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Name: Horatiosgirl14 (Signed) · Date: 07/14/09 13:29 · For: Being Janey Weasley
its soo cool that we get to see her grow up, I really like these stories!!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed them!

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 02/12/09 13:11 · For: Being Janey Weasley
I laughed all the way through. Molly would just make her own plans and then everyone would moderate them to suit themselves. Love Janey's reaction to Annie & David. Meant to ask before, is Annie Luna's daughter?

Author's Response: Hmm ... I suppose she could be, although it never really occured to me before. I'm very glad you liked this one, it's probably my favourite of the Janey stories. Thanks for reviewing!

Name: Goodbye_Earl (Signed) · Date: 10/24/08 15:36 · For: Being Janey Weasley
Aww... Frankie is so sweet, and I just love Molly! Number five, here I come...

Author's Response: I know! I love Frankie too. *Dodges Janey throwing things at me*. Enjoy number five!

Name: malfoy_felton (Signed) · Date: 08/06/08 11:53 · For: Being Janey Weasley
This is still the best humor fic I Have Ever Read! (with capital letters to start)...I am so glad you wrote all this! Frankie is a sweetie and Molly is usual Molly. Its truly brilliant and I hope it never ends. If only all dreams could become reality. -from the fan of the lovesick cliches...! ;D

Author's Response: =D Thanks so much, you're a great reviewer! Unfortunately the next one is also the last, so enjoy it! Also, this is the fiftieth review for this fic! Woo! *Pulls party popper* Fifty Padfoot Points for you!

Name: Looney L (Signed) · Date: 06/28/08 22:12 · For: Being Janey Weasley
The funniest thing is when you are laughing uncontrollably and people are staring at you and you say "You know that you are very strange" and continue cracking up.
I like this story, there are no strange people around though, just a crazy little brother!!!

Author's Response: =D I think Fred and George might JUST count as a little bit strange ... although I can sympathise very much with Janey for the crazy little bother. Poor Janey.

Name: ITrustServeusSnape (Signed) · Date: 06/19/08 20:09 · For: Being Janey Weasley
Brilliant! I loved it!!! This is my favorite so far out of the series you've written.

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you like the last one, too.

Name: SteakZ (Signed) · Date: 04/21/08 13:29 · For: Being Janey Weasley
cute and funny perfect mix

Author's Response: Just like Frankie and Janey! =D Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

Name: Raffles (Signed) · Date: 04/05/08 8:02 · For: Being Janey Weasley
oh yeah to add on to my review. annie and david would be perfect for eachother. your a great matchmaker. i hope they stay together and its not just one of those ten-minuets things david seems to have often. now on to the next janey fic yay^^

Author's Response: We'll see, eh? Have fun, and thanks for reviewing!

Name: Raffles (Signed) · Date: 04/05/08 7:59 · For: Being Janey Weasley
aww made me feel all warm inside^^ i love the clumsy way frankie shows he cares. its too cute and funny. and its hilarious how janey delcares frankie "her dork" made me smile:)yay
I think that janey has grown into a wonderful young lady! she is just brilliant! my favorite harry potter character as i have said in earlier reviews! i especially like this one as it is written in her point of view and its written in a unique and great style. her thoughts are just great and very funny to read. that joke on fred and george was hilarious. it really made me laugh. However my favorite part in this was janeys job interview
"do you normally have fits of giggles in crucial moments!" ah *wipes away tears of laughter* that was my favorite line it made me laugh soooooooooooo hard. anothe AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! fanfiction of yours and another AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! janey weasley oneshot. cant wait for the next one yay^^

Author's Response: Wow, thanks, I'm glad you seem to like Janey so much! Frankie IS quite sweet, in a bumbling, dorky kind of way. I know I would be his friend! Have fun in the next one, you'll find out about Annie and David then!

Name: hpsupafan (Signed) · Date: 03/28/08 22:30 · For: Being Janey Weasley
nicely done. i grade this with an A. +. ++ :P

Author's Response: Why thank you, although in England we don't have A+, we have A*. But hey, what does that matter? Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you're enjoying the series!

Name: TrixieBells (Signed) · Date: 03/11/08 9:53 · For: Being Janey Weasley
Oh, I do love Annie, she's so lush..
Well, as I always say, I like this one more than the last one, and I liked the last on alot. Enough said.

Author's Response: =D Thanks. Well, hopefully the final one will be a whopper then, eh?

Name: Binka Fudge (Signed) · Date: 02/12/08 13:35 · For: Being Janey Weasley
I loved this, very fun and upbeat. The interview was hilarious, I love how Fred and George were trying and failing to act businesslike. And the way Molly began arranging everything and completely ignoring the rest of the conversation. Great fic!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the fic! It was a lot of fun. So thanks.

Name: Afifa (Signed) · Date: 01/01/08 17:49 · For: Being Janey Weasley
lol. love this line! =D
and your fic!! =D

Author's Response: Thank you! Really, for all of your reviews, it's been lovely so far ... =D

Name: harryfan4ever (Signed) · Date: 12/19/07 17:43 · For: Being Janey Weasley
Wow . . . Molly Weasley is a little dense . . . IT'S FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ hehe . . . you said there were only 5 stories in the Janey Weaslely (now Weasly-Springs I presume) series . . . WAHHHH!!!!!!! T_T I'm so sad it's ending . . .

Author's Response: I know, I know, if I could carry on, I probably would, but unfortunately ... it just doesn't seem to be happening. Time to move on, I'm afraid. But never mind, because I have loads of other stuff!

Name: Prongsies_Girl_93 (Signed) · Date: 11/15/07 15:48 · For: Being Janey Weasley
I love Molly.

Author's Response: Me too.

Name: PadfootnPeeves (Signed) · Date: 11/13/07 19:43 · For: Being Janey Weasley
Janey is a wondertastic OC... and i love her relationship w/ the twins... love it!

Author's Response: Hee hee ... poor twins. *pats Fred and George*

Name: horn tail ographic (Signed) · Date: 11/13/07 1:30 · For: Being Janey Weasley
LOL yeah I think you really captured Molly Weasley. Well all the characters really..

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you think so!

Name: marvelousmeg (Signed) · Date: 09/23/07 10:34 · For: Being Janey Weasley
Nothing beats Janey Weasley. The Weasley clan lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: =D

Name: bookish (Signed) · Date: 09/03/07 15:22 · For: Being Janey Weasley
Another HILARIOUS Janey Weasley story! I've been sitting here, cackling with laughter. You are an excellent writer!

In all of your Janey stories, I love how she has Hermione's intelligence and sense while having Fred & George's humor and hijinks. Frankie is so perfect for her, too. :-)

I don't know if you've already written this (since I haven't read all of your work yet--but I'm getting there), but you might consider doing a one-shot about Frankie getting up the nerve to ask Janey to marry him (his POV). There had to be more to that story: thinking about whether to ask, deciding how and where, asking for advice from her uncles, grandad Arthur, etc. Also, if he asked Ron for his daughter's hand in marriage. His mortification at only being able to speak gibberish when he was popping the question. How ring-shopping went the next day. How his family took the news that he's marrying such an unconventional witch. Also, more story about his Muggle background, and how that has to be interesting, considering how colorful and raucous the Weasleys are when they get together at joint-family events. Especially since Janey reminds her grandmother that Molly that HAS already met Frankie's family, which had to have been an experience. Making one wonder: did the Weasleys have to pretend they are non-magical? Obviously, the Grangers know about Hermione being a witch, so Frankie's family would probably know he's a wizard (and hence, the magical world exists). So, would that make mixed (involving muggles and wizards/witches) family gatherings okay (in reference to the Muggle Secrecy Act)?

Anyway, I just thought I might throw out some ideas, since I'm loving Janey's adventures. Thanks for making my day! :-)

Author's Response: Thanks! First, for the great review, and second, for all the ideas! I think ... I think, that they would have met Frankie's family gradually - first Hermione and Ron, then the grandparents maybe (and Fred and George, of course, who would have butted in somehow), and eventually a big family gathering. Although, you're right - with such a huge and colourful family, I imagine they would be completely overwhelmed no matter what! But, for Frankie to be the nice guy that he is *hugs Frankie* then he must have had loving parents, who would be happy for him, whoever he chose to marry. You have some very interested ideas, though, I'm almost tempted to get some of them down ... =D Thanks again! This review was wonderful!

Name: Mary Cattermole (Signed) · Date: 08/15/07 15:38 · For: Being Janey Weasley
It'll be Bill and Fleur's wedding all over again. Poor Weasleys. And Springses.

Author's Response: =D Poor them, indeed.

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