 05/01/07 20:46 · For: Unexpected Events
Elle! OH MY SALAZAR, I love this story! it's absolutely marvelous!

first of all, I like the idea of the Death Eaters being slaves. I am not saying that I approve or think it will ever happen, but it seems like JUST the kind of low, money making scheme the Ministry would use.

having Harry torture Bella seems very plausible considering everything you've hinted that he's gone through. I'm taking a wild guess here but did Ron and Ginny die?

there is so much angst in this story that it's making me depressed.

Tonk's interactions with Bella are wonderful, Neville's hatred is very understandable, but still, Bella was a human once, and she is a human again.

I will be on the lookout for new chapters in this.

Author's Response: Will! I almost huggled you, but then I remembered that you didn't like it, and I don't want to pick on you after you left such a lovely review.

I agree, that this is just the type of thing the Ministry would do. I really don't think they have the right to be calling anyone else evil.

As for Ginny and Ron, I'm surprised your the first person to ask about them. I'm not going to tell you where they are or what may or may not have happened to them, but you will find out. I promise, I didn't just forget them while I was writing this. ;)

I'm big on angst. You'll find it in pretty much all of my stories.

I love writing Tonks with Bella actually. I have always liked the idea of Tonks one day forgiving her aunt. As for Neville, he has every right to hate Bella, but to wish that kind of pain on anyone is wrong. And she most certainly is a human being.

Thanks so much for leaving a review. I'm really glad that you liked this. *dances around merrily*

Name: Hermione_Rocks (Signed) · Date: 05/01/07 19:32 · For: Unexpected Events
*squees* I spy, with my little eye, Sevy! :D *jumps* Anywho, really excellent chapter. It's so sad how everyone deals with the aftermath of the war; Harry and Neville becoming so angry, Hermione sheltering herself like that, and of course those who have become slaves...in a way it's almost as though the wizarding world has moved backwards instead of forwards, even though Voldemort is gone.

To Hermione’s shock, her once snarky professor lowered his head and turned to obey. She never imagined that she would hear someone speak to Severus like that, but it was even more surprising to watch him take it, without even a sarcastic remark.

This part was very nicely done. How terrible. Before we had only seen Bellatrix as a slave, but this shows how much it has affected all of them.

I think this was your best chapter so far, actually. Am I a bit biased since my favorite character made an appearance? Maybe. :) But I still think it was a wonderful chappie. Great job!!

Author's Response: You got excited about Sevy and hit the submit button twice, huh? Real response below. Thanks so much for reviewing, Anna.

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